Diluted Bullet (Weeping Love) Episode 17



A black cotton material was used to cover my eye and I was pushed back into the vehicle. As I sat inside the vehicle, I felt a syringe plunge into one of the artery vein in my neck and some liquid released into it. I lost consciousness after some minutes.

I gasped to life as I felt the splashing of water on my face. I woke up with a blurry head, everywhere was swirling, I tried to lift my hand but couldn’t, I saw figures moving in front of me, but I couldn’t see their faces, they appeared blurred to me.

” welcome back Mr Parker ” I heard one of the figure said staring at me, but it sounded like an echo to me, like he was speaking from a far distance when he was directly in front of me.

” what did you do to me and why are you doing this to me ” I managed to ask but I got no response.

” it will soon be over soon ” the figure said to me as some figures approached me, a flat belt was fastened to my left arm, a helmet was placed on my head, I felt some pin pierced my head as the helmet was placed on my head. I wringled in pain as I squinch. I knew I had no shirt on when some wires with rubbers at it end was placed on my chest, it glued on my chest with the help of the rubbers..

” he’s ready ” I heard one of the figures attaching stuffs to my body say to the figure standing in front of me.

” what’s your name ” the figure in front of me asked and I knew what was happening at once. I’ve been there countless of time before. My head was foggy and my mind unsettled which made me vulnerable, but I would have been dead in a long time if I haven’t mastered taking over my vulnerable self.

” Benjamin Parker ” I answered.

” your dad’s name “?

” Jerome Parker ”

” which school did you attend “?

” Ocean Lead high school, and Harvard ”

” what did you study in Harvard “?

” foreign language ”

” your mom’s name “?

” Happiness Anthony”

” her state of origin ”

” Sokoto state ”

” why are you here in Nigeria “?

” to savour the beauty of my mother’s land and stay close to her ”

” then why are you far from your mom ? ”

” because I wish to give lecture in Bamo university and that can only happen in Abuja”

” why do you wish to teach there “?

” because I hate stress ”

” do you have any ulterior motive for accepting the President’s offer ”

” yeah, I do ”

” and that is ”

” to take a selfie with the President of Nigeria ”

” do you have any evil thought for the president “?

” none ”


Wisdom’s p.o.v

Gina is a sweet devil, a witch in the mask of a diva. She outsmarted me , my wings and made me felt like all my years in Robertland was a waste. The president was furious when he knew that we’ve lost her. I was able to hold unto my position through the influence of my dad and the pestering of Gina, the real devil. My unlucky wings were all cut off, the president terminated the appointments and I was assigned another wings.

The orders this time was easy, easier than managing the devil, but the oddest about the situation is that I still love her. I’ve carried out such orders many time in order to be sure of who’s getting accepted into the David castle. Following the normal routine , we blindfolded him as we brought him into the David castle, he was taken into the investigation room. He’s already been administered with Cedophormotin iv, a sedative that toys with the brain.

Lie detector machine is a technology that can be deceive by master deceivers but with Cedophormotin iv in the best deceiver’s body , there’s no way he or she can outsmart the lie detector machine because to deceive the lie detector machine, a clear mind is needed, but Cedophormotin iv takes away that.

After getting everything ready, I ordered that he should be woken up. We attached the needful on his body and I proceeded with the interrogation. As expected, he answered the questions like an intoxicated fool, effect of the shit we placed him on. He answered the questions like a normal person who meant no harm to the president. But we can’t believe until the lie detector machine proves it. I crossed my arm as I asked him questions not related to the reason he was inside there when I was through with the main questions, expecting the result from the lie detector machine.

” how long his d–k was, how many ladies has he gotten with his look and how many he’s broken their heart, if he likes the President’s daughter or if he thinks her to be lovable ” all this questions I asked for fun and I received shocking answers to it. imagine a guy with his appearance having 11 inches d–k, tho he looked like he’s been visiting the gym frequently, broke more than 15 girls heart and have all the girls in the world wishing to be his girl.

The most oddest out of his answers was when he said my long time crush looked like grilled pork. I was surprised when I heard it, didn’t know if to be happy or angry at him for uttering such.

” here’s the result sir ” someone who I was sure is more older than me said in a polite tone handing me some files. I collected it as I scrutinized it.

Everything he said was truth, he was who he claimed to be, the machine detected no lie in his answers.

” knock him out of the drug and return his clothes to him” I ordered my wings as I head outside to go and report the progress to the president personally as per his order.

” good, looks like he isn’t a threat for now ” the president said after viewing the files I handed him for like a decade, shifting his glasses at interval on his nose as he scrutinized it even tho the glasses didn’t seem to be coming down.

” yes sir ” I replied him.

” good job , bring him up here when he’s ready ” he said dismissing me.

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Ben’s p.o.v

” what the f–k, how the hell could you assault me like that , I’m suing you, all of you’re going down for this ” I screamed, feigning to be angry at the guys in black inside the room with me.

” please calm down ” one of them had said trying to calm me down as I paced the room in a frustrated manner.

” you’re rotting in prison first ” I threatened him. Just then ,a door opened and Wisdom entered.

” what’s happening here” he asked seeing how disorganized everywhere was, I had smashed everything smash-able inside the room on the ground.

” he’s been like this since we knocked him off the sedative ” one of them told Wisdom.

” hope you’ve got a good legal officer backing you up cause you’re going in for the rest of your life ,I’m charging you with assault through the international court, even the president of this country can’t set you free when I’m finally through with y’all ” I shot angrily at him but he reciprocated all my prep with a weird smile.

” give him his cloths ” he said and one of them gave me my white top and black cropped jacket, my shoe and my wrist watch. My eyeglasses wasn’t among it, I knowing made it fall from my face when I was been asked to kneel down on the ground on the roadside. I already suspected something of this nature, so I got rid of it, in case they tried to scan it, tho all it inner features should be hidden when it’s not been worn by me , but I wasn’t ready to take chances.

” please, before you sue us all ,wear your clothes first and follow me ” he said still having the weird smile on his lip. I wore my clothes uttering some words angrily.

After I was through, he led me out of the room. The building we’re in was inside the David castle compound. But wasn’t part of the castle. It was one of the numerous building surrounding the castle. There was only a single car inside the compound. I wasn’t surprised by this because according to my neatly done assignment, fleet of exotic cars lay inside the underground ground garage inside the room.

Among the numerous buildings surrounding the castle is another garage harbouring the Security’s vehicles . I was led inside the huge castle by wisdom and some of the guards.

” step in ” Wisdom said as we got to a door which looked like a cubicle. I entered into it and a red light appeared inside it, it scanned me for some seconds before the light changed to green.

Another door opened automatically at the other end of the room, I stepped into a magnificent room waiting for Wisdom and and his pals. When Wisdom stepped into the cubicle looking door, he brought out his gun from its sheath, I watched as he placed it inside a hole which had the shape of gun, after scanning him, the door opened, he smiled at me when got out.

On the door of the cubicle from the interior was a pad monitor fixed to it. He moved to it shielding me from seeing whatever it was he was pressing on it but the end result of it was that a tray suddenly came out beside the door bearing his gun. He picked it ,smiled at me as he placed it in its rightful place beside his waist. The four guards that followed us didn’t have gun on them, the door only scanned them and they were out.

The sitting room was very large but separated into different segment. No blind spot was visible as CCTV was placed in every corners of the room. We thread on a sophisticated pink rug to the Elevator. Wisdom brought out a walkie talkie ,dialed some digits on it.

” Agent Wzk requesting entrance into 5th floor with the president guest ” he said over the walkie talkie. I didn’t know what the person at the receiving end said but he suddenly placed his face near a small bump looking camera beside the pillar supporting the elevator brick. He asked me to place my face there and I did. Without pressing the elevator button, it opened by itself and we both entered. I was surprised that the rest stayed back.

I tried to act less suspicious as I peeped through the upper corner of my iris to stare at the direction of the CCTV inside the elevator.. The elevator dung as it opened revealing a long corridor laced by guards wearing black suit. The corridor was covered with red rug which looked sparkling clean.

At the entrance of the elevator were two guards, I didn’t see them until I was out of the elevator as they stood facing themselves at different ends If not because they’re dark in complexion, I would have mistaken them for a mannequin . They were stiff and unmoving in their position.

” let’s go ” Wisdom motioned to me as I was staring at the two guards. The guards held their position as we thread the red rug. I stared at the non smiling guards that were staring at me as I passed them. They possessed the face that depict

” do rubbish and rubbish go do you ” At the end of the long corridor was a large door, gold in colour and possessed some forms of technology on it. At the entrance of the door were another guards. I was oblivious of the interior aspect of the David castle.

The mask gave me nothing about it which depict only one thing, either they purposely didn’t want to give me or they have nothing concerning it. But seeing the level of security inside it, I settled for the second guess. The mask wouldn’t withdraw anything concerning a mission that’s complicated like this. Maybe I wasn’t only one charged with the mission, maybe I’m only apportioned with some responsibilities while some other agents have been apportioned with theirs. 

Like we’ve been treated since we’re young, we don’t know ourselves ,even the authorities except miss bull eye and another person and an errand boy or girl apportioned to us all The name of my errand boy is Snap { only few or none will remember him # winks}.

Beside the big door was a retina and thumb scanner ,thought Wisdom was going to use it but didn’t, instead , he brought out his walkie talkie, clicked on some digits then placed directly in front of his mouth.

” Agent Wzk requesting entrance into the fortified room ” he said into the walkie talkie then moved closer to the scanner, brought out his Id card, placed it on the scanner, a red light appeared on the scanner moving up and down then it suddenly stopped changing into green. He then placed his right thumb on the finger scanner, then the left hand thumb. After that, he placed his eye in front of the retina scanner. After all had been confirmed, a small metal levered out of the wall, below the retina scanner, it had a small mic fixed at its end. Wisdom bent down a little to make sure his mouth was directly in front of the mic.

” this is agent Wzk ,not a clone ” he said thrice into the mic before the small metal disappeared into where it came from.

” Voice matched ” a robotic voice said and one of the guards at the entrance of the door brought out a small flat metal from his pocket, he asked me and Wisdom to stay beside ourselves. He pressed a button on the metal and placed it in front of us, a green light emerged from it reflecting on us. The light started moving from our foot, and up it goes . It suddenly stopped when it got to our waist blinking red light. Like Wisdom was expecting it, he removed his gun and handed it to the security. The light changed to green and continued its journey. It didn’t blink red again till it got to our head, it journeyed back to our foot after it got to our head.

The second guard at the door, clicked on some digits on the door before the door finally opened.

” omo , this mission na die ooo” I thought to myself in pidgin as we made our way into the white house replica in Nigeria.

To be continue…