Diluted Bullet (Weeping Love) Episode 14


Ella’s p.o.v

” noooo, please don’t do this Kingsley ” I wept bitterly as he tore my shirt and placed his hands into my bra cupping my boobs in it. No, he was going to bring my bra down, he smirked at me in a way that depicted he enjoyed what he was doing and that I deserved more than that. His friends inside the uncompleted building already had their hands in their shorts, stroking the monster they got residing there.

” no ,this can’t happen to me ” I said shaking my head as I thought of biting off my tongue and killing myself instead of having many dicks running up and smacking my womb at the same time, then I heard a voice come to the rescue, I wasn’t even sure if I heard it right the first time but I got it the second time. He came to the rescue again, the hot guy saved me again from the little untamed monster given birth to by Mr & Mrs Charles.

Mr Charles an influential, powerful and well connected man in Nigeria. His connections goes beyond the local level. He’s rumoured to be a close associate with president Bill Jude of the United State, Mr Charles attended the same university with Jude in the State and they were best of friends then. The connection wasn’t severe even till when Jude became president of State.

The Open Eye news had covered a story two years ago stating how Mr Charles donated almost half of his wealth to fund the campaign of Jude when he’s still on the verge of been selected as the country’s president. It was a great risk and investment but the investment yield when Jude was announced the winner of the election defeating his opponent with 200k+ votes. Since then, Nigeria has been enjoying many privileges from United State and Mr Charles became a great ocean in the country, controlling the government’s power in his room with Mr David who’s now the country’s president.

Nigeria had became a single party since the day the two most influential persons in Nigeria decided to support a party, ARP { Alliance redemption party }, all the other parties were only fighting a lost battle, and the reality has dawn on them in recent years as they spend less on campaign, only few billboards have their banners , they don’t waste their time to share rice or money to people all in the name of campaigning and so on.

” you must really wish to die ” Kingsley said to Ben as he moved closer to him and Ben did something that made me started crying again, because he was soon going to be killed and my interrupted molest was soon going to be resumed and in a more ferocious manner, because Ben has set the lion lose from the shackle, and I don’t think I could get the will to kill myself again as I felt all the morale fleeing away from me .

He spat on Kingsley’s face. Kingsley brought out a gun and placed it on his head and he pulled at its trigger. The sound of the gun been shot came out like a stammerer trying to say “push” in a swift mode.

A silencer was attached to the gun so as not to arouse the interest of whoever might be close to where their evil act was been perpetrated. I closed my eye as Kingsley pulled the trigger so as not to have a memory of a head been splattered on the floor embedded in my head. I opened my eye and saw Kingsley laying on the dirty ground ,groaning in pain. Ben was on his feet, the rope used in tying him were magically on the ground and he had a small knife in his hand.

I witnessed a live action movie which I hated so much since I was a kid because I prefer watching Barbie, Tom and Jerry, and different sort of cartoons to action movies. The guys seeing their leader on the ground all surrounded Ben at once, with planks, clubs, knives and bottles in their hand. All I saw was the flying fists ,kicks, weapons and all in the air and in two minutes or less, the floor was harbouring all of Kingsley men, groaning in pain on the floor. Some ,their hands on their head, some holding their back while some were stiff, they’re unconscious.

I blinked my eye rapidly in order to be sure I wasn’t dreaming. Ben moved closer to me and untied me, he took off his shirt and wrapped it around me. He left me and walked over to Aminat who looked to be in shock more than I was as she stared blankly at Ben. Ben knelt slightly beside her as he untied the rope on her legs.

” and where do you think you’re going ” I heard Kingsley say pointing his gun at Ben who was still undoing the rope on Aminat’s legs,and my heart skipped a beat as I suddenly found my legs trembling. swoosh That was the sound I heard and I saw Kingsley falling to his knee, supporting his right hand with his left as a knife’s head protruded from his palm. The gun was already on the floor.

I blinked my eye rapidly again as I stared at Kingsley, I looked at Ben, he was still undoing the rope, he didn’t seem to be the one who initiated the attack, but it was the knife that was in his hand, that’s stuck into the palm of Kingsley, I was sure it was the knife because the knife looked special, I haven’t seen it anywhere before. And magically, the one in his hand was no longer there.

Sooner that Aminat was out of the rope, she embraced him tightly ,trembling and sobbing. I felt jealous and stupid because I didn’t do that. It was all too sudden for me to even think of embracing him. After some minutes he was able to disengage the hug . He walked over to Kingsley who was languishing in pain on the floor as he held his hand. Ben bent down beside him and removed the knife.

” I didn’t let it go in much ,so you should live even without treating it ” he said as he remove the knife and that’s when I knew he was the one who flung the knife, but how he did it was something I was going to ask him later, no, I got many things I was going to ask him later.

” if you keep mute about this we are not going to have any problem ” Ben said to Kingsley as he helped wrap a white handkerchief which he brought out of his pocket on his palm. He came over to me and asked if I was alright and I replied him

” yes “. He held me and Aminat tightly as he led us out of the uncompleted building. I later knew that the uncompleted building was situated in the school after walking for some miles in the bush and I saw the school hostel far away.

The uncompleted building was situated in the secluded parts of the school land. The portion was rumoured to be use in erecting a reputable hotel which will only accommodate foreigners who are on legal assignment in the country.

By the time we got out of the bush, it was already dark. Ben had already told us we don’t need to report the case to anyone because he’s sure Kingsley will scale out of it without losing a single hair on his head. And painfully,we knew he was right, so we concurred to him. He only had on a singlet because I was wearing his shirt. He escorted us to our hostel and thankfully, we met no student on the way.

” that was a nice dinner ” he teased smiling as he left us at the entrance of our hostel before he made his way to the staff’s lodge. After Aminat and I showered, we change our cloth and visited one of the reputable hospital in town. We couldn’t go to our family hospital because we know speculation is going to arise to know how we procure the bruise and marks on our bodies. And my precious Ben has warned us against that.

I was on the hospital’s bed in the ward I was placed watching news the following day when a headline popped up that Kingsley the first son of Mr Charles was found dead beside his jacuzzi. The newscaster revealed that he lost balance and hit his head on the hard segment of the jacuzzi, but all the same ,he’s dead and I found myself awfully feeling cool about it.


Ben’s p.o.v

I woke up early in the morning to the ringing of the land phone in the sitting room. I checked the time and it was barely 8 AM and I was suppose to give lecture by 9:30am. I knot the rope of my white robe as I head to take the call.

” your attention is urgently needed in the vice Chancellor’s office now ” the voice ordered me without courtesy as I picked the call.

To be continue…