Diluted Bullet (Weeping Love) Episode 15


I put on a white armless tunic as my mind got busied to why I was been summoned early in the morning. Could it be that the secret is out I asked myself as i made my way to the vice Chancellor’s office. I was surprised to see some guards outside of his office, they looked like a private security company guards . I knew who they were as I saw one of their vehicle with the inscription on the Two black 2019 model hilux parked outside of the office..

The gurads outside gave me a suspicious stare as I passed beside them and entered the office. Mr dandy and the other lady who I was oblivious of her name sat behind their desk as they seemed to be engrossed in what ever they were doing on their computers while Nina’s seat was empty.

I greeted the two of them as I made my way through the staircase which was still laced with the red sophisticated rug which graced the staircase. I feebly knocked on the door and I was ordered to enter. I opened the door to see Mr Eboigbe Victor { the vice chancellor } sitted on his seat while a young guy in dark suit sat in front of him.

Mr Eboigbe smiled to me as I entered and I kind of felt good. My tension eased a bit, his smile meant that everything was okay and I haven’t been caught, thought my act yesterday has already been exposed. The guy who was sitting in front of Mr Eboigbe stood up and stretch forth his right hand to me and I took it as we shook hand. The guy seems to be in the same age with me, but his physiques was glaring under the dark suit he wore. He looked like he’s gone through many body building ordeal but his face complicated everything.

He had a fair babyish face, he’s handsome and also possess good height like me. But he isn’t as handsome as I was. His face possessed a dimple which clutch onto his face even as he wasn’t smiling. He sat back as he shook hand with me and I remained on my feet waiting for Mr Eboigbe to ask me to take to the second empty seat in front of him.

” sit down Mr Parker ” Mr Eboigbe urged me smiling and I sat down. ” Mr Wealth, here is Mr Parker the youngest lecturer in this school and Mr Parker, here’s Mr Wealth from the DF security team, the private security team of this country’s president and the owner of this school ” he said stressing the last sentence as if expecting me to jump up and start clapping. I only exchange quick glance with the guy as I noticed he also did.

” the president want you as a private tutor for his daughter and he’s asked Mr Wealth here to escort you down to the David castle ” he said with a flabbergasted tone displaying his naivety.

” but that wasn’t entrenched in our contract when I applied ” I said feigning that I wasn’t convenience with it.

” no, I meant yeah ” Mr Eboigbe stuttered ” yeah ,it wasn’t in the contract but I’m sure Mr David is going to pay you differently for your service, even more than you’re earning monthly here, and it’s a matter of your choice, it isn’t a mandatory service ” he said staring into my eye like staring into it will make me see the value of the opportunity that has set itself before me.

The guy in dark suit kept mute as I discussed with Mr Eboigbe but I was sure he was paying keen attention to the conversation, and he was studying my mood, he acted like he cared less but I was 100% sure he was studying me.

” it’s going to be stressful, I think I’m rejecting it,”, I said making an attempt to stand up.

” what ” Mr Eboigbe exclaimed surprisingly. ” you’re turning the offer of the president down, an offer that can shape your career in a positive manner ” he added staring at me.

” if I was looking for that kind of positive shape of career, I won’t be here lecturing in Nigeria, do you know how hard Harvard tried to retain me in their service and other schools who made attempt to get me working for them ” I paused a bit in order to sound casual. ” I’m here in Nigeria just to spend some quality time in my mom’s country and also stay close to her, I’m teaching here because I love teaching not because of the gain or the money derived from it, you’re free to check my dad’s worth online, then you will know that your President’s money is my budget for a year ” I said in a sophisticated manner. I smiled as I saw the manner at which mr Eboigbe was staring at me with his mouth ajar. ” got a class to take soon ” I said as I exit the office.

Narrator’s p.o.v

” did he just turned down an offer from the president ” Mr Eboigbe asked Wisdom who was still sitting in front him

” no he turned it up ” wisdom said in his mind and let out a fake smile ” I’ll inform the president ” Wisdom said getting up.

” no don’t do that, this is the first time my brother will be asking me to do something for him since the day he’s hand over the administration of the school to me , so I’m not going to disappoint him on this, please give me a second” Victor said dashing out of the office leaving Wisdom standing there.

Ben’s p.o.v

I smiled as I exit the office, it was a risky game I played there, I was sure to derive another way of completing my task, and I already have a laid out plan for the mission but the offer been made to me could be seen as a shortcut to accomplishing it to the one I have. Descending down the sophisticated red rug covered staircase , my smile metamorphosed into a grin as I saw Nina already on her seat. She raised her head up following the sound of my footsteps on the staircase, she quickly averted her gaze as she saw me and pretended to be engrossed with something on her Laptop.

” hello pretty ” I greeted her standing in front of her desk,I saw her two accomplices raised their head up in shock as they stare at us but I pretended not to notice them.

” I’m fine ” she retorted not raising her head up.

” I’m sorry for last time ” I said to her placing my hand on her hand which was on her mouse which was connected to her laptop. She jerked slightly as she raised her head up to look at me for the first time, smile then continue with whatever it was she was doing on her laptop.

” apology accepted ” she said in a low tone as I made to leave her. I smile not turning as I bow my head slightly as Mr dandy and the other lady kept staring at me. I suddenly heard the banging of a door, like the person who made an exit through the door was keen on de-attaching it from the wall that held it in place.

” Mr Parker ” l heard the VC scream my name as he raced down the staircase and nearly tripped but quickly got hold of himself ,shot a swift glare at his office assistants to check if they were watching him. Dandy and the lady quickly lowered their head but Nina didn’t as she stare at him smiling. He seemed to care less about her as he walked over to where I was standing gasping like someone who just completed a marathon.

” please follow me ” he said almost in a whisper. I brought out my phone from the pocket of my tunic, click on its screen twice and it screen displayed an analogue watch. It was 8:34

” I’ve got a class to prepare for and as you can see ,it’s almost nine ” I said to him not moving from where I stood.

” do you know that I was the one who sketched out your lecturing schedule personally ” he said smiling at me making me wonder what he meant.

” I don’t know but what are you driving at ? ” I asked looking at him suspiciously.

” Wednesday is among your lecturing free day ” he said with a wide grin.

” well, I didn’t receive any lecturing schedule ,so don’t expect me to know what I know nothing about ” I said with a stern face and his face enveloped into a frown which got me wondering WHY?

” maybe I forgot, I’ll send it to you before the end of the day , but let talk privately first ” he said leading me to one of the shut doors in the large office. ” my dad is the second son of the uncle of the aunt who’s a neice to the cousin of the brother of the father who gave birth to the sister of the lady who conceive Mr David and I’m the fifth son of my dad ” the VC said as soon as he shut the door of the room we entered. The room was filled with files arranged neatly on multiples shelves sitting kingly in the room. I was bewildered with the rubbish he just uttered as I stressed my brain to savour it.

” okay ” I replied him when he seemed to be expecting a reply from me.

” you’re really weird, you know , maybe it’s because you’re not from here” he said looking at me like I was some kind of alien.

” why do you think I’m weird ” I asked him feigning to look confused.

” a normal person would have bursted into torrents of laughter with the joke I cracked just now ” he replied me and I bursted into laughter.

” I didn’t know that was a joke ” I replied him still laughing.

” wow, good to see you laugh, you look more cute laughing, if I’m a girl, I would have proposed to you and even offer to pay you bride price instead of you paying it ” he said joining me in the laugh.

” really “? I exclaimed laughing more and he also increased the tempo of his laughter. I shook my head slightly pitying his idiocy. If only he knew I was only playing him.

” but seriously, I share blood with the president, no matter how small it is but I can still be regarded as his family, he doesn’t seem to think so with the way he treat me ” he said as the laughter suddenly elope his face .

” why “? I asked him feigning to express concern for what he was saying.

” because he thinks I’m unfit to be blood related to him and because I’m the son of his dad’s second wife who was responsible for the out casting of him and his mom from his dad’s house ” he said now getting emotional. ” he only appointed me VC of this school when he had gifted some of his company to people who share no blood with him ” he added now with some trinket of tears forming on his face . I handed him a handkerchief which was in my pocket, he collected it ,wiped his face with it and returned it to me.

” after the death of my stepfather, he treated me and my mom like we never existed, my mom was a diabetic patient, and because of inadequate care due to lack of money, she died and that was when members of the family pleaded with him to assist me ,after much pestering from them, he made me the VC of this school, but I was directly responsible to him, setting up a revenue commission for the school to take adequate charge of the monetary aspect of the school so that I won’t get a dime apart from the salary I’m receiving monthly in the school’s money ” he added staring at me to see if I was caught in the emotional web of the story.

” so ,why are you telling me all this ” I asked him when it was sure he was expecting me to at least utter a word.

” during the three years that I’ve been working here, all I wanted to prove to my stepbrother is my capability, but he’s never given me a chance to do so, he never ask me for anything, but today he did, he contacted me through his security to send you down to his Villa, first time ever he’s asked me to do anything for him and I don’t want to suck on it and that depend on you accepting the offer ,even if you’re going to do it for a week and resign, please just accept it ” he pleaded to me joining his two hands together to as he shook it in front of me in a pleading manner.

” okay, I’m doing it ” I said after feigning to contemplate on it for some seconds.

” wow, thank you my friend ” he said happily as he embraced me. He opened the door of the room we were in ,held it for me till I was out, before he also came out and shut the door. ” he’s going with you ” the VC said as soon as we enter his office.

” I’ll meet you here in some minutes, I’ve to take my bath and dress up before following you ” I said as I exit the office.


Wisdom’s p.o.v

” he isn’t a threat, seems like a normal foreign guy who’s only keen on doing what he likes rather been dictated for, but he doesn’t want the job ” Wisdom said to the recipient as he stood up like the person he was talking to on the phone was in his front. He wasn’t through with his conversation when the door suddenly flung opened and Victor entered smiling.

” he’s going with you ” Victor said as soon as he enter the office with the guy. The guy took excuse to take his bath before we embarked on the journey.

” he has accepted ” I said as I placed the phone back on my ear and continued my call. ” okay, I’ll pass the message to the president ” Mr Wealth said at the other end on the phone as he dropped the call.

Ben’s p.o.v.

I took more time than normal as I dressed up for my first mission inside the David castle. I wore a bluish black,penciled chinos trouser which had some designs on it and an invisible zip at its base for easy wearing.. I wore a white polo, then a crop black jacket that can’t be buttoned.

I applied my goldshaw pomade on my golden hair,use my brush to style my beard, tracing it down to my moustache. From my sets of designer eyeglasses, I took a black tinted one with white handle. The eyeglasses is more than you can see. The only weapon I knew I can safely take into the David castle.

To crown it all from the base, I put on a white Nike tennis shoe which cost over 300$.

” Mission start officially today, entering into the castle today under my full disguise ,mission starting before the original stipulated time, rescheduling needed ” I said into a small mouthpiece in my hand, the only connection for passage of information into THE MASK.

I clicked on the tiny key on the mouthpiece as I dropped the mouthpiece to its original place, beside one of my luggage. I removed the big black leather cover made for my bike from it. My bike was kind of dirty ,especially its tyre ,courtesy the pursuit I engaged in some days ago. I covered it back as I trekked back to the VC’s office. I had planned to journey down to the David castle on my bike in case anything unplanned for happen. I was already used to the staring eye of the girls as they giggled as they passed beside me.

I kept on a smiling face as I head to the VC office. The young guy was already waiting for me with the rest of the security team in front of the VC’s office. All the rest of the guards except the young guy, Wisdom, stared at me like they’ve seen a ghost, the sudden grunt of Wisdom rebooted their brain as they all quickly dispatch to the jeep there, the drivers taking their place behind the wheel, some of the guards climbed into the uncovered part of the jeep while some sat at the front seat near the driver.

Wisdom opened the door of one of the hilux jeep for me ,he held it for me to enter. As I was about to enter, I saw Nina come out of the VC office, she saw me, and quickly scanned me from my head to my toe , she smiled as she scrambled away with a file held tightly to her chest.

Wisdom sat beside me inside the jeep which was kind of surprising to me. I was the guest and he was in no position to sit or anyone out of the guards to sit beside me. But I kept mute as the vehicle was ignited to life and it was nosed out of the premise. I had a small Bluetooth mouthpiece fixed to my ear, connected to my phone. I brought my phone out and shuffled up my music list as I started listening to music through the Bluetooth.

I rested my head as I savour the sweetness of the song I was listening to but my attention was split between the music and the journey as I focused my eye on the road. There was two hilux jeep and we’re behind the first one. The one in our front suddenly came to an halt near the roadside and the one I was in also followed suit. I looked at wisdom with a question filled eye and he suddenly withdrew a gun from his gun sheath fixed near his belt. He placed it on my head and asked me to get down. I wanted to hijack the gun from him and let him have a taste of his own medicine but a quick glance outside made my brain twinkled. All the guards were already out with their guns pointed at me.

I placed my two hands behind my head as I alighted the car, I was made to kneel down and my hand double crossed behind me as an handcuffs was placed on it.

To be continue….