Diary Of A Broke Playboy Episode 5


That sunday was really lit. At least, for once i was glad at the prospect that we weren’t going to be trekking home.

Our table was cleared around 5 o’clock. None of us was in a hurry to go home. James suggested we take a stroll around.
“that’s not cool, i think we should hit the pool.” i said and James eyed me like he just caught me stark naked on his mother. I smiled and led the way. The girls were only too glad to follow.

At the pool, we all stripped. The girls down to their pants and bra and us down to our singlet and boxers. We were all too drunk to care. We did everything there except have sex. Cynthia was dope and funky. That girl can kiss for Africa. Anita wasn’t bad at all.

We rounded up at the pool by 8pm. Chartered a keke which drove us back to our lodge.

I went into my apartment with cynthia while James went into his with Anita.

Inside my room, i manage to get rid of my shoes and quickly grabbed cynthia and pulled her closer. Locked my lips on hers and we both chewed each other. My hands were all over body, squeezing her ass like i wanted to extract juice from it. She too got her hands on my already enlarged Di*k and was doing her best to rip it off. I grabbed her zipper and tore it open, i was going to pull her trouser off when my door banged open. We pulled apart and stared at the door only to see James dragging his mattress inside while Anita followed behind with pillow and bedsheets.
“guy wassup naa” i asked staring at them.

“Guy just continue ur business” he said as he adjusted the mattress on the floor.

“ok o. Just close my door and off the lights” i said as cynthia fell back into my arms and we locked up again. The lights went off. I could hear James and Anita’s lips clicking in the dark, i dropped cynthia on the bed, managed to locate her waist and tore down her trouser along with her pants. I removed mine too and fell on her, stark naked. My erection was so hard i was scared my dick would rip open, i grabbed her tongue with my teeth while i inserted my fingers into her dripping pussy, her body convulsed and she hugged me to her body and nearly tore off my lips,I gently inserted my di*k into her hole and she moaned, i started thrusting slowly, she grabbed me by the small of my back and entwined her legs around me, i increased the tempo, i was banging her really hard, she held my neck and drew me tighter to her body as she let out a couple of audible moans, i was going out of control, i snatched myself from her tight grip, pinned her to the bed with my hands on her torso and the real smashing started, i could swear I was going 8 thrusts per second and her screams were increasing by the second.

I pulled her up from the bed, rotated 360 degrees and we switched position, she climbed me and started going hard as she screamed more, we were very oblivious of our companions who obviously didn’t care as they tried to outdo us with noise.

She rode for like 2 minutes before i grabbed her by the neck, pulled her down and french kissed her, then i rotated her again. She fell with her back to the bed, i pulled her up, got her on all fours, i flicked my fingers on my mouth, got them wet and then went ahead to locate her asshole, she was still shaking and asking for me inside her.

I started thrusting gently before going in hard again, the more she screamed, the more i was turned on and the harder i went. she let up her two legs into the air and so wide apart, this let me go in much deeper as i reduced the speed of my thrusts to let us catch our breaths. She pulled down my lips on hers and engaged me in a passionate kiss while she interlocked my body on hers with her legs chocking my back, then she came. It was so violent she shook like she was on an epileptic seizure, she held my lips with her teeth as the fluid poured on the bed. She called me names and said so many sweet things to me, sweet things that are capable of causing diabetes. I disengaged myself from her grip and went hard again. It was my turn to Cum, as the sensation came over me, i went harder, if her pussy had an elastic limit, i swear it would have permanently been disfigured. I planted my lips on hers to suppress the yell i was about to let out. And then i came, inside of her.

The bed was all wet as we were through. I observed James and Anita and they too were also done. We switched on the light and my room was like a scene from the movie Spartacus, four naked adults.

We flipped the mattresses over to avoid sleeping on wet cums. We switched off the lights again. I and cynthia cuddled under the sheets and went into another round of kissing.

I woke up the next morning with a slight headache. My eyes went straight to the clock and the time was 10 am. I turned to observe Cynthia who’s head was resting on my chest only to see it was Anita that was on me. I remembered waking up in the middle of the night to another round of sex. Could it be that these two girls switched in the night.
“Cynthia what are you doing on me” James screamed and we all burst out laughing. I turned to Anita, kissed her on the lips, she opened her legs and i humbly entered like a lamb being led to slaughter…