Diary Of A Broke Playboy Episode 49


I had practically beaten my mom out of her car and made an enemy out of Willie and bros for it. They had banked on cruising the car that day and somehow, I snatched it up under their nose. I had that privilege as the baby of the house and to my mom, it was my interest before others.

I looked good and smelled good for my reunion with the Ebonyi chic that had robbed my heart the moment I set my eyes on her. James sister. Willie was angry but not too angry to lend me his eyeshade and bros was benevolent enough to let me have his Russian leader shoes and original Gucci face cap. The street was a bit free as I rode through them. Students had vacated and lodges were dry so I had the privilege of pulling a James Bond through the street, screeching the tires as I liked. I made my stop at what used to be my lodge and alighted like a king.

The side mirrors assured me that I still had my good looks on and then I swagged into the hostel, straight to James door.

I pulled at the handle and it was locked. I gave a gentle rap and the door flew open on the fifth tap. She stood behind it. Still her curvy self and her skin shinning in the low lit room. She had this singlet on and a bumshot that exposed her meaty laps. Chinemelum was one beautiful girl, too beautiful to be James’s sister.

She flung herself at me and crushed her body on mine. She was soft and warm. Her body radiated enough sauce and held onto her like it was our last hug. She pulled away eventually and I sized her up. She looked way better than she did the last time and she did look good that last time.

“Sweetheart,” I called slowly and she smiled a shy smile. Moving closer to embrace me again. When a young girl, a learner falls in love. It eats up everything in them so much that their lovers end up looking like their guardian angel to them. She seemed like she couldn’t get enough of me and for the first 3 minutes, we stood at the door, making up for the times she had missed me. We fell into the room and she shut the door behind us.

“Where’s James?” I asked, sitting on the bed and looking up at her.

“He went out.”

“You are alone?” I asked and she nodded. “Are you not scared?”

“He said he will be back soon,” she replied. I nodded and moved my eyes from her to the television and back. She had that look fixed on me. I smiled at her and pulled her closer.

“Come,” I said and she obeyed, crashing into my waiting arms. Our lips met and our tongues clicked. She hadn’t forgotten what I thought her and she was good with it. My fingers ran through her body as she clung onto me, her eyes closed and her chest burning against mine.

I moved my hand into her bra and rocked her nipples with my fingers, tuning them on and off as she let out light moans. Then the door handle clicked and we disengaged. I struggled frantically to put my dick back to its former place which was quite an uphill task. I did manage to restore a bit of sanity to my posture tho. Emelum got the door, she had no sign on her that would give her away except maybe her dripping pussy but then,I doubt if the intruder would want to go that far to find out.

It was James and when he came in, he had that look in his eyes that showed he had a clue as to what a niggar was up to. No matter the girl, it was always this same activity between me and them, except the girl is my mother or blood sister.

“Badoo,” He yelled, coming at me with his hand stretched full length. I took it and we shook vigorously. It’s been a long while and the boy was all meaty and fresh, dividends of the vacation.

“Shebi you have seen him naa, you can now die in peace,” he said, turning to Chinemelum. The look on her face was the type you would find on an innocent, shy, little bride. I turned to James with a smile at the corner of my face.

“Yes, she have been singing out your name for a very long time,” he said to me.

“She should. I doubt if there are guys like me in your village.”

“You dey craze,” he said.

“Baby shey there is none like me over there,” I asked and she nodded shyly. I winked at James, he hissed.

“Ehe, guy. Shebi na you carry that car come?” he asked, drawing closer to me. I nodded with a frown on my face. I had an inkling of what he was going to ask for.

“I have this girl I need to meet. Omo she thick gan,” he started with his fool boy smile.


“She is classy too,” he added.

“And so?”

“You know it’s not proper for me to be walking the street with that kind of ride. We should be in a ride,” he said and kept his smile. “You understand naa.”

“I don’t understand,” I replied. “Do you need me to accompany you to where you want to buy the ride?”

His countenance changed. I saw myself being kicked out of the room before I even had the chance to get a shot of Emelum. I had to give in. He knew a thing or two about driving and my mom’s car was real easy to navigate plus I needed privacy with Emelum.

“See guy. You can kiss her but don’t fvck her,” he whispered to me as we stood outside. He was on his way out and Chinemelum was in the room.

“Don’t worry. You are like a brother to me. Chinemelum is your sister so she is like a sister to me as well,” I said with the best amount of seriousness my face could gather.

“You know I wouldn’t fvck your sister behind you,” he said.

“Yes, She is not your age mate.”

“Even if she was my age mate. I will only finger her but I won’t fvck her.”

“So I can finger her?” I asked with a wide grin.

“Errrm, maybe,” he said and then shook his head. “Mba. Don’t finger. I have not fingered your sister yet and from there you may be tempted to use the other one. She might even be begging for it.”

“Is it not turn by turn. I do your sister, you do mine,” I said. He gave me one last look and smiled. We shook hands and he turned to leave. “Ehe, take care of that car like it is your mother.”

“Sure thing,” he said and left. I walked back into the room wondering why he would keep a sexy piece of fish with a mother rat and expect it to remain untouched. He came back for my Gucci cap. He looked nice with it on so I let him have it plus I doubted the possibility of banging a girl with my cap on, Gucci or not.

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She had me on a platter of diamond as I let her toy with every part of me. She was all jittery, almost like she had never seen something like me. She was a bit naive and wanted every part of me in an instant, just like I was going to disappear in a matter of seconds.

“Are you hungry?” she asked as my stomach made rumbling noise, amidst the kisses.

“No. I think it’s butterflies in my stomach. You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen and that’s why my stomach is making noise,” I answered and pulled her closer. She smiled and tore away at my buttons. My stomach came again with its noise.

“Let me bring food for you,” she offered, not waiting to hear my protests that it was the butterflies.

She cooked rice. I knew it was her because it tasted different from James’s usual concoction. A sexy, beautiful girl that could cook good was a treasure mine but the whole thing wouldn’t be a proper sauce if she was virgin and it turned out she still was.

“You are still a virgin?” I asked as she gave me that timid look they always give. I hated those kind of situations where after you have gotten bigger than you normally were then you end up finding out that the hole was still on factory mode.

“I want to do it,” she whispered, staring up at me with those eyes that could melt the devils eyes. It didn’t seduce me rather it deepend my resolve not to mess with such innocence especially when the girl is James’s sister.

“Wait until you get admitted, then you will be a big girl,” I said, caressing the tiny hairs above her clit.

“What if I don’t get admitted?” she asked with half closed eyes and moaning to my touches. I kissed her lips shut and pinched her sweating clit a bit. She wrung her hand around my neck and begged me to make the hole wider.

“I will just use my fingers,” I said, she nodded and then I did an explosive handwork on her. One that endeared me more to her and she confessed no one has ever done that to her. She was beautiful and shiny and for once, I was tempted to perform a thorough head job on her but then, I was scared the blood would leak and spill on my face. I hated blood even mine.

We sang songs to each other as we cuddled after the handy affair. She was addicted to me and it was easy to understand why. I had really gifted fingers according to Naza’s many testimonies. Chinemelum was now saying the same thing. She was hot and I was scared that those my horny ex logde mates would eat the fruit that I have been saving for the rainy day.

“Shebi you know how much I love you?” I asked and she smiled.

“How much?” she asked.

“This big,” I said, stretching my hands wide. “Bigger than St Peter Basilica.”

She giggled and pecked me.

“I love you too.”

“Good. Don’t let any other guy come closer. This is exclusively mine,” I said, lifting her chin with my finger to kiss her mighty pink lips.

James got home a little before five, disrupting our moment of pure love. The moment each of our hands were on decent spots and our hormones were spiked by the rush of true love and nothing else.

“Your momsy car sabi run shaa,” he said, falling beside us on the bed, reeking of the finest breed of alcohol.

“How was the parole?” I asked, shifting to a holier position with Emelum.

“The girl tight shaa but there is not enough space in your mother’s car for a cowgirl.”

I jumped from the bed and beat him up.
“Guy, did you fvck a girl in my mom’s car?”

He looked up to me and grinned. “Guy forget it. Nothing happened.”

The day ended and I had to leave by 6pm. Chinemelum stacked up loads of kisses for me in a duffel bag and sent me home with it. I drove into the hood few minutes to 7pm and as I sped through the road with my headlights all over the place, Chinaza’s call came in and I had to make a stop at their gate. She came out for me.

“I just wanted to be sure it was you that I saw today,” she said, frisking me with her eyes and the car too.

“Saw me where?” I asked.

“Don’t worry. I just needed to be sure,” she said and walked back inside, leaving me with my mouth wide open.

I called her later in the night. It had been long I called and somehow, my hand pounded furiously at what she was going to say.

“Well shaa, I didn’t look twice. I saw your mother’s car speed pass that junction and you had that particular cap on your head. You were with a girl. Chinecherem stop denying the truth,” she had argued while we were on the phone.

“I swear it wasn’t me,” I defended, getting angry that James and his girl’s episode was about to mess my little family up.

“The girl wasn’t even beautiful sef. You don’t have taste, I am telling you,” she laughed. She was right to an extent. James lacked a bit of taste with the girls he rolled with. He loved them bootylicious and that was all. Whatever face was alright.

“Naza it wasn’t me, when will you ever stop calling me a liar. Why can’t you just trust me?” I asked.

“Who was in your mother’s car then?”

“I will explain later,” I said as my mom came into the room to check who was disturbing the peace of the house.

“Good for you. Keep the explanations to yourself. This stupid relationship is over,” she said and dropped the call.

“Chinecherem if you won’t sleep, stop disturbing those that wants to sleep,” my mother scolded and I turned to those she was talking about. Willie and Bros all of a sudden was snoring away. They had been on the phone a while ago apologizing to their babes for making them trek throughout the day. They still held grudges against me for robbing them off the car.

“Mummy it’s Chinaza naa. I’m just checking up on the twins.”

“Oh. I hoped they are fine?” she asked. I nodded and dismissed her.

“Naza what did you just say?” I asked her after I had called back.

“I said I am done with you. The only thing between us is these babies. Just go and run after all the girls that you want.”

She dropped the call again as I rubbed my eyes to wake up from my slumber.

“Bros, did you hear what Naza said now?” I asked, turning to Bros who was back on the phone.

“Thunder fire you,” he said. Apparently, he was still angry about the car.