Diary Of A Broke Playboy Final Episode 50


“See sweetheart, I am telling you the honest truth,” I swore as I unwrapped the soiled diaper from my girl’s bum bum. The thick aroma of poo rented the air and I squeezed my face. She giggled and I smiled. “You think this is funny?” I asked and she smiled. Almost like she could understand me. At the corner, Naza was busy with her plate of rice and my punishment for not visiting my kids for a long time was changing the diaper.

“I think this one has urinated too,” she gobbled with the food stashed in her mouth.

“Eat slowly, I am not going to beg you,” I said and she rolled her eyeballs at me. “Besides, can’t you help me out. Just change the wet pampers because I am still busy.”

“I am busy too,” she said.

“Busy doing what?”

“Eating,” she answered in a snap. I swallowed hard and continued in my duty as a father. I needed Naza to retract her break up statement so I was ready to even breastfeed the babies if it ever got to that.

“Well, as I was saying. James was the one in the car. He only took my cap,” I explained. She merely shrugged and continued tearing her meat apart with her nice dentition. “And you know I don’t chase ugly girls. I have no business with them.”

“Freda is ugly,” she murmured and took a clean Chinaza from me, replacing her with a wet, gibberish muttering Chinecherem.

“No she is not ugly,” I defended. “You are just a few inches more beautiful than her.”

“I am a million meters more beautiful than her,” she argued. I couldn’t argue further. I was supposed to protect her interest above all and I think that was the trap she intended roping me into. Maybe she wanted to explore the depth of my love for her.

“Yes you are,” I said.

“I know. So who was that girl with James in the car?” she asked.

“I don’t know, never even saw her.”

“What if your mum had seen him there and he was even heading for a restaurant sef.”

“My mum don’t go out on Sundays. And besides, what were you doing when you saw him?” I asked with a furrow to my forehead. She blinked hard and I knew she was trying to come up with a lie. I had seen that look many times before.

“Eh?” she asked.

“Eh!” I replied.

“Ehen, I went out,” she blurted out. I twitched my mouth and puffed.

“With who? To where?”

“None of your business. Don’t ask me,” she replied, moving her face away from my searching eyes and stealing glances.

“It is my fvcking business,” I said as my voice peaked slowly. I was vexed, imagining another guy on my Chinaza.

“As what naa?” she asked with a hiss.

“Your unofficial husband.”

She smiled and turned to me. “It was that guy from long ago.”

“The fluffy beards?” I asked and she nodded. I bit my lips and lifted my son to my laps, trying to send him straight to sleep. A futile effort. She saw the look in my face and for unknown reasons she mellowed.

“He has been disturbing me for a long time and I went to see him so he can let me be,” she explained, her hands on my laps. “I even took Chinecherem along,” she added, rubbing the boys head. My face lit and I fell on the bed with roaring laughter. I couldn’t imagine a chic as tight as Chinaza showing up to a date with a crying baby in her hand. Even if I was the father, I would be so pissed.

“What did he say?” I asked, trying to stifle the laughter.

“He asked if the baby was mine and I said no,” she replied with a smile at the corner of her face. “I told him it was my boyfriend’s baby.”

I thought it was cute of her. She had that bright smile on her face, the one that often told me how high her love for me at a moment is and I kid you not, I love her too, very much maybe much more than she actually loves me but then, there were beautiful girls all around and I love them too.

I held her hand and held her eyes with mine. She squeezed my hands and smiled.

“You know I love you very much?” I asked and she nodded. “You know a lot of other guys love and want you too?”

“Yes,” she answered.

“But I need you more. They want you and I need you. See the difference, want and need,” I said, emphasizing the difference with gesticulation of my hands. “Don’t mind where I am today. They are rich and I may be broke but I will be rich tomorrow, I swear to you and I will buy you the whole of Dubai because you deserve it.” She smiled and I smiled too.

“I deserve more than Dubai for staying with someone like you. It’s not easy at all.”

“I know but we will start from Dubai first,” I said. She nodded and winked at me. “Just one more thing.”

“What?” she asked.

“Stop threatening to leave me. I don’t like it,” I said.

“Stop chasing other girls.”

“I stopped many years ago, I don’t even look at any other girls except you, my mother, my sisters and my female lecturers,” I said and she laughed hard.

“You are a bloody liar,” she said amidst the laughter. “But I love you still and I can’t cheat on you because I am too beautiful for that.” I scoffed and she hit my arm. “Shut up. I am very beautiful and I am okay with just one stupid playboy messing me up. I don’t want another one,” she said. I kissed her cheek and she pushed me away.

“I love you baby,” I bassed and she responded with an I love you too.

“Let’s consummate our love for each other,” I said and she threw me a gaze ladened confusion.

“How?” she asked.

“It’s been a long time we really got to know each other,” I stammered, lacking the proper words to convey my message.

“How, stop talking to me like you are still wooing me,” she said.

“I mean it’s been long we go on each other. Make love?” I eventually said, tying the words up like some computer command prompt.

“Gerrout motherfvcker,” she said with a giggle, shoving me away with a push to the chest.

“Come closer bïtch,” I said. She laughed and drew closer, all prepped for a foreplay with her beautiful fair boobs shooting above the edge of her bra. I let her fall into my arms and latched her lips shut with my mouth.

“The babies, they are watching,” she said with a mouthful of kisses. I slipped my fingers into her bra and pulled out her hard boobs, I wanted all of her at that instance. It had been a long time we really had each other like we used to.

“Let them watch. If they get curious, they can try it with each other, after all they are male and female for a reason,” I said.

“You are crazy,” she giggled and bit my lips, tearing my shirt away from my body.


Story By Chipappie