Diary Of A Broke Playboy Episode 31


The chic came back in with her traveling bag and dropped it on my reading table. She soon relaxed on the bed and faced the T.V. Something within me was telling me to go and hold her there but luckily enough, I had the gift of distinguishing between the voice of God and that of the devil.

“So what is your own name?” I asked her and she turned to me.
“Chinecherem,” she answered.
“No, I didn’t ask you for my name, I mean your own name.”
She smiled and revealed her very beautiful dentition.
“My name is Chinecherem.”

I nodded and kept quiet. She turned back to the T.v and I turned back to observing her from the back. Her curves were ok, she had the body of my baby, Naza before she got pregnant. She was Chocolate complexioned and I was sure she would taste like one.

“Are you shape’s sister?” I asked.
“Sorry, I mean Chinaza, are you her sister?”
“Yes, she is my cousin.”
I nodded and smiled. I can’t have Shape but her sister, God help us. She even bears my name. Who feels a connection here? If you do, shout hallelujah.

James made me a promise and he kept it. He came back to keep us company. The room was bubbling with laughter and everything. The girl was quite energetic, she always has something to say. We were in this mood when Shape rolled in to our company with her killer shape. She didn’t even reply our hailing. She just ran straight to the bed and sat between me and Chinecherem.

She gave me that look Chinaza gave me the day I told her I wanted to try anal. And then she turned to her cousin.
“Shebi I told you to collect key from him?”
“He said you forgot to drop the key so I decided to wait here for you.”

Shape turned to look at me but I was already engaged in an eye conversation with James. She brought back my attention with a smack on my leg. I turned and eyed her.
“I forgot the key was here naa,” I protested.

Well, she picked the key and they were both on their way out. I called shape and she looked at me.
“She is hot,” I mouthed in a way that Chinecherem wouldn’t hear it. She smiled and called her back.
“Neche let me introduce you to them,” she started and faced James.
“His name is James but we call him king Solomon. He is not a king as you can see and he is also not that wise, so use your head and understand.”
I nearly fell off my bed with laughter when I read the meaning into that intro. Shape was crazy. Even James laughed.
My turn. She faced me.
“He bears the same name with you. Do you remember that my very beautiful light-skinned friend, Chinaza? That one you said that you liked?” she asked her and she nodded with a grin.
“Yes, this one is her husband to be and she is currently pregnant for him.”

James laughed at his own introduction but I couldn’t laugh at mine. James didn’t mind though, he heaped it on me.

So shape just disqualified the two of us in the rush for Chinecherem in a very coded way, nice try.
“And guys, this is Chinecherem, my cousin. She came to prepare for her Jamb.”
“Thanks for the introduction but you should have allowed us to introduce ourselves naa,” James said and I nodded.
“Don’t worry, she understood my own introduction.”

They left and our eyes tailed shape’s backside. We snapped our hands in unison and laughed.
“Guy forget that introduction, we will reintroduce ourselves,” I said and James concurred.

My brother is the most useful brother one can ever have. All I needed was a WhatsApp Chat and Willie was more than willing to invite Shape to his school. If you had shape as a girlfriend, trust me, you would want to invite her everyday. And if you had a boyfriend like Willie, trust me, you will never refuse his invite especially when I found out he took more than 50k for that his tuxedo. I am the only broke playboy in our family as it is.

“She is 18 years old, I think she can take care of herself. But if you asked us, we are more than willing to help.” I told Shape and turned to James who nodded in agreement.
“The two of you?” she asked looking at the both of us. We nodded.
“I will rather keep her in a brothel.”
“Good, keep her there naa, it’s the two of us that will still go and visit her there,” James said. We all laughed.

She didn’t have a choice, she left to visit Willie and Chinecherem stayed back. Under both our cares actually. She was here for her Jamb so we thought we might as well teach her a thing or two.

So it wasn’t until shape left that we came to realize that she wasn’t our only problem. We had forgotten about our ownership fight. Apparently, we couldn’t share her.

“Don’t worry, Just give me 2 weeks and then you can have her,” James offered. I smiled and shook my head.
“You want me to insert my preek the same place you have inserted that your prick you have been scratching since, no way bro.”
“So what do we do, I don’t like a type of 3some where there is only one girl,” he said and I shook my head.
“Me too, I don’t like it.”

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We sat facing the T.v in silence, I was contemplating on leaving her for James, that way, if he takes her out, then I can tag along as an observer and he would have to pay for the 3 of us. It was shaping to be an excellent idea until Chinecherem walked into the room clutching her Jamb past question. She wore this gown, skimpy gown that highlighted her curvitude and sexy body. Her jugs jiggled as she walked in, a pretty smile on her shinning face. I changed my mind instantly.

“I need help with my maths,” she said, looking at me first and then at James.
“We are busy, stay there and wait,” James answered her, pointing to the reading chair. She obeyed and I turned to James.
“What if we did try your luck?” I asked him and Chinecherem turned to us.
“For what?” She asked.
“We are not talking to you, wait until we finish,” I snapped and returned to facing James. He nodded and I picked a paper and pen. I tore the paper into 2 and on one I wrote “She’s mine” and on the other I wrote “I lost her”. I squeezed them and shook my head.
“The things we do for girls,” I murmured and squeezed one more than the other.
“I will pick first,” I protested and James shook his head violently. We argued back and forth and Chinecherem watched us, drooling with laughter, oblivious of the fact that the fight was over her.
“It was me that brought the idea and it was also me that wrote it so I’m supposed to choose first,” I argued and James thought about it. The argument seemed to hold water to him so he obliged me. Like a hitman, I made my pick and he made his.

“Nooo, you cheated,” James yelled and I laughed, apparently I had won the girl but James thought otherwise. Another argument ensued and Chinecherem continued laughing at the drama. If only she knew we were deciding her fate right there.
Another amicable agreement came. James was to rewrite it. He did and, what were you expecting?. He won.
We went back and forth and our bone of contention watched us thinking it was all funny.

“Guy, you know you are my guy, almost my bro,” James started and I just eyed him with my hand on my cheek. “Just let me have this one.”
I shook my head in disagreement.
“Ok, see what will happen,” I said and he watched me anxiously.
“Let’s ask her.”
“Ask her what?”
“The one she wants,” I said giving him signs with my eyes.
“No, I don’t trust her,” he said.
“Me too,” I replied. So we sat there, observing our minute of silence, thinking and hoping for solution when James’ eyes went to door and a triumphant smile crept out of his fine face. I followed the direction of his gaze and my eye met that of my Baby mama standing at my door.

Apparently, I have lost the conquest. Finito.