Diary Of A Broke Playboy Episode 13

When you love someone, you just love them, no matter who or whatever comes up along the way, you will never want to let go.
We all went home for the remaining part of our holiday, as i have already said, we and Naza lived close to each other and both our families have a close relationship so no matter what, we always saw each other, whether we liked it or not.
Our relationship soon metamorphosed into the type of relationship i had with Eva. Only difference was that Eva once told me she loved me but naza wasn’t going to say that to for a long time. She would visit my house, cook with my mom, play around with my siblings and then walk into my room and fukk me like she was my whore. It was more like a ritual to us which we did at least once in 2 days because in as much as she hated to admit it, we both still loved each other so dearly and wanted to be together all the time but it hurt her so much to think that she was sharing me with some other girl. I also suspected she was always expecting to catch me with another girl inside my room because of the way she usually comes in.
Now, naza wasn’t any girl i would want to fukk just for the sake or fun of it, i loved her too much for it. You know when you really love someone, fukking them is not something you do just because you feel like, its what you do when words, kisses, letters and hugs becomes inadequate to express your passion for them, you do it because it makes you both happy and not because it gives you pleasure. If you want pleasure, go and masturbate.

Like i said, i do suspect she was trying to see if she would get me with another girl and she almost did.

Amara had lived with us ever since she was a 9 year old kid. She was a distant relation of my mother. She had always slept in my room along with me up until she was 16 and i was 19. In between that period and up to now, we have explored and exploited each other so many times. When we slept together, we had our Goodnight sex and good morning sex, as time went on, it was like more of a necessity to us than it was a sin. I’m even thinking i have fukked her more than all the girls i have been with put together. She was a dark beautiful girl and very curvy too. Outside the bedroom, we were both very much attached to each other that my people will often throw jokes at us

“Don’t worry, in your Next life, you both won’t be relations so that you will get to marry each other”
They will often say stuffs likes this not knowing we had both broken records married people can’t break.
It was on a Saturday morning and I was in my room playing my game. I was seated on the bed with my legs crossed. Amara came into my room clutching a floor mopper. I looked at her and smiled, she smiled back revealing her neatly cut open teeth, i can assure you that she is a very beautiful girl that can give Rihanna a run for her body.
She closed the door behind her and came straight to me. She sat beside me on the bed pecked my cheek.

“I have missed you so much you know” she said

“Hmmm, i have missed you too” i said still focused on my game and trying not to miss a goal. Amara touched me on my back and i was tickled, i looked sharply at her and then back to the tv and found out i had missed the goal after all.

“fukk” i said and dropped my pad, i pulled her closer to me and started kissing her like i needed it to survive. She grabbed my prick and started squeezing it, i felt the zip to her gown which was at the back and drew it open. Her gown dropped to her waist level and her full fletched breast stared me in the eye, she had no bra on. I pushed her down to the bed and grabbed her boobs with my mouth, i would have swallowed them but they would choke me so i opted for the nipple.

I bit hard on it and she let out a soft long moan. I got up and pulled her gown from her, she was naked under, my prick increased more in size. I grabbed a pillow and put it under her head. I spread her legs wide apart and inserted my prick. She shook and grabbed me by the back. I started going in slowly in order not to make noise and alert anybody.

“fukk me harder” she whispered and i obeyed, i started going harder than ballers.
“Toa! Toa!! Toa!!!” my scrotal sack banged against her pusy as we both moaned. She held me by the waist and crossed her legs against my back.

“I’m coming ” she gasped and i put my lips on hers and muffled her scream as the fluid flowed from her vulva and covered my prick. She held me tight and kissed me passionately and i came too.

“I want to ease myself” she said and got up from the bed. She walked to my bathroom naked as i admired her curve. Suddenly my door banged open and i stared at it startled. Chinaza was standing there. Luckily i hadn’t pulled down my shorts during my escapade with Amara. She came and sat next to me.

“What are you doing? ” she asked.

” Playing game” i said and kissed her, pulled her to the bed and we started fondling each other. My heart trembled at the thought of what would happen when Amara walks in naked..

“Brother there is no omo in the bathroom ”

Startled, we both disengaged and saw Amara standing timidly behind us wearing my pajamas which i had earlier hung on the bathroom door

” then go and buy naa” i yelled at her as she ran outside. Smart girl.

We undressed each other and went into our newly found ritual.

I fell sick the next day.

For the rest of the week i was run down by fever. I couldn’t stand erect and had to lay on my bed while my mom did all her quack prescriptions for me. I wasn’t getting better and worst still, i had to stay at home alone when everyone else leaves for work. Amara who could have looked after me was sick too, not as much as i was but it was something.
Chinaza’s love for me seemed to be rekindled at that point in time. She would stay around me, prepare special dishes for me and force me to eat them cos even though i made requests for those foods, i didn’t have the appetite to eat them. She spent most of her time tending to me.

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On the third day, i noticed rashes were coming out of my body but i didn’t border much about it, i named it heat rashes and not until the fourth day that it also showed up on Amara’s body that i was freaked out.
I had always known there would be repercussions for my sexual promiscuity but i never expected it to be STD. Even though i don’t usually use protection, i had always thought i was immune to all those STD stuff. I began going lean back to back and i lost interest in anything around me. I soon began to expect Naza to fall ill too and i wasn’t disappointed. Hers started lightly although there were no spots on her body, she was down with fever and often coughed. I silently prayed to God every minute and swore with my manhood that should he take all this away from me, i would never ever stare at a girl twice in fact that i won’t even have a girlfriend.

I had confided in James who at first laughed and said i was being too serious until i told him about Amara and Chinaza. He then suggested i asked each of them if they were fukking anyone behind me. I had questioned Amara about her sexual activities and she had sworn she only had sex with me all her life. I didn’t even dare broach the topic with Naza or the whole of our neighborhood would have heard about it since i’m obviously the one circulating the strange illness. I kept thinking of all my recent escapades and trying to see which of the girls was likely to have given me the disease. I didn’t have to look around much.

At exactly 12am on sixth day, Cynthia called me.
“Hey baby” she seemed excited over the phone.

“Wassup” i said weakly

“I’m fine, just missing you”

“Thank you, so why are you calling me this early morning?”

“Nothing much, just wanted to make sure you are ok”

“Well, i’m sick” i said

“I thought as much” she said and i became suspicious.

“What does that mean?”

“well, i got sick and went for a test, i was diagnosed with staphylococcus, anyway i’m undergoing treatment and i think I’m getting better. Just thought you should know”
I was sweating as she was talking.

“Cynthia you came to my house and gave me std? I asked not knowing if i was crying or not.
“Baby its not like that, we are not even sure if you were not the one that gave it to me, you know we both aren’t saints” she said and laughed, she sounded so carefree which is more than i can say for myself. After we dropped the call, the questions that kept hitting my mind was how i was going to tell my people i had contacted an std and had transferred it to Chinaza and Amara…. [b] AMARA[/b]…. I cried in the darkness and prayed God to cleanse me of my iniquities. I was almost close to swearing that i would quit school and enter the seminary should he save me from the shame i was about to bring to myself.

As if that wasn’t enough, the next morning, Chinaza walked in looking a bit better but her face was all groomy.

“Whats wrong with you? ” i asked her.

” Chinecherem I went for a test ”

My heart sank as i waited for her to tell me about the Std, i was sure she was going to raise hell for me.
” And what did it say? ” i asked with my heart pounding like a mortar.

” I’m 2 months pregnant ” she said looking at me. At this point i didn’t know what was going on in my mind, i didn’t know whether to be glad she wasn’t infected or to freak out about the pregnancy. I just decided i was in deep shhit either way. We spent over 3 minutes staring at nothing without talking. Chinaza got up from the bed and left without exchanging any word. I know I would marry her for sure, i mean i wasn’t going to abort my own baby, i loved naza and i wasn’t going to regret marrying her but the disease that was in me, what if naza had it too and some way it affects the baby.
I just wished my whole life was a dream as i laid on my bed and cried. My Penance had decided to come together in a day and i would rather die than face it. I soon began contemplating suicide but i loved my life and wasn’t going to leave all these fine girls begin. I hadn’t even driven my dream car, a Lamborghini.

I was in my room still mourning myself when Amara came in and sat besides me on the bed. She bent and kissed me. In my mind i was like

“The staphylococcus you get never do you, maybe you wan collect aids join am too” i thought but I was too weak to speak.

“Neche don’t worry, we found out its just measles that i got from Chioma my friend and you caught it” she said and smiled. I jerked up from my bed feeling partially healed.
“Are you sure?” I asked her not knowing whether to kiss her or to verify. She nodded. I grabbed her and kissed her so passionately. Chinaza walked into my room just as we had disengaged and with a wide grin on her face shouted [b] “APRIL FOOOL” [/b]. Confused i checked my phone and the date was April 1.

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