Devil’s Bride Episode 97


Hazel’s p.o.v

That evening, I got a call from madrigal’s Mum.

“Madrigal told me about what happened.” She started.

We were both seated in the backseat of her car, with her driver at the front, who on the other hand sat, looking straight ahead while we discussed.

She had decided to come over to Annabel’s apartment just to see me.

“If I may ask, did he offend you in any way?” She asked.

“No, he didn’t.” I answered.

“Is there anything he is doing you don’t like?”

“There is nothing like that. Actually, the problem is not with him, it is with me. I will like him to understand that.”

“In that case, I don’t know what to say but one thing I know is, we always have a reason for everything we do and so I can’t really criticize you for what you did.”

She left after we discussed further.

My parents didn’t take it likely with me when I told them about the divorce but there was nothing they could do about it, I already made up my mind.

I rented a new apartment three days after that. I didn’t resign at the company though there were rumours about me having an affair with some other guy, some of them having seen Damien with me at the company’s cafeteria once, which they assumed must be the reason why madrigal divorced me.

I got to find out the reason why my drink was spiked and to learn that the situation would have gotten out of hand if madrigal hadn’t showed up.

It was a setup between Damien and Juliana so he could have something with me while I was still under the effect of the drug.

There was the picture of him leading me into the hotel room I found myself in but madrigal must have stopped him from doing anything to me. Everyone’s assumption was that Damien had something with me which I was sure was the intention of whoever took the picture.

It was hard to bear with the way I always get such unnoticed glares from everyone at work but I had to bear with it.

I would love to resign more than anything but staying will help me get to the root of the whole matter since it was very obvious certain people in my department were involved with Sandra and Damien.

If I am able to get Sandra and Damien arrested, everything will return back to normal and I could probably get back with madrigal, that is if he would wait until then.

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Madrigal’s company was beginning to get back to normal and he was able to save his position.

I never stopped missing him but there was the need for us to be apart for a while.

The preparation for Annabel’s wedding always seemed to help me from thinking too much.

Damien showed up after the divorce only to swear that a far worst thing would happen to madrigal if I should ever get back with him or meet with him.

He said since he can’t have me, madrigal can’t have me either.

My new apartment was on the second floor of a fourteen-floor building which was close to the company where I work.

A month after the divorce

I just got back from work on the third day of the new week when I heard the doorbell rang.

Thinking it was Annabel, I stood up to answer the door.

The person at the door was the last person I was expecting to see, it was Anthony, madrigal’s chef.

“Good evening Mrs madrigal.” He greeted with his usual warm smile.