Devil’s Bride Episode 95


Hazel’s p.o.v

Before he returned back, I had packed my things, leaving behind everything he got me during my stay there.

I had called Annabel to come over with her car.

She was in a daze when she saw me bringing out my things from inside the house so that, I had to help myself with the trunk to put my things inside and the remaining in the back seat.

“What’s going on?” She finally asked after I was seated beside her at the front.

“No question please, just take me to your place.”

I had sold my former apartment after madrigal and I had decided to annul the contract leaving me with only one option which was to stay at her place for a while.

Knowing I wasn’t ready to say anything else after that, she didn’t ask me any other question but proceeded to start the car.

I had my eyes closed throughout the whole drive and I was grateful even though it was obvious I was awake, she didn’t ask me any question.

On getting to her place, I set to getting my things out of the trunk but her confused face was not hard to notice. She joined in helping me take my things inside after some time.

Once we had gotten all my things inside, I picked up my bag to see my lawyer.

When I got back from my lawyer’s place, she was in the living room not watching TV or anything so I was sure it was me she was waiting for.

“Are you really not going to tell me what happened?”

I didn’t answer her question but left for her room.

After slipping into more comfortable clothes, the bed was my last resort.

She came after me into the room and sat on the bed beside me. Knowing I wasn’t ready to say anything, she didn’t say anything either.

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“Pardon me, but I will be staying here for a while until I’m able to get a new apartment of my own. Also, please don’t tell my parents I’m here.” I said after a while.

She didn’t say anything but left me to be alone knowing fully well that was what I wanted.

After some hours I couldn’t specify, she told me she would be going out for a while and would be back as soon as possible before leaving the house.

It was a surprise to her when she got back to see me still curled up on the bed.

She began to freak out when I didn’t accept to eat anything even when it was already nearing evening.

It was the same thing the following day and by the evening of that day, it wasn’t a surprise that I was beginning to heat up.

She sobbed quietly as she applied a cold compress on my forehead in the middle of the night, scared to death that I was going to die before it would be morning when she would be able to take me to the hospital.

I survived through the night.

The following day, very early in the morning, she had her boyfriend come over to take me to the hospital.

I didn’t know for how long I was asleep but by the time I woke up, I had a drip in my right hand.

“Hazel, are you awake?” A voice asked.

I turned my head to see Annabel.

She walked over to my bed.

“Thank goodness.”

“I’m sorry I got you worried.” I apologized.

She seemed happy to have me now talking to her.

“Don’t be sorry. Here,” She handed me a folded sheet.

“What is this?”

“Read it.” She told me.

My eyes went through the paper after unfolding it.