Devil’s Bride Episode 79


Hazel’s p.o.v

“Geez You should have told me.” He switched off the tv.

“Okay now?”

“Yeah. Better now.”

“Okay.” He laughed.
“Will you like to watch another one or…”

“No.” I quickly said.

“Let’s just go to bed.” I stood up and picked up the pack of popcorn and the pepsi cans to dispose them.

“Alright. Bring those, I will dispose them for you.”

“How can you watch something that scary and not feel any kind of scared?” I asked before scooping up some water to rinse off the toothpaste foam I had in my mouth.

We were in the bathroom now.

“There is nothing to be scared of.”

“That’s you. So how are things going at the company, you are not having any problem with your secretary right?”

“Everything is going on fine but about my secretary I have a new one now.”

“Why? Jean seemed like a good person?”

“Wanted a change of Secretary.”

“Geez!” I shook my head at him.

“Just joking. Still the same secretary and I’m not having any problem with him.”

“Seriously.” I gave him a look.

“My bad.”

Once we were back in the room, he switched off the light before joining me in bed.

Except from the shuffling sound I heard while he was adjusting himself in bed there was no movement or sound from him after that.

I could tell he already fell asleep but I on the other hand couldn’t get myself to sleep but I had my eyes closed all the same.

I sighed a little before rolling unto my side and then after some time, changed my position again.

Just as I was about to change position again, I was pulled back.

Turned out he wasn’t asleep yet too or maybe I was the one who woke him up.

“Can’t sleep?” He asked but subconsciously, I was more preoccupied with staring at his lips.

“I couldn’t sleep either.” He revealed.

We had our eyes locked in each others stare until he moved closer to me so that now I could feel his body heat and soft breath on my face.

His face inched closer to mine as well and knowing he was going to kiss me, I shut my eyes.

I waited for the kiss but nothing came and when I was going to open my eyes back, his warm lips met with mine.

The kiss went from gentle and slow to a passionate one before he pulled me closer to himself with his hand wrapped round my waist as the kiss deepened.

Moans escaped my lips as he trailed wet kisses down my neck and both greatly aroused, we started fondling in the dark.

Within seconds, with both of us completely naked, he got on top of me and we made out again that night, for the first time since the incident of the day I got drunk.

I would say it was unexplainably good and different from that of the night I was drunk.

I woke up the following morning with him not beside me.

There was no answer when I knocked on the bathroom door and he wasn’t inside either when I entered making me wonder where he could be.

After a call from him, with him telling me he had to leave for work very early, I walked back to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and took my bath to prepare for work.

As I walked out of the room all dressed up to the living room and then to the dining room, the table had already been set.

Everything on the table turned out to be my favorites and I never remembered telling Anthony my favorites.

He came out of the kitchen that moment in his always neat white uniform and hat.

“Good morning Mrs madrigal.” He greeted with the brightest smile I had ever seen, the kind that is enough to cheer up a sorrowful heart.

“Good morning Anthony.” I sat on a chair at the dining table.

“How come you have all my favorites today?”

“I just happened to prepare them, didn’t know they were your favorites.”

“How is that even possible?”

“The truth is…” He was saying but was interrupted when my phone rang.


Everything was going on well at work that day until Juliana during the break period, returned with pizza.

“Who is in for pizza?” She asked.

“We are all in.” The excitement in their voices could be sensed.

They walked over to her to take a slice. I simply sat still at my desk not having an appetite for it.

“Hazel, are you not having any?” Catherine asked with bulgy cheeks.

“No. I’m okay.”

“You should try it, it’s very good.” Mandy urged.

“Really, I’m okay.”

“I’m not taking that,” Juliana brought the pack over to me.

I eventually took a slice after much persuasion.

It was okay and I found myself taking another bite after the first.

After some time, I began to find it hard to breath.

Before I knew it, I was gasping for breath.

They were quick to notice and Michael was the first to make his way over to my desk.

I tried catching my breath, but it was proving impossible.

“Hazel, are you okay?” He asked.

“Could the pizza contain something she is allergic to?” Jameson asked.

“That could be the case. She needs to be taken to the hopital!” Mandy raised with alarm.

“Quick!” Grace shouted.

I was lifted from my seat by Michael who rushed me out of the office.