Devil’s Bride Episode 71


Hazel’s p.o.v

I was rendered completely speechless the whole time.

“Do you like it?” He kissed me on the neck before letting my hair back down.

“I don’t like it, I love it.”

“I’m glad you do.”

“Thank you. I haven’t even done a single thing for you.”

“Hazel,” He got down on one knee beside me.

“You can’t ever say that, you’ve done a lot and you deserve more than all this.” He then slipped his hand into his pocket to bring out a small deep red leather case which he opened to reveal a pretty diamond ring.

“Madrigal, what are you doing?” My heart was beginning to beat really fast.

I could feel the hair on my body standing on end as I couldn’t bring myself to believe I was seeing right.

“I’m madly in love with you Hazel and you can consider this as me being selfish but I want your love more than anything in the world, I want a permanent place in your heart. Can you let that happen?”

I was paralyzed with shock.

Looking into his eyes, I thought back to the happy and sad moments I had with andrew before he came in and then also the happy and sad moment I had with him too.

I was going to open my mouth to speak but my lips felt glued to each other and then I tried again.

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“Madrigal, I’m so sorry…”

I could see his eyes fall.

“Am I going too fast? If I’m…”

“No, I mean I’m so sorry to keep you on your knee for so long. I think I also need you in my life more than anything though I don’t deserve someone like you…”

“No I’m the one who doesn’t deserve you.”

I shook my head at his words.

“What guy proposes on his first date with a lady though?”

“Does it matter?”

He seemed like he didn’t consider it until that moment.

“I’m saying yes.”

“Yes?” He asked with surprise.

“Yeah.” I nodded.

“Goodness! Thank you so much.” He slipped the ring unto my finger.

“No thank you.” I rose up and spread out my arms for a hug.

He got on his feet and pulled me into a hug filled with emotions.

We were standing before the aquarium now and I, I don’t know about him watching the fish with fascination while having my head on his chest and his arm around me.

“Hazel.” He suddenly called.


“Can we forget about the contract, the divorce and be a real couple?” He asked.

“Why do I feel like it had been your plan all along?”

“Busted.” The smile on his face that moment was charming and my heart melted into a puddle at the sparkle in his dark grey eyes.

“But what if it didn’t work and we are still just as good as strangers towards each other until now?”

“I would keep on trying and looking for other means.”

I laughed at that.

“What do you say?” He asked.

“Let’s forget about the contract.”


“And the divorce.” I added.

“Promise me you will never go back on your words.”

“I promise.”

“I love you.”

That night, I slept with a smile on my face and with my head on his chest as we lied together in the bed in his room.