Devil’s Bride Episode 70


Hazel’s p.o.v

“She is staying at my place and we will be having a girls day out on Sunday.”

“I can’t wait.” I shrilled excitedly.

“Me too. I got to go now. I will call you again later in the evening.”

“Alright. Bye.”


I sat waiting for madrigal in the high class restaurant his driver drove me to.

The last time madrigal and I face timed during the two days he was gone, he told me he wouldn’t be returning back until the evening of Friday of our date but told me he would meet with me at the restaurant his driver would take me to.

At Pamela Restaurant, I was led straight to a table by one of the waiters since he already made a reservation.

Looking to the side, the whole wall on my left was an aquarium filled with large and colorful fishes which produced bubbles as they swim about while flipping their tails elegantly.

The room was illuminated by huge chandeliers hanging down from the ceiling.

Hushed and serene were the best words to describe the restaurant.

From the look of it, it looked like one of those restaurants where it would be hard to make a reservation but instead of hearing people speaking and also the distinct yet light clanging of spoons, forks and knives against plates, it was silence all around.

All the other seats were vacant.

Ten minutes after I got there, madrigal came in, looking devilishly handsome in a black fitted dress shirt over a pair of black suit pants.

The sleeves of his shirt were neatly rolled up all the way to his elbows as he also had his firm chest slightly exposed behind the two buttons he left opened.

His hair was shiny and in the usual waves and he was having on such black killer shoes.

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“I’m so sorry to keep you waiting.” He said as he pulled out the chair before me to sit.

“It’s okay.”

I will say seeing him again after two and a half days aside just seeing him during a video call mattered.

“Wow… You look ravishing.”

“Oh!” I laughed.

“Thank you.”

I guess I must have done a great job with my makeup, hair styling and the dress I picked out for the evening.

My hair was let down, curled and styled.

For my dress, I decided to go for a long, black, off shoulder, also a body hug dress with a slit that extended from mid-thigh downwards.

“How come there is no one in here?” I asked him.

He shrugged a little at my question.

“You didn’t buy the other seats, did you?”

“It is so we could have a good time together.”

“We could have a good time with people around.” I mumbled. The silence was killing me.

Lush dishes were set before us, including steak which was my favorite and which I ordered for, also non-alcoholic champagne and flutes to serve it with.

As we ate, we talked and after we were done eating and were just sipping champagne, he rose up from his seat and walked over to my side.

He proceeded to stand behind my back and when I was wondering what he was up to, his hands held my hair up a little from my neck area and just then I felt something flimsy and a little cold around my neck.

As he worked the clasp, I looked down at the pretty gold chain on my neck.

The pendant was a diamond stone in a solid heart shape, which glistened under the brilliant light of the suspended chandeliers.