Devil’s Bride Episode 72


Hazel’s p.o.v

The three of us, Annabel, Anita and I dressed up the way we always do on campus during college.

Face cap worn backwards on our heads, black boots, ripped jeans and flannel shirts tied round our waist with sunglasses to complement the dressing.

As we walked on Houston street, we could notice those passing by, casting glances at us, even dogs taken out for a walk by their owners couldn’t stop staring.

We sat facing each other on the grass at the park we drove to afterwards.

There were a lot of people since it was a weekend, there were kids screaming as they run about and adults scolding, also giggles and laughter everywhere.

We chat on, gisting each other about things the other didn’t know.

We talked about our classmates in college then and got into fits of laughter as we saw pictures of some of them at present online.

With Annabel on a call with her boyfriend and Anita gone to get some snacks, getting bored, I looked side ways after gulping down some orange juice.

A little distance from where we were sitting, I caught sight of Damien at the back of two girls who were chatting.

From where he was seated, he was staring straight at me, I quickly averted my eyes pretending like I didn’t see him.

Anita returned back with the snacks and spread them out before us.

After Anita got off the call, they took off from where we stopped.

“Hazel what’s wrong, you look pale?” Anita pointed out worriedly after some time.

“I’m okay.” I haven’t finished talking before I noticed Anita and Annabel looking towards the direction of something at my back with awe in their eyes.

I turned around to check what they were staring at, it was Damien, who was making his way towards us that moment.

He had his brown hair styled in such a way that his left eye was hid behind some of the hair that fell to his face.

The earring in his left ear was visible from here.

With the first three buttons left opened, his chest and the gold chain on his neck could be seen behind the polka dot shirt he had on over a pair of faded jeans and white boots.

“Wow, so cute.” Anita muttered dreamily.
“Hi.” Anita waved at him even before he said anything.

“Hope you ladies are having fun?”

“Yeah, we are having fun so far.” Anita answered.

His eyes were on me the whole time.

“That’s nice. Hazel, can I see you for a minute?”

“You guys know each other before?” Annabel asked me.

“Yes. Hazel!” He called.

“What are you doing hazel? He said he would like to see you for a minute.” Anita nudged me.

To prevent them from suspecting anything was amiss, I got up and followed him.

Anita winked at me as I got up.

“How have you been?”

“I’ve been good.”

After asking me about how everything was going, he followed me back to where the girls were before taking his leave.