Devil’s Bride Episode 56


Hazel’s p.o.v

It didn’t take long to round up our early morning gist to start the work for that day.

“Hazel, please can I ask you for a favor?” Catherine whispered into my ear.

It was afternoon already but everyone was still busy with work.

“Yeah. Go ahead.”

“After work, I will need to go to the hospital to check on my son.”

“What happened to him?”

“He returned back from school with a fever yesterday and had to be admitted for proper treatment at the hospital I took him to. I will need to stay with him at the hospital tonight and the thing is I can’t take Ellie his little sister with me again today. My husband too has traveled since yesterday morning. Can you please let her stay with you till tomorrow please? I have asked others to allow her stay with them but they are all giving me excuses, you are the last person I have hope in. I can’t even ask any of my neighbors for help, they won’t ever allow her to stay with them. What do you say? Please say yes.”

“I…” Deep in thought, I scratched my cheek thinking of what madrigal might say about bringing a little kid to his house.

“How old is she?”

“Just six.”

“I might need to inform my husband about it. Before we close for the day I will let you know if she can stay with us for the night.”

“Thank you so much.” She hugged me so tight, I heard a bone or two crack in my body.

“Have you called him? What did he say?” Catherine asked as it was already nearing 5pm.

“Oh my! I’m so sorry, I forgot all about it. Let me call him right now.”

With that, I picked up my phone to call him.

The call was picked on the second ring.


“Hey!” Answered a feminine voice on the other side.

I knew whose voice it was.

It was sandra’s, but I couldn’t help but to wonder why she was the one who picked the call.

To make sure I wasn’t the one who dialed the wrong number, I checked my phone to confirm it was really madrigal’s number I dialed.

“Do you have something to say or not?” She rasped.

As I looked up at Catherine who was still standing beside my desk, I could see the confusion on her face probably wondering why I wasn’t saying anything.

“Please excuse me I will be right back,” I said to her before making my way out of the office.

“Why are you the one picking up his call?” I was outside our office now and was pacing a little.

“Because he is with me, at my house.”

I felt a sudden surge of anger at her words.

“Can you give the phone to him, I need to speak with him.” I said softly trying to remain calm.

“Just tell me whatever you want to tell him, I will relay your message to him.” She remained defiant.

I shouldn’t be wasting my time talking to her, hanging up was the best option and I didn’t think twice before doing so.

After I was finally able to calm my anger, I walked back into the office.

On seeing me, Catherine rose from her seat, eager to know if I had gotten his permission.

“He said there is no problem.” I lied.


“Yes, really.”

“Thank you. I should go and pick her up from school before it’s time for you to leave work. Thank you so much Hazel.” She engulfed me in another bone crushing hug.

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I was already at the parking lot in madrigal’s car which I brought to work, waiting for Catherine who went to pick her daughter up from preschool.

I opened my closed eyes at the tap on the window. I went ahead to open the door and there was her daughter, Ellie.

She looked like a little angel with her calm countenance. The green studs on her ears and her green dress matched well with her green eyes, she was a little version of her mother.

“This is aunty Hazel, say hi.” She patted her little head.

“Hi.” She obeyed with a short wave of her hand, her head tilted adorably to the side a little.

“How are you doing? How was school today?”

“Fine.” She replied timidly.

“She’s shy,” Catherine laughed.

“She is always like that whenever she is meeting someone for the first time. These are the things she will be needing for the night.” She opened the rear door to put her things inside.

“I don’t want you to give her any problem, be a good girl okay?” She advised her daughter who nodded in response.

“You can go, I will take it from here.” I told her.