Devil’s Bride Episode 51


Hazel’s p.o.v

“…. so don’t worry.” He said before standing up and making for his room after dabbing his mouth and wiping his hand with a napkin.

Oh God!


After getting dressed and ready for work, I made my way out of my room and then down the stairs. I didn’t bother with taking the car key and the truth was, I was afraid to take the car to work.

The cause of my fear was because of the dream I had.

I was at the door and was about to open it to step out when I heard my name being called from behind by Madrigal.

I withdrew my hand from the doorknob before turning to face him.

He walked over to me, also already dressed and ready for work.

He held out his car key to me.

“Take this.”


“You might be afraid of taking that one to work, I thought of allowing you to take the one I have been taking to work while I take yours.”

He must have heard the dream I told Annabel about but then again, he didn’t just refer to the car as mine by the ‘yours’.

“You don’t have to give me yours, I can just take a cab to work.”

I had to ask myself why he wanted me to take a car he just bought to work.

“Just take it,”

“It’s really okay.”

“Why are you so stubborn?”

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And then taking me by surprise, he took my right hand and dropped the key in my palm.

“I should go and get the key for the other one.” I finally said.

I was already at work when I got a call from Wesley Hospital that madrigal got into an accident.

After being given the permission to leave work, I hurried to the parking lot and drove to the hospital at full speed.

Fortunately, he didn’t suffer much injury though he passed out during the accident and was still unconscious when I got there.

He only broke his right arm, sprained his neck and also suffered some other bruises.

I was allowed to enter the room where he was, after he had been attended to.

I made my way towards the bed he was lying in. He looked so peaceful with his eyes closed and with his chest rising and falling rhythmically. He now had a cast on his left arm and a brace on his neck.

I went ahead to pick a chair which I placed close to his bedside before sitting down. I thought back to the dream I had and tried to relate the accident that happened to it.

It was after three hours his eyes finally fluttered open. He tried to sit up but hissed at the pain he felt at the effort.

“Easy.” I said.

“Don’t try to sit up, just relax. How are you feeling?”

“I’m okay.”

“I was already at work when they called to inform me that you got into an accident. What actually happened?” I asked him.

He only gave me a look like I just asked him a stupid question.

I then thought back to the movies I had watched where those who got into an accident lose their memory, could he be suffering from a memory loss too.

If he can’t remember what happened, then-then…

“Do you know who I am?” I placed a hand on my chest for proper indication.

At my dumb question, he shook his head, which again I misinterpreted.

“You don’t?” I asked with shock.

He only snorted.

“I can remember things, I’m not suffering from a memory loss.” He said in a matter-of-fact way.

“Oh sorry.” I let out a nervous chuckle at my own stupidity.

“Another car collided into mine from behind, I think the car lost its brake.” He explained.

“I’m sorry you had to leave work because of me.”

“You really got me so worried,” I already said it before I realized what I said and he on the other hand gave me a kind of look I didn’t understand.

“I mean I was so scared when the hospital called me, I’m happy you didn’t suffer much injury.” I tried to get rid of the awkwardness that was beginning to sweep in.