Devil’s Bride Episode 52


Hazel’s p.o.v

“You can come in.” I heard him say from inside.

I pushed the door open and entered.

I had never been to his room before and what I saw on entering gave me the impression that he wasn’t only neat but also organized, no wonder he included ‘no uncleanliness’ in the contract I signed.

His room was different from mine, a mixture of white, grey and a little black but with a walk-in closet just like mine.

There was not a single thing out of place.

He appeared at the door of his bathroom that moment in a white sweatshirt which he had over a black sweat pant but with the brace no longer on his neck.

He was the one who texted me after supper that day to come over to his room.

It was the Friday of the week he was discharged after spending two whole weeks at the hospital.

He had not been going to work and his dad had everything at the company under control until he gets fully recovered and could finally return back to work.

“You said you needed my help with something.”

“Yes, come.” He waved me over with his hand before going back into the bathroom.

“You want me to come in?” I asked, evidently confused.

“I’m waiting.”

I walked towards the bathroom but didn’t go in.

“Can I come in?”


I entered the bathroom where he was, seated in front of the mirror.

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“Do you mind helping me with shaving, my right hand seems to be kind of useless to me right now.”

My eyes involuntarily fell on the cast on his right arm.

“Do you know how to shave?”

“Yes, I do know how to shave.” I replied.

Andrew taught me how to shave while we were dating and after being taught, I had helped him with shaving many times and also during the time he was sick.

He rose up to get the shaving cream and shaving stick which he set down on the cabinet before sitting back down facing his left handside to give me easy access.

After washing and drying my hands with a towel, I squirted the shaving cream unto my palm before slathering it gently and carefully onto his chin and the area under his nose with a brush, all the while admiring his flawless, unbelievably soft and slightly tan skin while fighting the urge to not run my itching fingers through.

“You can touch.” He suddenly said and I was brought out of the silly thoughts running in my head.

This time, he didn’t have the usual smirk on, meaning he wasn’t in the mood to tease.

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“Touch what?” I feigned ignorance.

“If I may ask, but how do you have such a soft skin?” I quickly slapped myself at the outburst and muttered a sorry before taking up the shaving stick.

And then, it was his turn to start staring.

I cleared my throat a little after a while in an attempt to make him stop staring but he wouldn’t stop staring.

“If you continue to stare at me that way I won’t be able to concentrate.” I complained after a while.

“You have got something on your nose.” He said nonchalantly instead.

“On my nose?” I was going to check in the mirror to know what he was taking about but before I could, he pulled me back and gently wiped off whatever it was with his left thumb.

At his touch I had experienced an unusual sensation within causing me to stiffen.

“It’s gone now.” He told me.