Devil’s Bride Episode 50


Hazel’s p.o.v

“Just feel like yelling.” And she giggled loudly.

“Bye silly.” I quickly hung up before she could say anything else or yell again.

My ears were precious to me.

I turned to open the gate so I could go in but the person I saw just a little distance away from where I was made me yelp, followed by my phone slipping from my hand from shock.

Just how long has he been standing there?

He was resting his back on the iron fence with one hand in his pocket, his face devoid of any emotion but guilt-ridden, I felt like his emotionless gaze were casting numerous daggers at me.

He must have been out jogging as well, judging from the black and white track suit he had on.

He took a few slow strides towards me, then bent down to pick up my phone which I dropped earlier and placed it in my hand before entering through the gate and then into the house with me still standing, dumbstruck.

I wanted to convince myself he didn’t hear anything but again since I had no idea of how long he stood there, I couldn’t tell.

“You didn’t say anything bad, there’s nothing to be scared of. Okay?” I told myself.

I was able to get back to my room without running into him but he was there in a change of cloth at the dining table eating when I went down to eat twenty minutes later.

The large dining room was separate from the living room though but since it was separated by a glass wall, whoever was in the dining room could get to see whoever was in the living room, the same thing applies with whoever was in the living room.

I was going to go back up to my room before he notices me but just as I was about to take a step, I heard the voice I was dreading to hear that moment.

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“Breakfast is ready.” Came his voice.

I instantly froze.

Since I had been caught, there was no use hiding anymore.

Slowly, I turned back to look towards his direction.

“Not joining?” He queried.

“I’m not really hungry maybe later.” I lied with a forced smile.

“You said you were hungry while you were on a call with your friend earlier?”

“Did I?” I feigned ignorance.

“Mrs madrigal, you should join him.” Anthony urged with a smile.

“Okay, I…I will just…” I said stuttering a little.

He didn’t say anything to that, maybe I was overreacting about the whole thing, I didn’t even say anything bad about him, I only said something about his mood swings and that shouldn’t be such a big deal, it wasn’t a lie but what was freaking me out was him eating at the dinning table for the first time since I got there.

He couldn’t possibly be planning to lash at me over what happened earlier.

I sat on the fourth chair next to his, intentionally leaving three chairs in between us to gain a little distance from him.

“I’m sorry about what I said about you on the phone outside the gate earlier.” I apologized.

“Which one? About me being bipolar?”

I guess he heard that one too.

“I’m so sorry.”

“There is nothing to be sorry about. Go on, eat. I’m not on any of my mood swings today, so don’t worry. ”

Oh God!