Devil’s Bride Episode 40


Hazel’s p.o.v

“Good morning Sir.” I greeted.

He only nodded in response to my greeting.

It was a new week in the month of March, exactly a month and two days, after the talk he had with me on the company’s rooftop.

He came out of his office a few minutes later while holding in his hand a medium-size manila envelope.

I rose to my feet as he got closer.

On getting to where I was, he placed it on my desk.

“That is the contract you are going to sign.”

“Alright Sir.”

“Go ahead, go through it.” He said.

In compliance, I picked up the envelope, opened it and slipped out the contract.

Holding the contract in my hand, my eyes skimmed through it.

The terms were okay except for the part of the remedy for the breach of contract;

*There will be no dating on both parties’ side until the contract ends.

*No invasion of privacy.

*No one aside the two parties under the contract must know about the marriage being contractual.

*During the course of living together under the same roof, no pet is allowed.

*No holding of parties in the house.

*No uncleanliness.

In case of breach of contract, the offended party is to be paid a twenty million dollars by the breaching party.

It was obvious that the remedy was in his favor, like why in the world would I ever make any attempt to breach a contract where I would have to pay a twenty million dollars to him, where do I get that huge amount of money from.

There was nothing to be scared of anyway, not as if I would go against any of the terms.

I already told Benedicta about it but she wasn’t the type to let secrets out, it wasn’t the first time I would be letting her in on a secret.

“Okay with the contract?” He asked.

What okay?

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“I’m okay with it.”

“Do you want to sign it now or?”

“I should sign it now.” I grabbed the ball pen that was lying on my desk to sign.

“About meeting my dad, will you be free this weekend?”

“Yes. Umm… when I told my parents about it, my dad also said he would like you to come and see him.”

“Will next week be okay?” He asked.

I felt relieved, and there I thought it would be a problem to convince him about it.

“Sure.” I said.

With this, he stretched out his hand towards me for a shake.

Hesitating a little, I reached out my hand to receive the shake.

“I want to remind you that this is not for free, since you refused the payment, whenever you need anything, be free to tell me, I will be glad to help.” With this, he released my hand from the shake.

I couldn’t stop hoping that everything be gotten over with as soon as possible.

I and madrigal were seated together on a black leather chair while his dad, donned in a long purple rope was seated across from us in his king-size chair.

We were already in his extravagant antechamber waiting for him before he joined us and when he finally did, the look on his face was inimical, not friendly at all.