Devil’s Bride Episode 39


Hazel’s p.o.v

“Hey bingo!” I chirped the dog’s head, who had ran over as we entered to welcome us.

Bingo was my mother’s dog- a beagle.

The whole place looked neat as always, with the huge vases set at each corner adding to the beauty of the place.

I always have some at my place too before but I stopped collecting new ones from her because they always end up breaking whenever I was cleaning the house.

As promised, Benedicta kept to her words to come with me to discuss the matter with my parents.

“My baby, hello Benedicta,” my mother came out of the kitchen that moment while wiping her hand on a napkin, she must have just finished with doing the dishes as I could perceive the lemon scent of the liquid dish soap on her apron.

On reaching us, she pulled me into a hug before releasing me from the hug to hug Benedicta as well.

“Bingo, go sit.” My dad ordered the dog who complied immediately.

We went ahead to sit as well.

“I will be right back.” My mother said before making her way back to the kitchen.

She returned back with a bowl of fruit salad before going back to bring plates and forks which she set on the fine wooden table before us.

She already took off the apron she had on, with the long flowery chiffon gown she wore underneath remaining.

“Both of you are not having any problem at work right?”

“Not at all.” We both answered.

“That’s good. What is it both of you want to discuss with us then?”

“I’m getting married.” I blurted out and I already said it before I knew it was too late to decide on not starting the discussion that way and I didn’t miss the disappointed look on Benedicta’s face.

My parents was silent for awhile but I could tell it wasn’t because they were angry, they didn’t look angry.

“Are you pregnant?” My mother asked quietly after a while.

“Pregnant? No!” I yelled out of surprise but with a look from Benedicta and my dad, I cautioned myself to avoid spoiling our plan.

“No mum, I’m not pregnant.”

“Then why marriage all of a sudden? One of the things I taught you since you were little is to avoid fornication.”

There we go again!

In case I didn’t tell you before, my mother was a good christian who meditates in the word of the lord and attends church every Sunday and on other week days.

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“Mum, she is telling the truth, that is not the case. It is just that, they both love each other and since they do, it is just right for them to get married. That is what always comes next if I’m right.” Benedicta came to my rescue.

“I’m not against marriage but you should know that marriage is not something you can just jump into. If I may ask who is the person in question?” My father asked.

“My boss.” I answered but dreaded what they might say next.

“Tell him to come and see me at the end of this week, I will like to get to know him more.”

Just like that?

Did he really just say that?

“About him coming I don’t think he will be able to make it.” I lied.

“He should come whenever he is free then.”

“But he is…”

“If he truly loves you, he will create time to come and see me.”

my mum stood up after that.

“So girls, I have been dying to play chess for a while now, who is in?”

“You know I’m always in.” Benedicta chimed and hooted happily.

She loved chess, I don’t, but on days when I feel like it, I would join them and we would take turns to play it with her, today is not one of those days.

I quirked an eyebrow at her after she left to bring the chess board and the other materials.

“What?” She whisper yelled.

Bingo rose from his mat that moment and ran towards me.

I took a little piece of watermelon from the bowl and held it to its mouth which he devoured immediately before opening its mouth in expection of another one.

I only stroked its hair instead which he received with pleasure, mum must not see me feeding it with the fruit salad she made us.

“Didn’t you hear what she said. Will he ever agree to come here?”I whispered while I continued to stroke its head.

“You will have to try by telling him first.” She whispered back.