Devil’s Bride Episode 29


Hazel’s p.o.v

It was all her fault though.

she was disturbing me with silly questions in the cafeteria and was deliberately talking out loud so others could hear.

I didn’t miss the way her friends from where they were seated were giggling like sick ducklings as they watch us.

She asked me why I was in a bad mood with fake concern and asked if I had been hit by another flower vase by Sandra.

Well she whispered that part close to my ear.

I actually yelled at her and called her a hypocrite, she left the cafeteria shedding fake tears which I knew was to gain herself undeserved sympathy and the others in the cafeteria looked at me with disbelief and disgust as if I was the bad one after she left.

I almost suffered an indigestion with the way they were staring at me as I ate.

The sharp pain I felt made me get my mind back to what I was doing, which was too late.

The knife already made a deep cut in my finger, as blood was beginning to form and now forcing its way out of the cut.

“sh*t! sh*t! sh*t!” I quickly rushed over to the sink to wash the blood off.

I was still trying to wash the blood off when my phone started ringing.

I rushed over to see who was calling.

It was Madrigal.

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I picked up my phone and rushed over back to the sink, again, to wash off the blood that was still coming out of the cut.

Just as I turned on the faucet and tried to pick the call at the same time, it slipped from my hand and fell into the sink but as it turned out, I wasn’t quick enough to get it before the running water got into it.

I rushed over to the gas cooker as well to turn it off, as the smell of burnt food filled the air.

Forgetting about the cut, I ran out of the kitchen to dry my phone.

I was busy with cleaning the kitchen when I felt my body giving the monthly sign.

I found out it was my period.

That was no problem, the problem was, I didn’t have a single sanitary pad at home.

I cleaned the kitchen as fast as I could, changed into a new set of clothes before heading out to get new packs of sanitary pad.

After locking the door, I turned away from the door to start going and there was the hooded guy again in a deep blue jean trousers, navy blue face cap and a black hoodie, the hood was over the face cap.

With the face cap concealing half of his face, it was hard to really know what his face looked like from where I was.

He turned to leave, knowing that he had been seen and that moment, not scared of whether he might hurt me or even kill me and filled with courage, I was going after him, bent on confronting him.

“Hey!” I yelled.

I continued to take quick steps towards him, almost running at a point.

His pace quickened as well but when he saw that I was getting closer, he aimed to run which instead sent him sprawling to the ground.

“Oh my god! Are you okay?” I ran over to where he was.

On getting to where he was, I couldn’t believe the face of the person I was seeing, it was definitely my eyes playing tricks on me.