Devil’s Bride Episode 28


Hazel’s p.o.v

It was after the lunch break he called me into his office for the fourth time that day.

“Sir,” I walked towards his desk with irregular steps, quite uncomfortable with the way the oversized stilettoes I had on were pushing my feet forward.

He wasn’t looking up, so I didn’t put in any effort to compose myself the way I had been doing since that morning.

I got the stilettoes the last time I and Alicia went shopping.

She warned me against buying them since they were oversize but I couldn’t get my eyes off the pretty stilettoes and had later gotten them saying I should be able to manage walking in them.

“I need you to do something for me.” He looked up from what he was doing, the grim look he had on since he got to work that morning still on.

I could tell someone must have done something to upset him but as far as I was concerned I wasn’t the one who got him upset.

On the table were magazines and folders opened before him.

I made to walk closer, so I could take a closer look but just as I took a step, then another, my oversize stilettoes got in the way.

I got off balance immediately, that which sent me lurching forward.

In dire minute, I quickly held unto the edge of his table to prevent myself from falling.

This ended up to be a disaster, in which my action sent all the arranged files on his table shattering unto the floor as my arm brushed past them.

I was able to save myself from falling but not the files.

His head shot up from the folders before him that instance, eyes dark with intense anger.

“What was that about? Are you an idiot? Why are you so clumsy and stupid?” He furiously yelled, greatly irked.

His sudden outburst rendered me speechless and rooted to the ground which I didn’t even realize until he yelled at me again.

“What are you doing, you want to leave them lying on the floor forever?” He bellowed.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I’m really sorry.” I jerked into action, gathering the files and arranging them back on his table but I was far beyond hurt by the insult because if at all getting pretty oversized stilettoes was my fault.

should I have allowed them to make me lose a tooth or even more?

Throughout that day I wasn’t in a good mood and the fact that he was the reason why I was in a bad mood got me even angrier.

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I got home early from work that day and would have gone to visit Benedicta if she hadn’t traveled.

She had gone on a business trip with her boss to Hawaii since Monday and I was missing her already.

In the midst of listening to the loud music that was booming and erupting from my phone, my mind drifted off to what happened at work as I continued to prepare my favorite meal which I didn’t think I would have an appetite to eat when it’s done.

I still couldn’t believe I took out my anger on Avery at the cafeteria at work.