Devil’s Bride Episode 10


The Hazel’s p.o.v

For the last five minutes, I was waiting for instructions for my first task but madrigal was taking his precious time to sip his favourite coffee and check some news.

But that doesn’t mean I can sit down on my seat.


I was standing right in front of him with my eyes and ears open.

Biting my lips because its getting awkward.

“Okay… So Ms. Hazel … Your first task is to assist Mr. Sam in buying some fabric. Personally visit all the suppliers and present a detailed list to Mr. Sam about prices and quality and availability. Return before lunch time i.e. one PM. You can leave… Now”.

As soon as I got my first task, I was out of the door of the company.

But oh, I don’t even have the list of suppliers.

So I got back again and finds Mr. Sam to ask for the list.

And I was back to working, that is running since I got a time limit.

Some suppliers were okay while some were hard to talk to.

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Madrigal’s p.o.v

I knew that hazel will be having a hard time dealing with them because she is from a small town and Washington is big.

Roads are big.

Distance is much more than what Hazel had to cover back in her hometown.

I was so fixed on making Hazel give up on this challenge.

Because no one dares to challenge me.

“Mr. Madrigal what do I need to do next?” Hazel said panting as she entered the office looking tired and all sweaty.

I was shocked to see her here on time.

But I had to be b!tchy.

“Don’t you have manners Ms. Hazel ? you should knock before you enter!” ..

“I did but you didn’t listen so I…… I’m sorry for my mistake.” She bowed immediately.

Her hair sticking on her face and lips dry because of breathing from mouth.

“What about the reports ?” I asked unfazed by the fact that she needed a break.

“Given to Mr. Sam.. he looked into it and gave me a green sign” she said feeling happy that she completed the task perfectly.

It was hard for me to believe.

“What’s next Mr. Madrigal?”

“Do you know Spanish?”

“Yes but I’m a little slow.”

“That’s good then! Next task is transcribing. And for your knowledge I speak fast.. so make sure you don’t make any mistake.” I said, as I smiled devilishly.

She looked at me like a lost puppy and gulps before opening her laptop.

I started dictating and I really did it fast.

She kept typing and the rate at which her fingers are moving, it can make holes in the keypad or her fingers could catch fire.

After those tough two hours, I stopped and asked Hazel to mail it to me as soon as she was done with proof reading.

Hazel plugs in her earphones and started with her task at hand.

I’m sure she won’t be able to escape this one. Look like I have to prepare a resignation letter for someone.