Devil’s Bride Episode 11


Madrigal p.o.v

It was five PM when she approached my desk.

“If you are not able to do such an easy task, you can resign Ms. Hazel, And don’t forget to take your one day salary.” I said while smirking.

“I mailed it to you Mr. Madrigal. You can check it.” Hazel replied innocently.

I was so sure of hazel’s failure that I didn’t even check my mail when hazel came towards me.

“How…” was the only word that came out of my mouth.

“I recorded you in the laptop and then typed it listening to that audio” hazel beams at me.

“What is next Mr…” Before hazel could complete her sentence, my stomach growled.

“Get me a cup of coffee” I said not looking up.

I was feeling anger forming inside of me.

How can I lose against someone and moreover how can I lose against hazel?

Hazel was sure smart. But I am smarter (and stupid too).

Hazel came back with two coffees – one for me and one for herself.

She had skipped today’s lunch and she is not sure when she will be allowed to leave.

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“Ms.Hazel” I called for her.

“Yes Mr. Madrigal.”

Hazel came to stand in front of me.

“Take this file, this is hand written. I want this typed tomorrow… On my table before I come.”

Hazel took the file.

And I continued.

“there are two more files in the cupboard behind me… Take them too”.

Hazel puts the one in her hand on the table.

Its quiet heavy.

She goes behind me to take the other files.

“Mr. Madrigal these are heavy…” Hazel says lifting two at a time.

“You have to carry them on your own or else resign” I said smirking while eyeing every movement hazel takes.

Hazel’s p.o.v

I pouts a little at the unjustified behaviour of my boss but I know better.

I have to endure all of this for my first salary.

I arranged a small trolley cart, loads all three thick files on it and carries them to my car.

After unloading them, I went back to Madrigal’s office.

“Can I take my leave now Mr. Madrigal?”

“Yeah sure, be on time tomorrow”. He replied with a smirk and I nod before going out.

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Alex opened the door to me panting and holding a big bundle of paper.

“Alex, can you please help me a little. There are more in the car”. I said feeling exhausted.

Once we were sitting on the dining table, eating dinner that was my second meal today.

Alex asked me about the files.

“I’m going to be up tonight.. I have to type them ALL.” I said taking my last bite.

“Hazel, you already look tired and now this. What type of job is this?”. Alex asks looking worried for my health.

“Nothing to worry about Alex, it’s just that the Boss manager is on leave, so I have double burden right now.” I said half lying.

Alex nods and asked me if I needed any help. I assured him that I will be fine and that he should go and sleep.

Alex is music producer and he usually works from his home studio.

He must already be tired.

It was eight PM now. Before starting my typing work, I called tamara , talked to my parents, how I miss them all the time. The call was not long and I finally started to type.

After typing for three hours and a half, I completed my first file .

“Oh my god… This is too much” I yelled out of frustration but careful enough to not wake Alex up.