Defiled Episode 2


The morning was bright as usual,Rama woke up and did her daily morning exercise before cleaning up,she chose the best dress to make her look smart and more attractive…she was really up to something..Just like a Delilah.

 On her way to work she stopped by a popular waakye joint to buy some waakye for herself and Araba her secretary, she continued to work in the usual traffic jam..But today, she was looking happy and lit up, she was in a rush to get to work.

 Getting to the work premises, she was met by Ndego,the gate keeper

Ndego: Madam Madaaam!!

Rama: Yeess, what is it this morning?

Ndego: Oh Madam, you see errr, I just dey love the shoes you dey wear, wallahi

Rama: Ah, Just that?..Just the shoes?

Ndego: Ohhh, you see err, I dey love your watch too

Rama: Look, you have myopia, you can’t even praise my facial look?

Ndego: Ohh Not that, Madam, anything for the boys, Ano chop last night ooo

Rama:…Ok If you want cash, you gonna strike a deal with me..

Ndego:..Ei Madam, you want make I kill sombro give you?

Rama:..Mtcheew!..You see the guys who came for the interview yesterday, immediately you see them here today, call me..

Ndego: Oh,just call?…Ago do am sharp sharp, make you no worry

Rama: Take this, don’t ask me for money this week.

Ndego: Madam Madaaam, I go call you sharp sharp…Hahahahaaa!…

Rama: You better do.

  Reaching her office, Araba was already at her desk inspecting some files that were brought to Rama

Araba: Ma’ Good morning

Rama: Hmmm, have you realized you only greet me in the morning when you see me come with waakye

Araba: I do greet you every morning, maybe you refuse to hear

Rama:You think?

Araba:Yeah I think

Rama: Take it, pour mine into a bowl and bring it to me

Araba:I would

Today, a lot of files were piled up on her table for reviews, she went through each files as she ate the food served by Araba, then her phone started ringing..It was her dad…She actually thought it was Ndego…

Rama:Hello Dad,good morning

Dad:Good morning,how are you doing?

Rama:Dad am fine

  Her convo with her Dad was somewhat long,Rama lost her Mom immediately she completed JHS,her father never married again,making her the only child of her parents,So she grew up with her Dad,Her dad..Mr Vandy was a successful business tycoon,so raising up Rama alone wasn’t a big deal financially,He also did well by providing her the necessary help to prevent her from thinking about her Mom..It did work,He still pampa her and was worried why she is still single and not married,that was the reason He called her to talk about,she heard Haylie who was younger than Rama got married,and as a father,he has to be concerned about her daughter’s well being…

Her talk with her Dad changed her mood,she was worried for the first time in a long time of being single,she was worried everyone was talking about her being single..She has a masters degree and she should be married by now…what else is she waiting for?

 Mr.Ragnar is Rama’s boss,He has tried all possible means He could find to lure Rama,but the man was married with kids,having a secret affair with a married man was the last thing she could ever think of,she did her best by turning down all proposals from Mr.Ragnar..

It was past 12pm but no call from Ndego,is it that they ain’t coming today?…Or why..she asked herself..

Her anxiousness to see Aquila was soo great,she couldn’t hide it for once…But she had doubts too,will this work comfortably under the nose of Mr.Ragnar…?

Workplace relationships were just a “no go there” crusade at her workplace, if you are in a relationship with an officer…you have to exhibit its colors outside the walls of the office premises, that will save you a$$ from being fired…

Her Office door banged open…it was Akosua,the IT Officer,her gossip partner..

 Rama:You damned scared me,Don’t you have the fingers to knock?

Akosua:..I didn’t see any notice that told me to knock before entering,even if there was any,I wouldn’t knock….

Rama:..Mtcheeew….whats up?

Akosua:I just closed from break,didn’t see you at the canteen so thought of coming over to check on you

Rama:Yea,Am busy with these files..I have to finish with them today

Akosua:…Oh ok…Ahaaa…yesterday,I saw this guy..I mean you interviewed this guy yesterday,I heard he is Aquila…He’s so cute….I looked at him from my office when He was leaving

Rama: Really?… Aquila, I don’t actually remember which of them was Aquila,they were two..

Akosua: The one with the Afro

Rama: Oh Ok…I wasn’t paying attention to his face though…What about him, why are you discussing this with me?

Akosua:..I thought you would tell me something about him,you might have read through his form..did you?

Rama:Something?…All I saw was school stuff and nothing more

Akosua:But do you think He has a better chance of getting the job?

Rama:I was only on the panel,am not part of the Board of Directors,so i don’t know for sure..

Akosua:…He must get the job…

Rama:Look Akosua,you can see am busy now,I don’t want any disturbances here..

Akosua:…Ok I here…But I’ll come over later,you will help me get to this guy

Rama:You think?

Akosua:…Don’t talk plenty..I’ll get back to you later..

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Akosua left the office leaving Rama in a heated mind blowing ideas…So am not the only one who saw Aquila?…But how would Akosua also be admiring what am trying to capture…this girl is trying to cross her limits with me…She spoke to herself.

  Her convo with Akosua changed her mood,looked like what she hoped for has reached a level of competition in which she has to play smart before being outsmarted..

But how is she going to do this,Akosua is a good friend, she wouldn’t dare fight her over a guy..they have been good friends for long….

She wished to open up to Akosua on whatsapp about her planned motives with Aquila, but she kept calm…Its better to be patience sometimes…

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Rama closed for the day and made her way to the car park, Araba had left early on to attend to her sick Mom,so she had nobody around to discuss what Akosua told her…

Madammmm….that was Ndego


Ndego: I bell you like millions but dem say your number no dey job

Rama:You called my number,I have being with my phone all day,which number did you call,let me see it

Ndego: See am…

Rama:Oh No..My name is Rama…not Rahma..that name is that of the Librarian

Ndego:Oh saa…me I nor know oo…He lef longest plus one woman He come plus

Rama:You mean they came here?..

Ndego:Yes,one wey come,the one with Afro nu

Rama:You mean Aquila?…Plenty hair?

Ndego:..Yeah inn that…

Rama:He left with a woman or lady?

Ndego:..Mmm..she be woman like you naaa

Rama:..Ok..Thank you…Open the gate for me..

Ndego:..All correct

   On reaching home,she went straight for the sofa and dialed Haylie’s number,she told her about her convo with Akosua and Ndego,she felt she might be chasing the wrong person..

 Hey dear,you have to keep calm and watch things,I feel you are soo desperate,but you have to watch things closely before you take any action,hmmm,but Akosua too why?…hmmmBut you can’t blame her too,she is not aware you are thinking about him too…Haylie told her..

They spoke deeper into the night before hanging up,Rama went to wash down,and upon returning,she logged on to Facebook to admire Aquila’s photos before pulling the bed sheet over her naked body…

  The night bliss swept over her eyes, and sooner, she was in the dreamlands.

…to be continued