Defiled Episode 1


©Danny Biitka

It was a bright Sunday morning, Rama woke up late due to the previous day’s work she had to execute at her friend’s wedding, she felt reluctant to attend Church because she had to do some clean up,still yawning,she took her phone to read the WhatSapp messages that come to her phone when she went to sleep, and as usual, it was messages from boring groups and nothing new, she threw the phone back into her bed and stretched herself to a bone cracking sound.

 Her mind quickly went back to the previous day’s activity at the wedding, her best friend Haylie was married to her childhood boyfriend, Rama reflected on this and felt jealous, she always wanted to be the first to marry within her friend’s circle, but her plan was not successful, she felt sad as she picked up pictures from the event to feed her eyes.

 After an hour of soaking herself with tears, she took a cup of coffee without brushing her teeth, which she believed was healthy practice according to her grandmother’s series of knowledge.

 After breakfast, she washed her dirty clothes and did some room cleaning, which she rarely did.

She was free of cleanup exercises when the sun was in it’s prime, she took her TV remote and started going through the channels but got nothing interesting to her, she retired into her bed and started reflecting back into her previous relationships, She had had two breakups in the last two years, which made her look like some kind of whore, which she wasn’t, She still felt the kind of pain both guys sent her through is enough to make her stay off guys for good.

 Rama is an Economist working with a reputable company in Accra; she was financially stable and lived in an Apartment in Spintex.

Her life had been about work and fun with friends, she felt she was at 26, she is a beautiful young lady who caught the attention of men who made attempts in cash and kinds to either date, marry or lay her, but Rama’s disbelief in men was so great, she felt all men had the same habits, Her friend Ade has tried her best without number to get Rama dating once again, but she seem to have a fixed mind already.. NO GUYS PLEASE! She would say always.

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Mondays are usually boring days for workers, Rama was dressed in an executive suite with her hair flowing behind her back ready to leave for work, she  was kind of lost in her own thought until the sound of her phone brought her back to her normal state, It was Haylie calling

Rama: Hello Wedded Girl

Haylie: Oh don’t make me feel weird, how are you tho’?

Rama: Am good, and almost off to work

Haylie: Oh ya, you know am on leave for two months

Rama: You told me that, but when are you guys leaving for your honeymoon?

Haylie: This Friday, just want to thank those who graced the occasion before we leave, you know!

Rama: Where, Ghana here?

Haylie: He told me to choose any place, I love Puerto Rico

Rama: Wow, That’s nice to hear, Did you guys….?

Haylie: Rama, did we what?

Rama: Oh c’mon, don’t pretend you don’t know what I mean.

Haylie: We just kissed all night, nothing else, am serious!!

Rama: This was your wedding night girl

Haylie: We have reserved that for our honeymoon

Rama: Ok baby, Hey I have to go to work

Haylie: I know right! Remember to pass by after work, we can have dinner together

Rama: Sure would, bye baby boo

Haylie: Bye dear.

 Rama hanged up the phone and threw it into her handbag; she located her ignition key and said a prayer before taking off to her workplace.

The city roads were chocked in heavy traffic; Rama drove slowly according to the rhythm of the traffic and soon found herself thinking deep into her relationship life, a part of her was seriously protesting against her will to get into a relationship, she felt she had to consider and review her relationship status, The tooting of the cars behind and bitter words from “trotro” mates brought her back to her senses, she eased up her mind and tried to relax, but it was almost impossible.

“For Christ’s sake Haylie is leaving the country for her honeymoon, and am still here and all I do is partying and clubbing, Oh God speak to me now”, she soliloquized with tears forming In her eyes as she parked her car at the parking lot.

  Rama walked majestically into the office building with a mild smile, the receptionist greeted her and handed a white envelope to her ,she tore it open, and It was a letter from the Board Of Directors of the company inviting her to join a team of interviewers to interview two persons for the positions of Human Resource Officer and Chief Accountant, Rama was confused because she thought she wasn’t part of the Interview Board, she quickly hopped onto Google to get some interview questions that will tally the positions available whiles she helped herself into her executive office chair.

Her heart skipped a beat when she realized the meeting will happen the same day mid Monday, she felt the letter was impromptu, the letter was dated back last week, and her absence to work the whole of last week due to Haylie’s wedding resulted in her inability to get the letter on time., she knew she been  interloped into the panel.

“Ah well, I will try my best”, she said

It was thirty minutes past eleven; Rama heard a knock on her office door,

Come in, she said

Madam, the panel of interviewers should be seated in Twenty minutes, said her secretary

Rama: Ok, Araba

Araba: Madam, let me redo your hair, it’s not intact

Rama: Alright, but do it fast, hope my make-up is ok

Araba: Yes, you sit back and let me dress you up

Rama: Araba, please remember to send these files to the receptionist

Araba: Yes Madam, you good to go, you look nervous

Rama: Yes am very nervous, I should be going

Araba: Ok Ma!

 Rama opened the door to the conference room and was greeted by furious eyes; she knew she was late and wasted no time in apologizing to the panel, she took her seat and soon after a prayer was said, the first interviewee was invited to meet the panel.

 She felt she had to ask fewer questions, the Chairman soon called her to ask her question, she posed a very sensitive question that puzzled the interviewee, but He somehow managed to answer it partially.

After one and a half hour of the activity, the applicant was released and the panel went on a one hour break, Rama felt sitting for more than one hour asking random questions was just stressing to her, she wished time will race past her so that the day will be over, she sipped on the coffee provided by Araba as she read through the next set of questions she would be asking the next interviewee.

 Back into the conference room, Rama’s eyes were fixed on her phone, she didn’t notice the interviewee enter until she heard a voice greet, and she quickly raised her head to see the bearer of the voice…It was this young man

 Aquila was the name of the interviewee, He is 27 years and just returned from Britain to work here in Ghana after completing his University education, He was dark in complexion with a gently trimmed Afro to match his goatee beard, His smile exposes a set of white teeth to match his eyes white as snow.

Rama’s eyes where transfixed to Aquila as he identified himself to the panel, She quickly stole a glance at his ring finger to confirm whether He was married or not, She took a deep breath and relaxed back into her seat….

”Seriously, already crushing on a stranger?”….

When it was her turn to pose a question to Aquila, she smiled for the first time in the meeting, she looked deep into his eyes and asked a question she knew will be easier for him to answer, He answered the question without thinking, and soon the process was over.

 The panel adjourned the meeting to the next day to decide whether the interviewees should be employed or not, Rama couldn’t take Aquila off his mind, she wore a smile that she rarely wore on a Monday,When she was about entering her office, she saw Aquila leaving the office premises, she stopped to look at him once more, their eyes met and it continued until he left the office smiling back.

Araba: Madam

Rama: oohhh, Araba you shocked me

Araba: shocked you? What were you looking at?

Rama: Nothing, just thinking

Araba: I saw you look at him, I mean the guy who just left

Rama: Can’t I admire God’s creation?

Araba: I know that look on your face

Rama: What look, go back to work Araba…gossip

Araba: I hear, but he is good looking tho’

Rama: Did you hear me say, go back to work?

Araba: I have actually closed for the day; I was waiting for you, for a ride in your car

Rama: If you want to ride in my car, you will say nothing about the guy…Deal?

Araba: Deal!!

Rama: Go get my hand bag, take my suit along…and my charger

Araba: Ok!

The journey through the heavy traffic was hectic, but Rama seems to be enjoying the whole drive, she was smiling and singing along the music coming from the car stereos.

Araba alighted at a lorry station to board a Trotro to Jamestown, where she stays

Araba: Madam, You like the guy right?

Rama: If yes, would that be part of your business?

Araba: No, am just surprised, you never look at guys

Rama: Araba, go home, your mom is waiting

Araba: I knew it, she’s in love!!!

Rama: Be gone, you will come and meet me tomorrow

Araba: Oh, am gone ooo…

Rama knew Araba was right, she couldn’t hide her feelings, but still refused to accept it

No, am not in love, Maybe I just admire him, that’s all, But crush at first sight?..I didn’t even speak to him…she spoke to herself as she drove to Cantonments, where Haylie lives with her husband.

 Rama arrived when Haylie had finished preparing dinner.

       Haylie: Where have you been, I have been trying to reach you

       Rama: Oh, sorry girl, I had to put my phone on silent, was in a meeting the whole day

       Haylie:…Oh ok..Dinner is ready, let’s go to the table

       Rama: Am hungry,…hey…Where is He?

       Haylie: He’s in the bed room; let me call him for dinner

       Rama: Ok…

    Rama was sitting in the living room when Mr. and Mrs. Asare came from the bedroom walking hand in hand

      Mr.Asare: Hello Rama

     Rama: Hope you doing fine, you look tired

    Mr.Asare:Yea,I have been driving all day to show appreciation to some of those who graced our wedding  

    Haylie: You two should stop talking and come for dinner

After a prayer was said, they started eating without talking, Haylie realized the smile on Rama’s face, she knew she’d wore that look when she is very happy, but made no effort to ask her the reason especially in the presence of her husband who was busy eating and had not realized the facial communications between the ladies.

After dinner, Rama asked to take her leave because it was late, she bid farewell to Mr.Asare who she knew will be traveling outside to spend the honeymoon with Haylie; she walked towards her car with Haylie

 Haylie: What is that look on your face, don’t lie to me

Rama: Oh, I met this guy; He actually came for the interview today

Haylie: A guy got you smiling all day?, tell me something better girl

Rama: He’s so cute; I can’t stop thinking about him….

Haylie: Whaaat! Yooou? Falling for a guy…God be praised…I thought you were a timber log without feelings…

Rama: You’ve got to see this guy baby girl…soo cute!

Haylie: Yooo, we will talk more about him, just make sure he does not slip outta your hand, but you ought to be sure he’s single before you make any silly move…

Rama: He is not married,I checked his finger and the form he applied with… I pray he gets the job; He applied for the position of Chief Accountant

Haylie:Is He dating?

Rama:..I don’t really know

Haylie: Just make sure you not crushing on someone else’s boyfriend…

Rama: Hmmmm…

Haylie:You have to get going….I have to pamper my baby boy tonight

Rama: Mtcheeeww! Spare me that, just tell him am gone

Haylie:  bye dear, safe journey

Rama: Bye dear, good night to you both


Rama reached home very late, she quickly dashed into the wash room to get a cold bath, she made the water fall on her as she caressed her own body, she knew she has missed the touch of a man for soo long, but what could she do about that…She thought.

  Leaving the bathroom, she covered herself in a towel and went to her computer desk, she logged to Facebook to trace the account of Aquila, luckily she found it, and He was online…

She was tempted to throw a hi, but she controlled herself and limited today to watching pictures of him…

 The day had retired into its deepest, whispers of the shadows of the night were heard, the moon and stars scattered near and beyond the seven skies, Rama retard to bed, she hoped for an encounter with this guy she met today…

Lord, do something. She said as she closed her eyes……

…to be continued