Deception Episode 20


The day that my mother in law had walked in with a different woman who she claimed was to be my husband’s new wife, I did what any wife would do to protect her marriage. I had her looked into by the computer guys at work and the things that I found out shocked me.

Last night I got a report in my mails about her full description, I opened my phone again and read it to myself.

‘Chimuka Hamoonga, 24 years of age. Married at 23 to Mr Fednard Mpashi and divorced months later because of her promiscuous ways. Put out of home by her aunty for sleeping with her uncle, well known around kabwe for adultery.’

‘Hai.’ Justin said

‘There is a loop hole in this email babe.’ I told him as I continued to stare at the mail

‘Let it go.’ He told me

‘I can’t, why doesn’t it talk about her background. Where did she get the courage to behave the way that she did, how did she manage to convince your mother that she is genuine?’ I asked as I banged my head on the bedroom door

‘You will hurt yourself Feli.’ Justin said as he pulled me away from the door

‘I will get to the bottom of this Justin.’ I told him

‘No you will not.’ He said handing me some papers

‘What is this?’ I asked

‘Go through it.’ He told me

I went through the papers and had to go over them again if in fact I had to believe it.

‘How is this even possible?’ I asked as a tear escaped my eye

Justin came over to where I was standing and held me really close.

‘Hush my baby.’ He said

‘This is just wrong, how can people be this cruel? What wrong did we do to them?’ I asked between sobs

‘We have dedicated our lives to the State, done everything possible to keep things running and the best they could do is betray us like this?’ I had continued

‘It’s us against the world my love.’ He told me as he patted my back

‘I can’t let this go, I need to confront them.’ I said firmly wiping my tears

‘It’s not worth it Felicia, it’s not.’ He tried talking me out

‘Nonsense Justin! Are you hearing yourself?’ I asked now angry

‘Felicia come down.’ He pleaded

‘You will not ask me to come down, these people are taking us for granted. They made you lie to me for I don’t know how long, put me on a very dangerous mission then they now send a w—e into my home? To destroy my marriage?’ I asked

‘Feli please.’ He said trying to hold my hand

‘No Justin this is outrageous, we are good people, and we have been good citizens. We do our jobs accordingly, never for once questioning the state or any of the decisions it has made but for them to do this to us?’ I said with fury

‘You need to come down if at all you want us to come up with a solution.’ He told me feeling defeated

‘Solution? And what do you suggest we do?’ I asked him

‘I am running late for work babe, can we talk later?’ he asked

‘Go and work for them, go and show yourself as a loyal worker when all they want is to ruin your marriage. Go on.’ I said sarcastically

He stood and gave me a deadly stare

‘You think I am not a victim in all this? You think I like the fact that the President and Vice President tried to use Chimuka to get to us? You think I am not hurt?’ he asked

I looked at him not sure if I should respond or not

‘Now listen to me Felicia and listen real good, if we have to wage war against the state we have to do it intelligently. You need to study your opponents, know their weaknesses, know what their next move is, and let them know about your plans but leave the final detail for the last touch. Surprise them and when they least expect it, attack.’ He said before banging the door behind him

I sat on the bed with a heavy heart, the President and his vice had sent Chimuka to destroy our marriage, but how did they know her. What exactly did they want from us? And now we had to pretend as if everything was fine.

I started removing the sheets from the bed with the last strength I had in me, to say that I was just hurt was an understatement. I wanted answers and the more I thought about it the more I ended up confused. It was going to be a long day and I worked as quickly as I could, two hours later I was done so I decided to head out to the mall because we were running out of groceries.

I got to Pick ‘n Pay at levy junction and grabbed the nearest basket, I was still lost in thoughts without realizing that Wane standing before me.

‘Felicia.’ She said casually

‘Yes ma’am.’ I responded faking a smile

‘Call me Wane, this is not the office.’ she told me jokingly

I just smiled without saying a word

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‘Oh my bad manners, meet my eldest son Samuel.’

She said when he finished talking on the phone

‘You are the beautiful Felicia.’ He said extending his hand

‘Yes I am Felicia,’ I responded avoiding the beautiful in his sentence.

He let out a chuckle before walking off.

‘Pardon his manners, gets them from his father.’ She told me

‘He will come around.’ I responded

‘What he needs is a strong and intelligent woman like you by his side.’ She said seriously

‘I am a married woman ma’am.’ I told her firmly

‘Not for too long Felicia, it was a bad idea for you and your husband to pick the same career.’ She responded seriously

‘What is that supposed to mean?’ I asked

‘I see you figured out about Chimuka, I knew you would, you are an intelligent lady.’ She told me with a smile that I could have easily snatched from her face

‘That’s it? I am a resource in all this? this is a game to you?’ I asked

‘Yes it is, I understand you have a life but I have no duty to them.’ She answered

‘I have come to understand that they can only be one winner and you and your husband can’t both be victorious.’ She told me

‘Well hurray for the straight talk.’ I answered sarcastically

‘Get ready Felicia, this is just the beginning of everything, you chose this life, now you must own up and live it.’ She said before walking away