Deception Episode 15


I ran as fast as I could, my boyfriend had put me up to this and we knew how dangerous it was. Just when I got outside I found ba Jacobs’s car waiting. He had become Kalenga’s right hand man after his former boss had died struggling with a stroke.

I jumped into the vehicle and we drove as fast as we could until we got to Kalenga’s warehouse.

‘Babe.’ He told me as he came towards me

‘Hai.’ I responded before brushing my lips on his

‘I was worried about you.’ He told me

‘You taught me well’. I responded before sipping on the vodka that ba Jacob had given me

‘What is the way forward boss?’ ba Jacob asked in his horsy but stern voice

‘We go for a kill, I know state house sent that lady that is parading as Ms. Katongo. My IT technicians have nothing on her which could only mean one thing.’ He responded

‘It’s either state house trust her so much or maybe they just used her for that particular job.’ I responded

‘Well done babe, you are really getting into this staff.’ He told me

‘You make yourself useful and prepare us some food.’ Kalenga told me

‘Sure.’ I responded as I rushed to the kitchen


‘That girl is way too ambitious, she could be good for a while but her downfall is always deadly.’ Ba Jacob told me

‘And how do you know that?’ I asked him

‘In my line of business, I have seen so many ambitious girls. My former boss’ daughter is still rotting in jail because of such ambitions.’ he responded

‘Tell me about her.’ I told him intrigued

‘Nora was one ambitious lady, young, intelligent and beautiful. Well she wanted a man so badly, eliminated anyone who came in her path. Almost killed her best friend but the man turned out to be her brother.’ He told me squeezing the cup he had in his hands

‘Wait, the Kapembwa’s right?’ I asked

‘Yes, that useless boy Chard.’ He answered with anger in his eyes

‘I read about that story in the papers, my girl here Enesi covered it.’ I told him

‘She is really a journalist?’ he asked

‘Yes, I needed someone who can be able to dig up information without the state suspecting anything.’ I told him

‘So you used her?’ he asked

‘I am using her, she is so naïve to think that I would leave my wife for her.’ I told him before puffing on my cigarette


‘What will we do now?’ ba Jacob asked

‘I know someone who is with State house, he had impregnated a girl whilst in school and my mother being a doctor had helped with the termination of the pregnancy.’ I told him

‘That was one serious case.’ He told me


I was happy for my wife, she had done something I would have never thought of doing. She took the risk by making the Minister resign without his knowledge. He must be fuming with anger but I know the state will never release her information.

‘Hello.’ I said to the voice on the other end of the line when my phone rang

‘Justin, hasn’t it been forever?’ the voice asked

‘Sorry but who is this?’ I asked not recognizing the person

‘This is Kalenga.’ He answered excitedly

‘Kalenga?’ I asked surprised

‘Come on man, or should I say Lenga.’ He answered again

‘The name sounds way too familiar but I just can’t connect the dots.’ I answered truthfully

‘Lenga, remember my mother Dr. Mumba. She had helped your mother when you got that girl Linda pregnant.’ He told me

‘Oh my God Lenga, where have you been?’ I answered after remembering

‘I am around man.’ He answered

‘We should meet up some time, get to catch up for old times’ sake.’ I told him excitedly

‘Well listen dude, we can do that later but right now I am kind of in a fix and I need your help.’ He told me

‘Name it man, you know I have your back.’ I responded

‘Listen, so I got myself in a mix up and I want some information concerning a certain lady.’ He told me anxiously

‘Finding information about people isn’t so hard, don’t you have some technician guy to help you out?’ I asked looking for my computer so that I could help him out

‘Well, the thing is I believe this girl is being protected by some higher authority.’ He responded
‘Higher authority?’ I asked surprised

‘Listen man, I just lost my job. Not that I care but I just don’t appreciate some hot looking lady with brains to play me like that.’ He answered

‘What exactly do you want with her?’ I asked

‘Why do you ask?’ he asked back

‘Well from the way you have described her, looks like you have a hidden agenda.’ I told him

‘She is smart and beautiful, but I still need to know who she is. I will not rest until I know her.’ He told me with seriousness in his voice.

‘You are still with state house right?’ he asked after much silence

‘Yes.’ I answered not liking where the conversation was going

‘Okay so can you look up your system if you have a Ms. Katongo who paused as a YWCA social worker today?’ He told me

There was silence, not sure if I had heard the right thing.

‘Justin are you still there?’ he asked

‘Yes I am still here.’ I told him

‘Okay let me send you the photos I have then you can tell me the way forward.’ He said before hanging up.

I starred at my phone as I waited for the photos, after a few seconds my worst fears were confirmed. In my hands were photos of my wife.
After a while he sent me a text

‘I know you cannot let me down, you owe me one man.’ It reaD