Deception Episode 14



‘I can see you are playing a really dangerous game.’ He said

‘Well this is my country I can do anything that I feel is for the best.’ The president responded

‘You never learn do you? This is not your country, it is for the people.’ He answered him back before sipping on his bourbon

‘You cannot tell me what to do, the people put me into power which makes them under me. Whatever decisions I make is in their best interest.’ The president barked back


‘You still don’t get it? There is nothing more annoying than seeing a stray dog acting like a pet.’ He spat

‘I am a man of a few words, I will no longer take orders from you because I can do bad all by myself.’ The president responded as he blew a puff of smoke on his face.

The man turned around and held the president by the neck.

The officers came quickly and tried to pull him away.

‘I swear if these minions lay a hand on me I will bring state house down.’ He threatened his hands still holding him by the throat.

No body dared to move, the officers stood still not knowing if they should save their commander in chief or attack the perpetrator who seemed to have more power than the head of state. The only sound that was heard was that of the president’s heavy breath.

‘Put down your weapons.’ He ordered the officers

They looked at him disapprovingly

‘Try anything funny and I swear there will be a national mourning for the next two weeks.’ The man commanded

The officers slowly put their weapons down.

‘Good boys.’ He said with a smirk on his face

‘Now listen to me you ingrate, I have enough time on my hands to watch your soul bleed. I can kill you slowly and enjoy watching you beg me to stop. You will continue to do as I say, you will respect me and never will you ever raise your voice at me!’ the man barked in his ears

There was silence, the officer’s were too quite. Chills being sent down their spines

‘Yes we are clear.’ The president responded softly

‘Good.’ The man said with a smirk on his face.

He turned on his heels and stopped just half way.

‘I will not hesitate to bring your government down if you try anything funny.’ He said

He turned again to walk away and just then the President gave signs to one of his men to pull the trigger on the man.

He lifted his silencer and just when he was about to pull the trigger the man turned around; his hands both with pistols, he aimed one at the president, the other at the man with the gun.

The president’s face was now red with fear, his arms were shaking and he couldn’t stand still; the officer on the other hand was now lowering his gun.

‘I will blow your brains out before you can even think of bringing me down, I will make sure to take you down with me.’ He said in an angry voice as he pulled the trigger

‘Please do not let it go.’ The President begged fear written all over his face

‘What did you just say?’ the man asked

‘Please.’ The president pleaded again

The man let go of the trigger, the officers were now on their feet knowing the head of state wasn’t going to do anything to save them.

The man let out a chuckle when nothing came out of the guns.

‘Next time I will load it and you know I never miss a target.’ He said before walking out

‘Get out!!! All of you, and this remains in here. I will not hesitate to eliminate anyone who opens their mouth about what happened today, I will even eliminate everyone in your line of heritage.’ The president barked as he smashed things in his office

The men walked away as fast as they could, bumping into each other in the process.

‘Mr. President!’ Wane called out thirty minutes later
‘Wane leave me alone.’ He told her in his tipsy state

‘You need to take a shower, you have a press briefing in a few minutes.’ She told him picking up a few things that were disorganized

‘Wane I just want to drown in my sorrow, leave me alone.’ He said again

‘I am your next in hand, I will not allow you to destroy everything you have worked hard for.’ She told him as she locked the doors in case someone barged in.

‘Worked hard?’ he asked sarcastically

‘I don’t want to know which grave site you visited to get into power, we all have our skeletons safely locked away in the closets, I do not expect you to chicken out now.’ She told him as she helped him up

He couldn’t help but laugh.

‘I have no regrets about making you my vice, I always knew I could count on you.’ He told her as he rubbed her cheek

‘This is the alcohol talking.’ She said as she removed his hand

He was safe in his shower with her help and she cleaned up as quickly as she could. A few minutes later he was out looking fresh and as good looking as ever.

‘Here’ she said handing him a cup of strong tea
He took a sip from the cup and starred at her

‘Really Wane.’ He said

‘You need it, now drink up.’ She ordered swinging her hips as she moved about in the oval office.
He looked at her intently, he couldn’t stop starring. She was still as beautiful as she was back when they were in political school together over ten years ago. It was love at first sight, they had been in love and no one could separate them. But Wane’s father being a Prime minister at the time wanted nothing but the best for her; well every parent does.

‘But I love him dad.’ She had told her father

‘I have spent every hard earned money on you and you will not go against me by bringing a low life into our lives.’ Her dad had responded

‘He is the best student in our course, he has helped me with all my difficult subjects and I can guarantee you that we will live happily, not as rich as you and mum are but we will be happy.’ She had begged on her knees

‘Sir I love your daughter, I will do anything to make her happy.’ The young president then only in tartars and only a dream to his name had said also on his knees

‘Shut up young man! Wane your marriage is in a month. Get yourself together.’ His would have been father in law had barked at them both.

He walked away broken, his dreams of becoming a lawyer had faded as he watched Wane standing for many political positions with her powerful husband. He had thought of hating her but his heart was too soft towards her.

He worked for a private company as an auditor for a year until one client saw potential in him and made him who he is today. Immediately he got into power he made Wane his vice, much to her father’s regret but she couldn’t turn the position down. Chat MartinMartino on zero eight one eighty thirty fourteen twenty one to be added to his WhatsApp group.She had grown into a fine woman, wife and mother but her heart was still with the President.

‘Mr. President!’ she called out

‘Sorry you were saying?’ he asked realizing he had zoned out on her

‘We are ready for you.’ She said as she held the door for him

He walked out of the oval office with her trailing behind him, if anyone didn’t know better they could have guessed that they were a happily married couple.

He stood at the stand just outside state house where the briefing would take place. Wane went up and gave a little speech.

‘The president is ready to make his speech.’ She had concluded with

‘Fellow countrymen, I am very saddened at the new development that has reached us, the World Health Organization entrusted us with funds for the vulnerable children but among us were some people seeing a profit. In as much as I would want to protect my government, I cannot allow a traitor and a thief to sit and dine with me. We all know the story of Judas Iscariot.’ He paused

There was silence

‘Without taking much of your time, in my hands I have a signed letter by Mr. Kalenga Mumba; former Minister of Mafinga Constituency. In this letter he is acknowledging that he misused government funds for his personal benefits and also he has resigned.’ The President said before stepping down

‘We will only take one question.’ The Vice President announced

There were hands in the audience

‘Yes you, the lady in pink. State your name, media house and lastly your question.’ She had said

‘My name is Enesi Zulu, I am with Kwacha magazine. Is it true that state house sent an unknown lady to the business summit that the Former minister was attending?’ The lady asked

‘It is not true.’ Wane responded

‘Thank you very much for sparing your time.’ she had continued as she led the President back to his office

‘Wane’. The president whispered

‘Mr. President.’ She responded

‘Take that journalist down.’ He told her

‘Done.’ She responded