Death Row Episode 12


…and in a bizarre twist to the whole Zac Larbi murder case, a police team led by Chief Inspector Kwabena Bediako yesterday morning arrested a man, Kwame Darko, in the forests of Camp Golgotha where the murders took place. Kwame Darko, a resident of a small village called Twabisodea, across the river from Camp Golgotha, is believed to be a fisherman with a rather unstable mind, and had been terrorizing the villagers before going missing about two years ago…

…doppelganger, Kwame Darko, who was arrested this morning. When he was presented at the police station, everybody present was taken aback and shocked by his complete likeness to the accused Pastor, Zac Larbi. People just couldn’t believe that it was mere coincidence, and they don’t believe the whole doppelganger subject. There are many who believe they could be twins who were separated at birth. The only difference between them is the fact that Pastor Zac Larbi is left-handed, and his doppelganger, Kwame Darko, is right-handed…

…very emotional scenes at the Grand Castle Prison this afternoon when Pastor Zac Larbi was released. Many people were filled with remorse, and the crowd was so thick that it took police several hours to disperse them. Many people interviewed were convinced that this Pastor really is loved by God, because the dramatic turn of events that led to him being released from Death Row could only be described as miraculous…

…the police is claiming the first injection that was administered to Pastor Zac Larbi was not really a deadly dose intended to kill him. They claim it was just a sedative to make Pastor Zac sleep before the real lethal dose was injected. However, investigations reveal that this is not normal procedure. It seems there is a cover-up somewhere because some people are also talking about a strange bearded man in the centre of the whole saga who played a very incredible role in the Zac Larbi case, but everybody interviewed claimed there was no such man. We will continue following and bring you updates of the miraculous escape from death of Pastor Zac Larbi. Stay tuned to your authoritative newspaper…

…were arrested at the border today. They had several kilograms of cocaine hidden in tubers of yam. Mr. Ato Quaicoe then led policemen to his father’s house where further parcels of cocaine were discovered in their basement, leading to the arrest of Mr. Sunsum Quaicoe. It would be recalled that Mr. Ato Quaicoe is engaged to Miss Yaa Pomaa, and they are all members of the Golgotha Heights International Church where Pastor Zac Larbi used to worship. It would also further be recalled that at one time, Pastor Larbi and Miss Yaa Pomaa were engaged…

…of the new YAKAI INTERNATIONAL CHURCH. Pastor Zac Larbi, who used to be a Pastor of Golgotha Heights International Church before being wrongly accused of multiple murder, explained that ‘Yakai’ means “God Lives”. The church, replete with baptismal pools, offices, ultra-modern conference rooms, and a whole lot of other perks, was donated by Elder Senanu Setorworfia and his wife, Afi Setorworfia. Both of them used to be at the Golgotha Heights International Church, but they are now officers of the new church. The auditorium on opening Sunday was filled to the brim. It is believed that Pastor Zac Larbi’s miraculous escape from the jaws of death has a major role to play in how many people have now flocked to his new church…

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Yaa Pomaa knows she has made a very big mistake!

Her mother is right, has always been right!

Oh, why has she been so tempted by the devil to leave Zac?

She had not believed in him despite his claims that he was innocent, and she had gone back to Ato Quaicoe, who is a drug pusher, and has been arrested, together with his father!

Now she is all alone, and she has realized that indeed, she loves Zac!

She knows that no man can ever love and respect her like Zac Larbi had done!

But it is not too late!

She is going to win back her love!

That day she approaches the Administration Block of the Yakai Church premises wearing a fetching ash dress.

It sets off her amazing body to perfection.

She is glowing, and she knows that with a few drops of tears and a true show of repentance Zac will take her back.

He is a good man, and a compassionate man, and he will understand.

She is directed to his office, which is on the sixth floor of the building.

She rides the elevator to the sixth floor, and the pastor’s secretary looks at her with a welcoming smile.

Please are you one of the people he invited? I only have two on my list.

(smiling sweetly)
Yes, my dear. He called me. You can check with him, if you want.

Oh, that won’t be necessary. If he invited you personally then please go ahead.

Yaa Pomaa smiles and approaches the door the secretary indicated.

It is a huge polished mahogany door, exquisite and beautiful.

Oh, my Zac, my darling! You’re now a big man of God! I’m going to make you such a sweet loyal wife, my dear!

With a look of profound remorse on her face, and false tears already pricking her eyes, she opens the door and enters the plush and exquisite office of Pastor Zac Larbi.

Elder Senanu and his wife Afi are already in the room.

Pastor Zac is looking resplendent in a white shirt and black trousers, his tie loosened, making him look very handsome indeed.

He is kneeling on one knee, slipping a diamond-studded ring unto the ring finger of Ama Boatemaa, who is weeping with unbridled happiness and looking at Zac with total love on her face.

Yaa Pomaa gasps, and they all look at her.

There is no recognition on Zac’s face as he turns his attention back to Ama Boatemaa.

…that is why I’ll always love you, Ama, my heart, my breath! Please, accept it as a symbol of my total commitment and love for you. Will you set my heart ablaze and marry me?

Oh, yes, yes, Zac! Oh, my love, my heart… oh, yes, yes!

She falls into Zac’s arms, and they hug tightly with great love as the Setorworfias applause happily.

Yaa Pomaa gasps with pain and turns around, running out of the office as tears course down her cheeks, and they were not false tears this time.

She is feeling real pain as it dawns on her, finally, how greatly she has come to love Pastor Zac Larbi!