Dangerous Devil – Season 2 Episode 8


Elsa’s pov

The plates in the kitchen began to move and I wasn’t scared at all. This is not the first time something is gonna move on its own.

I knew someone is coming. That devil that do threaten me.

I don’t know why he’s always tormenting me. He’d possessed me with demons. I waited patiently for him to appear.

“Hey my beautiful possessed princess” I heard the sly laugh coming from the other side of room.

I ran to the living room and saw the shadow. He always come in a form of a shadow. I haven’t seen his face before.

“You miss me? Your saviors are really working hard to get you out of that darkness I kept you.” He snorted with laughter.

Damn him! I hate the fact that am always powerless whenever am with him. I can’t f****ng use my power on him. It really eating me up.

“Who are my saviors?” I managed to ask.

“You can’t know them. But they are close to you. Let’s forget about that. Am here to play with my queen.” The shadow came forward and I was surprised to see the face then his whole body.

He’s a little handsome but Damon was more handsome than him. Why am I even talking about that one?

“Now you’ve seen my real face. You know why I possessed you? I want to make you mine but your father is just too stupid to give you to me.

I told your father am gonna make you mine at all cost. Now you’re here with me. I planned everything.” He touched my cheeks, cupping them in his palm as he grinned hard at me.

Argh! Those disgusting hands!

“What do you want from me? Why me? Why choose me? Am I the only girl?” I threw questions at him.

He scoffed and moved closer making us an inch apart from each other. He leaned in.

“I already told you. I want you! So badly. You can’t reject me. Am gonna make you mine by force.” He responded.

I moved away from him.
“I can’t be yours!” I fired.
“I don’t know you! I don’t love you! Why the hell are you doing this to me?!”

“Calm down. I don’t have time for your firing words. I need to get prepared for tonight’s battle. Don’t be surprised later.” He took a step back and disappeared into thin air.

I never wanted this! I can’t even go back to my world again. The portal has been closed and also, no one will welcome me cause am possessed.

I hate the life am living now.

I sank into the couch and rubbed my forehead hard. Who are my saviors? I can’t wait for them to let me out of this darkness am in.

Damon’s Pov

We lined outside waiting patiently for Mr Gray to come out. He wore a complete white cloth and stood in front of us with a smirk.

“You all look like students standing on the assembly ground.” He teased.

“So, this night…..”He paused.
“We are going to Elsa’s working place. Though, we aren’t having the battle inside the club but a little far from it.” Mr Gray explained.

“Why? I’d thought we are having the battle here?” Diamond shrieked.

“It’s not possible. They might haunt our house afterwards. And thats gonna cause trouble. We will be restless fighting them day by day.” Raul told Diamond.

We’d spent so many hours training, learning more on how to use our powers and it stressful but fun.

I and Diamond really do have multi powers.
“The leader is really a powerful demon. He’s an archer. Do not let his arrows touch you. Do well to dodge his arrows.

They are dangerous and that can make you lose your powers temporary. I don’t know about the two of you yet.” He pointed to me and my sister, Diamond.

We ended the training and we went back inside.

Thinking of how the battle is gonna be this night. Tough? Easy? It can’t be easy dummy! It can’t! But am not backing out.

Why am I not backing? Why? Cause of her? I thought I was angry at the mission stuff. But now, am really anxious to see what’s gonna end this.

Elsa, her images kept playing in my head. She’s driving me crazy.. Bit by bit.


My Gray shared a mirror to us. “You can communicate with your parents through this. It just like the phone you’re holding.

They have the same mirror too and it gonna make a vibrating sound when it rings. I already told them all what they need to know about the mirror. Now, drop it and get prepared.” He clapped his hands and we scattered.

We gathered around the dinning room to eat dinner without Mr Gray. We waited for him again to show up.

He came downstairs minutes later, “Don’t forget the instructions I told you. Am not going to show up. Don’t worry, I got you covered.”

We entered the car and someone drove us to our destination. I could see the so called club afar.

The car turned back and drove away. We looked around seeing no one. I walked a little and my left ear vibrated. A signal that something is coming.

“Down!” I yelled and they bent down.
A dagger passed and hit a tree. Wow!

I sprang up and turned back seeing about thirty demons coming with swords and daggers.

No one was passing. Just us and the demons. The only thing on my mind is to see their leader.

“They are many” Raul muttered. Cursing under his breath.

“The demons charged towards us shouting as they come near.

“Let’s began!” Diamond screamed and we were running towards them too.

We started fighting. With just our powers but they were using swords, daggers and their powers too.

The demons we killed were turning to ashes. We killed all the demons and saw a male standing and backing us.

“Good job! You really did well.” The male faced us holding a bow and arrows behind him.

“Why her?” I stepped forward.

“Cause I want her to be mine.” He fixed an arrow to the bow and pulled the string. Not our direction but to a tree.

“Would it be better if I kill her too? No I can’t! Or maybe take her to my kingdom to make her mine forever” He laughed evilly.

“You’re no match for me” He pointed to us.

“Leave her! Let her be. You’re gonna find your own partner soon.” I said to him.

“Nope dear. You kinda have a love feeling for her isn’t it? You can’t make her yours. Only me can do.” Was his response.

I took Diamond’s hands and held it tight. Diamond knew what I meant. The light from our hands made thunder struck. We stretched the grib hands to him and the thunder struck him.

He stumbled and we couldn’t see him again. He can’t just disappear like that. He must be hiding.

“Guys? What….you’re….” That was…..Elsa’s voice.

How did she get here?

“Elsa, you should go now!” Trying to push her away.

“You’re a vampire?” She asked after sniffing my body.

“My power goes and comes. May be that’s why am unable to smell you guys” She spoke with the sweetest voice ever.

My eyes caught four arrows speeding behind Elsa. sh*t!

I pulled Elsa away, pinning her to a pole and two arrows hit me which made me come more close to her.

Our body contacting.

“Damon!!!” Diamond yelled coming to me but I stopped them from touching me. I need to enjoy being closed to Elsa.

“Damon? You’re wounded…cause of me.” Elsa cried.

“It just my mission. Our mission is to save you. You’d get out……” Another arrow and I spouted out blood.

Damn that idiot!

I still smiled at her. Her eyes were filled with tears. I was caging her to the pole.

“Damon you can’t do this! Don’t leave!” She shook her head vigorously and caught an arrow that was trying to hit me.

Diamond was crying hard. They couldn’t see the demon leader. He must have gone. And where’s Sir Gray? Raul and Alaric tried to take me away from Elsa but I stood still. “Leave me with her!” I growled. That moment I hate it when they tried to take me away from her. What am I feeling this time around?

“Elsa, just one thing.” I faced her weakly.
“A kiss. I wanna kiss you with my bloody lips.” I didn’t wait for an answer before slamming my lips on hers.

My eyes began to turn as I removed my lips from her and fell to the ground.

“Damon!!!!!!!!!!!” Was all I heard before my eyes closed.


??Damon oo hope he’s not dead Sha bayii??