Dangerous Devil – Season 2 Episode 7


Diamond’s pov

I saw the way Damon stared at her. So concerned about her. How he called her name like he really care about her.

I was surprised Elsa couldn’t remember anything. How she fell and all that.

I sprang up and saw some teachers coming. Trying to send the students away.

“What happening here?” One of the teachers asked.

“Nothing actually, I fainted cause I forgot to eat breakfast this morning and am not feeling fine.” Elsa lied touching her forehead.

“Oh! Are you okay now?” The teacher asked, feeling concerned.

“Yeah, am better now. Thank you” She replied and walked away.

The teachers went back too and we faced each other.

“She’s beginning to get weaker day by day.” Alaric spoke rubbing his nose.

“Yeah! Did I tell you guys that I encounter one of the demons yesterday? He’d told me to leave his victim Elsa alone. Not only me but you guys too” Damon pointed to each of us.

“The demon said that?” I asked my brother and he nodded his head.

What the f**k?!

“Did the demon threatened you?” Raul spoke.

“Not really. Let’s forget about this. If we work together, we might have victory over them.
We just need cooperation” Damon clasped his hands together.

“And you don’t flirt with her.” Raul added. Obviously, talking to Damon.

“Sure, am not. I can’t wait to see dad and mum’s face again.” Alaric sniffed.

“Same here!” We chorused and went back to our class. The rest of the lessons were boring to me for no reason.

We closed for the day and our same driver came to pick us. We decided to ask the old man who he was and yet to know his name. We wanted to ask where Elsa is working.

We need to carry out our actions fast.

We got home and met the old man at the dining with some papers in his hand. We greeted him and he’d responded.

“What’s your name?” I asked the man. He stopped what he was doing and faced us fully.

“My name is Gray. Anything wrong with my name?”

“Hmm…nope Gray sir.” I shook my head.

“Good. Gather around…you’re seeing your parents.”

“What?! We are going back to our world?” Raul widened his eyes.

“Nope. We aren’t. Just have a seat everyone.” We gather around the man and he brought out a mirror out.

He spoke some words and it turned brown.
“Raul, you first” The mirror showed Raul’s parents.

“Mom! Dad!” Raul blinked his eyes.

It looks like they were holding something too. They stared smiling at Raul.

“Oh my son! How are you doing over there?” Celeste whined.

“Am doing good mom. Dad?” Facing his dad.

“How’s the mission? Hard?” His dad answered softly.

“Not that bad. But I love it.”

“I hope you guys are doing well there ? Take care of yourselves and don’t fight. Daddy loves you.” With That, the mirror went back to normal.

“You all have four minutes to talk to your parents.” The man explained.

Alaric talked to his parents too. Asking them to keep his books safe in the shelf and shouldn’t allow anyone of it to tear.

It was our turn. “Damon! Diamond! Is that you guys?” Mom eyes were dilated in shock. Am sure they must be holding a mirror just like us.

“Mommy! We are doing fine.” Damon pushed his hair back and gave mom a grin.

“Where’s father?” I asked.

“He’s com……here he comes.”
“Damon? Diamond? What happened to your hair?” Dad chipped in.

“As disguise. How are our grandparents anyway?”

“They are doing pretty good. Next time, you’d talk to them. I wish you safe on the journey. Gray explained everything to us. Damon don’t fall in love with one of those girls there and don’t f**k.

If Diamond catches you and report you to me, sure, am gonna cut that thing.” Dad threatened.

“Okay dad. Am not gonna do that. Why do you really wanna cut my thing if I f**k. Don’t you want grandchildren?” Damon responded.

“Silly you! Not now. You’re till young to be a father. It time. Good luck!” Mom threw a kiss and the mirror went back to normal.

“You’re all satisfied now? Good. You’re meeting with the Demons today. This night. Go to the field and line up. You still have much to learn about your powers.” The man stated.

We are what? Demons? Today? This night?
Oh Gosh!