Dangerous Devil – Season 2 Episode 5


Diamond’s pov

I waited for Damon to come close and we came out of hiding.

“I know you’re gonna find me.” He said as he glanced over at Elsa who was walking away.

“What the hell are you doing to the girl? Are you trying to seduce her or what?” I half yelled.

“You don’t expect me to seduce her.” Damon folded his arms. “Am only trying to save her. I saw demons around her sprinkling something on her and she was in pain. I fought the demons. That’s all.”

“Really? You saw the demons? How do they look like?” Raul questioned.

“Long ears, black cloak, scattered teeth and all that. They are very ugly. Arrggh!” Damon replied, irritably.

“You need to be careful with that Elsa girl. Am sure the demons are trying to use her so they can get you.” I stated.

“Include us. They are trying to use her to get us. We’d have to be careful.” Alaric spoke for the first time we started the discussion.

“Okay. I get you guys. We complete the mission and go back home final.” He threw his hands up, surrendering.

“Good. Let’s go back to class.” I turned to leave.

Raul ran to me smiling sheepishly. I don’t know why he kept following me like a loyal dog.

And I love it. I love it when he stays beside me. Am happy when I see him. Not that I don’t like him.

I really do like him but am afraid to let out my feelings to him. Have been crushing on him since I was young. And I was damn happy that he loves me.

I still need to play that I-don’t-love-you to him.

“Should I carry you? Your legs must be hurting.” He said to me.

I did a fake frown, “No, I don’t need your help. Thanks.” I responded, sarcastically.

“Sorry.” He quickly apologized.

I smiled inwardly at the funny expression on his face.

“Sorry for yourself.”

We got to class, Elsa was already in the class. She took a quick glance at Damon and sat properly.

I sat beside Raul and brought out my English notebook. My eyes caught the the wound on my arm through my net-sleeve.

Where Damon had suck my blood. Before night, it will heal.

The English class was fun as we had two more subjects before we closed for the day.

The same car that had carried us in the morning came and we entered except Damon.

“Damon are you stupid? Won’t you go home?” I said, furiously.

He’s always annoying.

“Calm down baby. The man said, we should try to get the job she’s doing. I need to stalk her so I can know where she’s working.” My brother answered as he stepped back.

“You’re such a jerk. You know that Damon. You can do that tomorrow. Why today? Moreover, not only you is going to get the job too but we.
Luckily enough, she’s working in four places.” Raul spoke too.

“And she’s working in the afternoon and night. Just tell us you like the girl.” I agreed to Alaric words.

“Yeah. I think so too. The way you look at her is so different. I hope you won’t ruin this mission for us. Let’s complete this mission before you think of falling for her.” I ranted.

“And I can’t fall for her because she’s the daughter of dad’s enemy. I get this now. You can’t blame me. Maybe am falling for her.”

“You better not!” I, Raul and Alaric said in unison.

Damon chuckled at that and entered the car with us. Actually, the man didn’t come but sent someone to pick us.

“You want to fall for demons. I wish I can beat you to stupor right there.” I rolled my eyes at him and he pouted like a baby.

We hit the road and soon we were home. I came down clutching my bag to myself walked inside the house.

The place was quiet and I guess the man isn’t around. My legs carried me to the kitchen and managed to opened the big white cabinet in front of me and saw different fruits, chocolate and a box which cereals was written on it.

I brought everything out and a bottle water too. I closed the white cabinet and carried everything to the dining table.

I rushed upstairs to change my clothes. I was struggling to remove the zipper when Raul came inside.

“Am sorry. Just came to tell you that the man is around and needs everyone to be downstairs.

“You should have knocked. Anyway, help with my zipper.” I turned my back to him.

It took a while before he came close and touched my top and pulled down the zipper.

I swallowed knowing that his eyes were glue to my back. I was only wearing bra. I don’t know if it was intentional but his cold hand touched my bare back and I shivered.

Oh my!

I slowly turned to him and glance at his face before looking down.He moved his face closer to me and I held my breath.

He isn’t going to kiss me. Is he?

He stepped back and cleared his throat.

“Hmm….Meet us downstairs. We’d be waiting for you.” He rushed his words and left without looking back.

I released the breath I was holding and sat on the bed.

“He’s really cunning. I thought he was gonna kiss me.” I mumbled to myself and touched my lips.

I packed my hair in a ponytail and changed into a loose-fitting gown that stopped right on my knees.

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Elsa’s pov

My phone rang in the sitting room and I rushed to take it and saw it was my flirty boss I was working with in a restaurant.

I work in four places. A waiter in two restaurants, a cleaner in a club and a hotel.
Only me.

I picked the call. “Yes?”

“Won’t you come to the restaurant again?” He shouted, enough to make my ear deaf.

“Sir, this is 3pm for Christ sake. I need to rest a little.” I groaned.

“Really? Or you’re there sleeping with men. I asked you to give me that thing. Let me enjoy a little of it but you won’t.”

He’s always asking me to sleep with him. If only he knows what’s wrong with me.

Sometimes I couldn’t control myself amd I see things which am not supposed to see. Like demons. That’s the reason I was sent away from my world.

Am possessed. My parents didn’t even think twice before sending me away. Am a werewolf.
I even lost half of my powers while coming here.

I want someone who can deliver me from this darkness am in.

“Sir, am not sleeping with men. Am not a slut. I don’t know why you’ve been troubling since I started working there.” I hissed.

“Am gonna get you fired!” He growled.

“You dare not! You won’t try that.”

I know he dare not! He can’t fire me. He’s just making an empty threat.

“Just come to work early.” He sighed and hung up.

I laughed like a witch and dropped my phone, going back to the chores I was doing in the kitchen.

I remembered the boy in class today and smiled. I felt relieved when he stood beside me.
I noticed something strange around him but still couldn’t figure it out.

I went back to my chores.

Damon’s pov

We gathered round the table. I took a chocolate bar and began chewing.

“Your mission has been cut short to six months for some reasons. You guys need to get ready.

The demons are coming soon, their leader is coming too. By tomorrow, you will have the ability to communicate with your family. That’s all. I need to prepare some portions.” He stated and left the dining.

“They have a leader? I can’t wait to face him.” I chuckled.

“Like it’s easy to fight the leader. We still need to learn how to use our power well.” Diamond interrupted.

I took an apple and went to my room. I took my phone and unlocked it. Something passed in my room and that made me drop the phone quickly.

“Who’s there?” I said.

It passed again, something black. I used my vision power but I wasn’t seeing anything.

“It me, rival” The voice said.

“Rival? How did I beckme your rival?” I Frained.

“You don’t touch my victim, Elsa. Leave my victim alone. You and your friends. I want the earth to myself. Do not interfere!” He roared and I guess it disappeared cause I couldn’t hear the voice again.

Wow! Really good.
Nothing is stopping us from accomplishing this mission.


?Hmmm…….. There’s fire and love on the mountain. Run Run Run