Dangerous Devil – Season 2 Episode 6


Damon’s pov

Wow! Really good.
Nothing is stopping us from accomplishing this mission.

That night I thought of how it would be when i finally see my R.I.V.A.L physically. That should be their leader. I guess.

The thought of leaving Elsa to that demon is something else. I don’t know what am feeling towards her.

Am just here to help her and leave this place for good. Me and her are different. She’s a werewolf and am a vampire.

Different from each other. Her dad is my Father’s enemy.

Soon, I slept off.

Elsa’s pov

I walked tirelessly on the street. It was 1am and am just coming back from the club and working as a cleaner. I really need to quit one of the jobs.

It so tiring. But I needed the money to feed, my tuition fees and take Care of myself.

My salary can’t even buy a motorcycle.

I clutched my bag tight as i head home.

“Shh!” I heard a whispering voice behind me and I turned but could only see darkness.

I moved two steps again and heard another voice, “She’s gonna be a sweet meal for us”

Meal? I secretly checked my self. Am not a food. Did they want to eat me raw?

Suddenly, I felt a presence behind me and I stopped and turned again to see two hefty men in front of me.

Jeez! If the dead is being slapped with these kinds of hands they are having, the dead would have woke up and start to cry.

“Uhmm….how can I help you?” I asked.

“You.” One of them replied.

“Me? What for and why?” I patiently waited for their answer.

“You look sexy and we’d like to taste what under your trouser.” The second one licked his lips and stared at me lustfully.

“And you wanna insert that carrot under you inside mine?” I scoffed. Am not afraid of them. I can just finish them with my powers right there but I gotta be patient with them.

“You called this carrot? Who are you to say that?” The second one who had licked his lips the other time frowned.

“Carry her and let’s go.” The first one ordered.

I stepped back. “Why don’t we shake hands before I accept to sex you guys?” I put on a fake seductive smile.

They looked at each other, then at me.
“Are you playing with us?” The first one asked.

“Nope, you just have to give me $10,000 first. Then deal.” I stretched my hand towards them and I shook hands with them.

After 3 seconds or so, I grinned at there expression.
“Who are you?” The second one asked.

“You stopped me. Well, bye. I need to go.” I walked away.

I had to remove their memory of me in their brain. They can’t remember a single thing. I really wanna clear off all their memories but I pitied them.

I got to my house and went straight to bed to sleep.

Damon’s pov

Next day, At school.

Girls squeaked around me as I moved to my class. Not only me but Raul and busy-Alaric too. While boys stared lustfully at my sister.

Alaric hardly have time for them cause he was still reading the book the girl gave to him yesterday.

” I bought this chocolate bar for you” A girl came with a pack of chocolate in her hands and handed it over to me.

“Thanks.” I mumbled.

“I got to class and saw that Elsa isn’t around yet. What’s she still doing at home by this time.

‘You’ve forgotten that she might have gone to work in the night and would have come back late?’ My subconscious said and I nodded at him.


We heard noises outside and the students rushed out to see what’s going on including me too.

I saw Elsa on the floor shivering with her eyes closed. Her body was becoming pale and the students were murmuring.

“What’s wrong with her?”

“She looks scary!” Another student said.

I quickly ran to her, Diamond, Raul and Alaric joined me too.

“Elsa? Elsa open your eyes.” I panicked.
I didn’t know why I was panicking cause of her.

The moment I touched her, she opened her eyes which turned to white. White?

A tear slipped down from her white eyes. I was blocking the students from seeing her. Alaric came close and touched her eyes and it came back to normal. Her grey coloured eyes were back.

She stared at us and did like nothing happened to her. “How did I fall down?” She asked and looked at the students staring at her.

“You don’t remember anything?” Diamond asked and she shook her head negatively.

“No. I don’t.” I could see a glint of pain in his eyes.

She really didn’t remember anything.