Crime And Adventure Episode 9


“Well, if you’re staying longer than she, you can call on me and I take you around the city.”
She said as she gave me her business card.
I didn’t border reading it, just slid the thing into my pocket. If her idea of showing people around the city was to bring them to a boring comedian show, then she needs to have a rethink.
Together, we headed back to our table. She stopped by to greet some friends and I joined up with the others at the table.
After few more hours of dry jokes and poor rendition of songs, we were finally freed from the most boring show I’d ever witnessed. The ph-city lady drove us with her pajero jeep. We got to the Presidential and the lady handed the keys to the room to me, informing me she will join me in a minute. I guess she had some stuffs to discuss with her friend so I left them and walked towards the receptionist.
Enroute the receptionist, I saw Eve walking away from the hotel. She was not dressed in the usual hotel robes. She wore a light blue jean with a red top, a face and seem to be heading home, away from the hotel.
“Hey, you!” I called on her. She stopped and waited as I approached her.
“Eve?” I called.
“Goodevening sir!” She greeted with the same Sekxy-husky voice.
“No need for the sir.” I said and introduced myself. She looked more beautiful in her casual wear. I wouldn’t have recognized her but for her dark face and lovely features.
“Seems you’re headed home.” I asked.
“Yes, I’m done for the day.” She answered with a smile, like she was relieved to be off duty.
“Seems you’re happy going home.” I wanted to start up a conversation.
“Yes of course.” She said with same smile.
I asked when she will be back for duty but she informed me she is not permitted to discuss her work schedule with customers at the hotel.
“Why do you ask?”
“Just hoped I will see you again. You can give me your number.” I requested.
“Its not allowed also.” She said.
“I can give you mine.”
“Not allowed too.” She replied and I smiled.
“I need to go now.” She announced, told me goodevening once more and headed out towards the hotel gate.
I thought about following her outside, maybe she will grant me audience if we spoke outside her work environment but the lady was walking towards me from the other end so I abandoned the quest.
On arrival into the hotel room, the lady as usual went to freshen up. When she was done, I went into the bathroom and reached for the cabinet. I checked the box inside the cabinet and it was still there. I stayed inside the bathroom and contemplated on how best tom move the money without being noticed.
There was no way I was going to move it out without being noticed. I thought about moving it at night when the lady was asleep but that would be a very risky move. The securities scan every incoming and outgoing car, and trying to walk out of the hotel gate with a carton known to contain hotel toiletries may raise some eyebrows. They may think I was stealing hotel toiletries and stop me for a search. I may not even make it to the gate as their were security guards posted at different intervals.
Then a thought came to my mind;
She can help me move it! Its a long shot but one that is worth giving a trial.
But how I was going to achieve this was what I didn’t know.
What is adventure without risk?