Crime And Adventure Episode 10


To have the perfect S£x, you will need a relaxed mind. That is why is seems like rich and comfortable people have the best S£x their body can take.
Having seem to find a solution on moving the cash, I had a more relaxed mind for the night’s romp; and boy! It was hot!
From the moment the lady and I were both Unclad in the bath-tub inside the bathroom, I felt the jolts of pleasure as our Unclad bodies caressed each others. The hot steamy water was refreshing and soothing. The tub wasn’t too big to contain we both but we managed, with her body resting partially on top of mine, I got my hands busy, tracing the curves of her b0s0m, hips and stomach. I caressed her b0s0m slowly, teasing the hard Tips and caressing her laps.
Soon, my hands found its way into her inner laps as I teased her cl!t and played with her hairs at the pubic. The sounds of her m0ans were a welcome aphrodisiac as my dckk pushed against her butt0ckz. I leaned forward as I rubbed her cl!t, gently inserted my middle finger into her wet veegee. She adjusted her hips to accommodate my finger as I pushed through the rich warm walls of her veegee. Slowly and steadily, I fin.ger’ed her as a worked my fingers across all the bends and folds of her cvnt. I let my thumb rub her cl!t as my finger explored her insides deeply. I increased the finge’rin.g pace and worked her center of gravity real good in the process. She m0aned loudly and convulsed in my arms as she had her climax. I caressed her slowly, giving her time to recover.