Crime And Adventure Episode 19


“Good, I had my fair of adventure too.” I replied; I wanted to add ‘and crime’ but swallowed the thought. No need counting my chics yet until they hatch; and right now, they are being incubated inside a safe carton somewhere. The thought of the over half a million cash inside the carton thrilled me once more.
What if Eve opens the carton and sees the cash? Will she freak out? Will she figure out I just robbed an innocent lady? What if she ran-off with the cash? She didn’t look like the crime type, nor the adventure type either. Looks a lot innocent and naïve. But we all know looks can be quite deceptive. I prayed for the best; expecting the worst.
“Thanks for everything, and I will be expecting you in Abj pretty soon.” The lady interrupted my thoughts, bent over and pecked my chics.
“And please, feel free to fvck my friend if she looks your way again.” She added with a laugh.
“I’ll pass, no married women!” I insisted.
As a rule of thumb, I had decided long ago to stay-off married women. I had a terrible adventure that went bad; and when I thought it was bad enough, it got worse.
Anyway, a liar and a killer still ends up as sinners; so it shouldn’t be a plus for me; but the wahala isn’t one I can bear again.
“Dress up, we have to run along. I need to check out and sort my bills.” She said to me as she reached for her bags.
“Am I going with you?” I asked.
“Don’t you want to?” She asked.
I would have loved to find Eve immediately but decided to see her off to the airport first. No need for rush. Just as we were about to leave the room, the hotel staff to clean our room that morning entered with her usual trolley. She dressed just like Eve; same robes, same courtesy, just a difference in name. She had Emily as her name tag.
I joined the lady and the ph-city lady to the airport. We waited until she sorted out her ticket before leaving. It was a silent drive back to ph city from the airport. The lady asked that we hook up later that evening but I told her I love spending my 31st night at the church. It was the perfect excuse to get her off my tail.
She dropped me off at my friend’s place.
By 10pm when I knew Eva would be done for her duty that day, I called her up. She was sounding tired when she picked the call. She informed me she had just finished a tedious 18hr long duty and needed to sleep.
“Can we see tomorrow morning?” She asked.
“No dear, remember the 31st night ritual?” I asked, hoping she will see enough reason to bring my carton.
“Oh that! I will burn it for you then.” She replied.