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11390010_850889004981901_4814023688540790328_n In today’s episode, Silencioso after seeing that all eyes stir at Esmeralda, he walks her straight to the Ambassador and introduced her to them (ambassador and his wife) and surely they became happy meeting her. Silencioso after the introduction held Esmeralda hands and takes her around to greet some important personalities at the gathering. Lorenza could still not believe her eyes about Esmeralda’s extra-ordinary look and begins to pant heavily but even in her shock she still tells Mariano that, it is not possible and it can’t be that Esmeralda has changed totally and even if she is perfectly well dressed and all tidied up in all that fine and classy jewelries, it’s still her and she will still continue to be that blustered La Gata.

Lorenza quickly left Mariano and she goes quickly to tell Agustin about what she just saw with her eyes. Mariano also walks straight to Esmeralda and he gave her a great compliment about her beauty. Silencioso ask Esmeralda to introduce Mariano to him but she stated that Mariano is not her friend and can’t be. Mariano then smiled and did the introduction himself to Silencioso as Mariano Martinez Negrete. He also asked about Silencioso’s name and he mentioned his name to him as the Nobel man Abel Cruz.

Whiles they keep talking, Pablo turned his back and only discovers stunning Esmeralda standing just a distance behind him and couldn’t believe his eyes on how wonderful Esmeralda gazes. Monica wanted to play a little bit smarter with Pablo by saying to him that; “that lady standing there looks very beautiful and she truly looks like La Gata” but quickly Pablo tells her not to imagine things because that beautiful lady she is referring to is the same in one person and she is that same Esmeralda. Suddenly, Esmeralda also turned and she also spotted Pablo stirring at her and her face burned with great anger.


Surprisingly to Esmeralda and everyone at the gathering, the first person the France Ambassador requests to have his first dance with was Esmeralda and everybody became happy for her including Mariano except for the rest of the Martinez Negrete family. Esmeralda looking at the tension she was experiencing at the gathering since all eyes was on her and also not being able to stand seeing Monica with Pablo, she goes to speak with Mr. Silencioso that, she wants to go home because she is so devastated inside but Mr. Silencioso encouraged her to stay calm and have patient because, if she abandons the fight at this time before it even begins, the Martinez Negrete’s family will laugh at her and if they leave the gathering too, they are also going to think they are leaving because of them and they will be excited inside there where she is shining because of her beauty unbearing which is now becoming a dangerous threat to them (Martinez Negrete’s) because he has actually observed them (Martinez Negrete’s) and everything proves that, they look very nervous and really terrified hence Esmeralda should take heart because she has suffered for 20years and so had to wait for his moment to strike with patient and he so believes that with her having a little patient too, she is going to triumph over them. After

Lorenza detects how bad everything was going for them, she goes to speak with the ambassador’s wife about Esmeralda and ones again she painted Esmeralda black to her but the woman never paid attention to that. Unluckily for Lorenza, Silencioso was listening to every bit of her gossip about what she was saying to the wife of the ambassador and Silencioso approached her to stand at that same place to re-correct the wrongs she said about Esmeralda to the ambassador’s wife if not she is surely going to regret it.


10359153_850889331648535_5629133870096499913_n Lorenza tries to be very stubborn and tells Silencioso that, she has no time for such a nonentity like him therefore she is going to see her husband. Silencioso then ask her to take him to Agustin since he is really looking forward to speak to him face to face. Lorenza challenged him and she took him to see Agustin. Agustin asked him to hurry up with whatever he came to see him to talk about because he is not used to talking to a poor devil man who is an ex-convict and Silencioso tells him that, his name will be of good use to him because his name is Fernando Dela Santa Cruz. Quickly tension and nervousness sets on Agustin and Lorenza’s face. Mr. Dominico continues to have his obsession of Esmeralda and he has even gone to the extent of mounting Esmeralda’s portrait on the wall at his work place which he will be looking at it to boost his confidence that Esmeralda will surely come to him. Fela has escaped from the house to take refuge in the slope side after setting her eyes ones more on Mrs. Rita and remembering that she was the one who stole her daughter from her and Maria becomes very worried and she goes to the phone boot to reach out to Esmeralda and give her the information about Fela’s disappearance but she called and Mrs. Merche tells her that Esmeralda is not in the house because she went for an ambassador’s invitation. Mrs. Rita goes to Fela’s house to look for her because after bumping into Fela for several times, she now discloses that, Fela is Blanca the wife of Silencioso and also the mother of Esmeralda who she was told is dead.


She reaches there only to be told by Maria that Fela is missing. Therefore promises herself that, she is going to help look for Fela and this time if she finds her, she is going to treat her very well and prepare her so that she can tell Mr. Silencioso that, his wife is still alive and not dead as he thinks for him to know that she is a good woman (Mrs. Rita) and by doing that she knows that Mr. Silencioso will give her huge sum of money. Fela seeing that the slope side is not a better place for her to spend the night, she quickly rushed to the church house to sit at the gate.


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