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In today’s episode, Pablo and Mariano still on the way to the church for the wedding ceremony and Pablo continues to feel so hurt that Mariano proceeds in defending Esmeralda right in his face. He tells Mariano that he can actually see that Mariano is in love with Esmeralda and there’s no doubt about and Mariano also answers him that, that is none of his business, but he should concentrate on he getting married to Monica and nothing else. Pablo and Mariano arrive at the church and they walk straight to the altar. Whiles they were standing at the altar, Jarocha also arrives at the church and walks straight to the altar with one of pablo’s child specifically little Pablo and she goes to stand beside Pablo to ask him to look at the child if he doesn’t resemble him and if also he can deny that the child is not his and go ahead to get married to a different woman.


She even goes to the extent of asking Pablo to hold the child and when he is almost about taking the child, Mariano asks him not to even think about doing that because he is already at the church and he has to concentrate on his marriage to Monica. Pablo tells Mariano that that child is indeed his son because he can see clearly that he truly resembles him. Mariano furiously ask him again to put that stupid expression aside and to stop looking at that boy but look around him since all these people came in there to witness his wedding.

All these while, Monica was being walked to the altar by his father but nothing pushes Pablo to behave like a gentleman since Jarocha has totally confused him and he continues to tell Mariano that, that child is his son, and now everything is clear to him that everything he was told was a deception and now he is aware of the truth as if blindness has fallen off his eyes. Mariano then tells him that, even if it is so, he can’t back out any more whiles standing at the church almost about to wed with Monica who is now being walked to altar.

Pablo questioned Mariano to swear in front of the altar if they never knew that those children are his and Mariano couldn’t deny the truth but only told Pablo that even though its true Pablo still can’t do anything about it. Pablo then stated that, he now believes that Esmeralda never cheated on him and he was indeed very stupid to doubt Esmeralda’s faithfulness and he thinks that is the reason why Esmeralda is so hurt about that



Monica is brought to the altar by his father and he presents him to Pablo in front of the altar and the officiating minister of God descended to help them in the exchange of vows between Monica and Pablo. All these while, Jarocha still stands there with little Pablo in her hands and she did everything in her power to convince Pablo and he became distracted and was not able to give a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer to their exchange of vows because he was being tormented by Jarocha’s sayings.


Monica looked very nervous looking as well as Lorenza and everyone present at the room looking at the scene Jarocha is creating in the temple and the possibility of ruining the wedding. Pablo still has Jarocha’s statement still running through his mind and stirring at his son, Pablo sighs at Monica and said here in front of God he swears to her that he is truly sorry to do this to her but the fact is that, that child is his son and therefore can’t continue with the wedding by marrying a different woman since he has to look after them and though Monica begged him not to disgrace her, Pablo left her at the altar then went towards Jarocha and everything that very day of the wedding became a mess. Monica who couldn’t stand the disgrace cried seriously and quickly run out of the temple in great regret and shame and she drove her car to the house. The two families became so disappointed including and Almost everyone present at the occasion.

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