Beyond My Heart: Episode 11



I was wondering how I was going to do all the house chores including cooking.I don’t even know how to wash dishes left alone wash clothes but was determined to learn.Maa Abena could see from the way I was holding the sponge to wash the dishes that I knew nothing about being a maid cos I was a princess back then.

She helped me learn how to do most of them including how to even cook.She was really kind to me .She also told her husband and daughter had travelled to their hometown to see his mother and that they will spend some weeks.I was getting use to the hard life now and could do all sorts of things.

Darling we are back! A male voice said from the hall. It must be her husband and daughter. Maa Abena rushed to the hall to give her family a long hug with a peg.Watching from the kitchen I could see how happy their family must be ,how I wish mine was here.kendra, I did just as she asked and left for the kitchen.

Days went by in the house as things went smoothly ,I lived comfortable there except for their mean daughter who always gives me a hard time yet I wasn’t moved. Kendra I m going out for shopping with Pearl ,we wouldn’t come back early cos we might go braid her hair.She said as she exit the house.

I was left with Maa Abena’s husband in the house and having nothing to do I went straight to my room to rest.A knock on my door woke me up,kendra is me your master ,come tidy up my room ,I have mistakenly poured wine on the floor.I stood up from my bed ,took a mop ,detergent and headed to his room.

He sat on the bed as he watch me mop. As I bent down to clean under the bed I felt a touch on my waist.I hurriedly stood up.Kendra I liked u from the first day I set my eyes on u. U know I can help u. I can even enroll u in the same school as my daughter just do what I ask you to.Chai what does this man want, ohhh noo not again,I wept inside.

Sir! but u are married?I m sorry I can’t do this. Maa Abena has really been good to me and i can’t betray her like this. He looked at me with a gawk. I hope u know this house is for me and with that I can ask my wife to send u out at anytime.Tell me do u want to go back to the streets.just one round and I will help u in many ways.

Ohhhhhh Jesus, what at all is this.He drew closer to me and held my boobs and laid me down on the bed.I painfully endured all the pains after standing on me for half an hour. Wow kendra u are soo sweet and neat. He complimented putting on his boxer.

Aaaaah the cheek of it. Most men are dogs ,I said to myself as I tried getting up.Just when I was putting on my dress Maa Abena entered. Bue3 see wahala….
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