Beyond My Heart: Episode 10



It was like walking through the wilderness. I had no idea where I was and wat my fate was going to be .I was ready to endure anything but definitely not to open my legs for that old fool.The road was all dark and quite,as I walked on I could hear some footsteps behind me but when I turn there is no one.

It continued for some minutes and sensing danger I began to run and that was when I saw them running after me puffing out smokes from their cigarettes. I managed to run as fast as I could till I found a good and secured place to hid.They run pass me as I shiver with fear.I started dozing off till sleep swept me away.

A noise from the other side woke me up,it was day time and a woman had come to open her shop. Quickly I stood up and begged her for water to wash my feet and mouth which she willingly gave me.I continued wondering on the streets till my belly began to ache.I was hungry and tired from hours of walking.

I reached a place like an estate and on one of the walls there was a bill board written”House helps needed”I impatiently knocked on the gate and the gateman opened.Young Lady what do u want that u want to break the gate.He asked in puzzle.Sir pls I saw this bill board and I want to apply.

He ushered me in and went to call the madam of the house.Young girl wat is your name.She asked! Madam I m kendra.OK kendra are u sure u can do the job?She asked looking at me from up to down.Yes madam ,I lied.I knew nothing about being a house help but I needed to learn cos I can’t continue starving on the streets.

She led me to my room and showered me all that I had to do in the house.Kendra my daughter and husband aren’t at home so when they come I will introduce them to u but for the mean time go freshen up and come for some clothes cos I saw u with no bag.

I did just as she had told me and went straight go the kitchen ,I wept as much as I could and went to take the clothes she had given me.It was perfect on me.
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