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Ines is jail and Esmeralda is doing everything possible to release her out through the help of Silencioso’s attorney and. Esmeralda visit her in jail and she informs Ines that, Mrs. Rita is sick and in a critical condition and now Ines becomes so sad and she tells Esmeralda that she prays nothing bad happens to her grandmother because she feels that it is all her fault in making her grandmother to fall sick. Ines is free from jail and she goes to see Mrs. Rita at the hospital. Mrs. Rita tells her that she feels very glad seeing her out of jail and Ines ask Mrs. Rita to forgive her for all the wrongs she has done against her.


Esmeralda tells Jarocha that, though Damien and Mr. Silencioso may be right about Pablo but the point is that she still loves Pablo. Jarocha then advised her that, she go back to him and when she finds him, she should go down on her kneels and beg him. And Esmeralda tells her that, she actually know that, she will not do such stupid thing by going back and crawling on the ground for Pablo because he is going to get married to Monica and she will be left behind in tears again though it hurt her whenever she sees Pablo suffering.


The truth about Agustin is gradually bumping up since the attorney of Silencioso and also all his lawyer colleagues are helping Silencioso to bring him down to earth. He becomes very furious and crushed down because he can see that his end is approaching. Lorenza reminded him about Silencioso offer by cancelling Pablo’s wedding which he refused but advised Agustin to give it a second thought and do it if that is the only way their family is going to be out of shame but Agustin still feels unwilling to give in to Silencioso’s offer though Lorenza asks him to do it.

The following day is going to be the grand wedding ceremony between Pablo and Monica but he is still on uncertain with his mind since he still can’t forget about Esmeralda. Mariano brings his wedding suit to him and find him very disturbed and he asked him to wear a smiling face because his face really looks like attending a funeral whiles the next day is rather going to a special day in his life and he also have him (Mariano) to be his best man. Pablo answers him that, in fact he actually feels like attending his own funeral because it’s like he feels dead inside him. Mariano advised him to stop thinking and learn to make an effort to love Monica but Pablo answers Mariano that, he was indeed honest with Monica and of course he does love her but only as a sister and if they are expecting him to love her more than necessary then he can’t. Mariano tells Pablo that, there’s no way a person can have children with his sister, sleep in the same bed with your sister every night in the same bed least to talk of having passionate dreams with your sister. Pablo then ask Mariano to counsel him on what to do because he doesn’t deserve what he is being forced to do as a great sacrifice to the family. Mariano tells him that, what he Pablo should have done from the beginning and now is to listen to what his heart tells him and nothing else because after getting married, his life is going to change forever and the statement draws anxiety on Pablo’s face.


Pablo returns from jogging and he finds Jarocha sitting right at the entrance and quickly Jarocha questions him that whether he likes it or not, he is going to listen to her because he and Esmeralda still thinks about each other very much and though Pablo was feeling reluctant, she managed to speak with him. Pablo answers jarocha that Esmeralda has never cared about him but about her new found lover Silencioso. Immediately, Jarocha warned him to be careful of what he is saying and Jarocha’s mouth slipped and she disclosed to Pablo that man he is referring to is Esmeralda’s father and not her boyfriend and Pablo is now left in another shock of his life. Jarocha then becomes confused after her mouth slipped but she then pleads with Pablo to keep it a secret since Esmeralda still doesn’t know it and Pablo agreed. Jarocha did everything to stop Pablo to understand a lot of things but he still ask her to go tell Esmeralda that, it is now too late for him to change his mind because that is what Esmeralda wants him to do and he is doing just exactly that to leave her alone and is never willing to set eyes on her again after he’s gotten married to Monica tomorrow. Jarocha then put him at his place and tells him that, she is now practically convinced that he is a poor excuse for a man and a heartless chick and his heart as cold as ice and though they will always look down on poor people but they will forever be better than the rich no matter what because they have love. Pablo walks away on Jarocha and enters their house and quickly he invites his mother to sit down and he blows the shocking news to his mother about Silenciso being Esmeralda’s father and Lorenza is also left in shock, Agustin has now turned into a serious drunkard looking at all the problems his name and family is about to witness.


The gran day for the wedding ceremony arrives and everyone gets dressed and ready to meet at the church to witness the great matrimony. Pablo looks very stunning in his wedding suit and they all move straight to the church waiting for the arrival of Monica. Monica father and mother takes the opportunity still to advise Monica to have a little bit of dignity and have a rethink to stop marrying Pablo but she wouldn’t listen. so there was nothing for them to do than to give her their support and they all dress up and move to the church also. Whiles on the way whiles Pablo and Mariano in their car driving towards the church, Pablo tells Mariano that, he really wishes Esmeralda gets to see him getting married to Monica. Mariano then ask him how on earth can he still be thinking about Esmeralda whiles he’s about getting married. Pablo answers him that, sometimes, there comes a time in one’s life when he has to torment a person you really love and that is exactly what he is doing to Esmeralda. Mariano shuts him down to stop saying that because Esmeralda has suffered more than enough because he really feels sorry for Esmeralda. Pablo laughed at him and asked him if he is in love with Esmeralda and if so, then he is free to go after her and maybe the father of those children and give him the love that he was not able to give Esmeralda and also give the children the sir name she has always wished for the MARTINEZ NEGRETE.

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