Beyond My Heart: Episode 8



I kept wondering what all these girls were doing in here as I kept entering the house with her.Mama Gee welcome,one of the girls said collecting her bag. why, does this woman run an orphanage for girls.Anyway that wasn’t my business.I was shown to my room where I was asked to rest and we talk later.

I was just starring round the house.Hey new comer?one of the girls said as I entered my room. I ignored them but ear dropped on their conversations ,Isn’t she pretty? She will get lot of customers. They gossiped.What customers are these ladies talking about? Am I going to sell on the streets?well let me wait till mama Georgina say something.

I was made to rest for three days for my complete recovery,all I did was to eat and sleep.For once I was experiencing my princess like of life. Young lady mama Gee is calling u downstairs. A fair lady entered my room. OK tell her I will be there very soon.I quickly changed to one of the dresses she had bought for me and headed downstairs.

She was seated with a man of about 56 years,guess he is her husband.The man kept gazing at me as I sat down .Kendra how are u?madam Gina asked turning to me.I m fine mum.I replied.Kendra wow such a nice name for a pretty girl.Thanks sir,I said with a smile.kendra this is Mr Dadson,he is the CEO of Dad son group of companies.

U are going with him and spending the night with him.The sound of mama Gina’s words to my ears left me in shock.What was I going to do at this oldman’s house. I tried refuting the fact that she was introducting me to prostitution.I remember when the girls said I will get lot of customers.Hmmmmmmmm I was left speechless.

Mr dadson u can go with her,I sat still as he pulled me up from my seat and led me into his car.I guess I was born to be used as sex tool.
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