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In today’s episode,
11390201_850890711648397_7240frAfter listening to the recorded video from Mrs. Rita, Pablo begins to feel confused and he share tears for knowing the truth. When he is asked by Monica on what he is going to do since they are almost about to wed, he tells Monica that, knowing the truth changes his decision on getting married. Jarocha also asked him that same question and she tells her that he has to see Esmeralda so he can speak with her to clear his doubts. Immediately, he leaves both Monica and Jarocha to Mr. Silencioso’s house to see Esmeralda to clear things between them. Suddenly, Monica felt bad and shed tears on the other hand; Jarocha becomes very happy upon seeing Pablo going out on them to look for Esmeralda.
11391447_855205657883569_3980700125644382769_nAgustin feels very bad though he has not being taking to court yet but seeing his so called friends turning their backs on him alone since he thinks that they have even judged him already and he tells that to his wife. Lorenza then tells him that, Monica’s mother is like a sister to her since they were children and she even threaten her as well and she even made it clear to her that, she doesn’t approve to their wedding between their children either. She again stated that, she prays Monica’s parent never find them guilty since Pablo’s marriage to Monica is their family’s hope to save them from shame.
1795497_855205721216896_5057380237877173901_nMr. Silencioso calls Agustin to ask him to see him at his office of his attorney within an hour. Suddenly Agustin’s temper rises up and he tells Silencioso on how he even has the gut to call him to ask to see him as if both of them are friends which is actually the vice versa. Silencioso then tells him that, they can never be friends because he will forever be his enemy on earth but the reason why he has called him is because he wants to make a way out for him (Agustin) and if they are able to reach an agreement he is going to withdraw all the charges against him and he (Agustin) can resume his life from where it stopped the moment he (Silencioso) reappeared in his life.
Pablo goes to see Esmeralda and upon seeing him, unknowingly to her that Jarocha has shown a recording to him, she tells Pablo that, they have nothing to talk about and though Pablo pleads with her she still feel reluctant. She then ask Pablo if he thought she was going to run back into his arms and tell her that everything is fine. And Pablo then made it known to her that, he already knows the truth about the children that he is indeed their father through Mrs. Rita’s recording and suddenly Esmeralda becomes very shocked. She then ask him about how funny he can be to believe in a video of someone but not having any believe in her to even
just give her a bit of trust but thinks that she flirt with a man to give birth to those children and that is what she wants Pablo to know that, their problems was not due to all of what those people did to separate them but it was actually due to the lack of trust between them, therefore he should stop blaming others for their separation. She then tells Pablo that, she is not going to allow him to cancel his wedding just because of a video he just listened to since she has her dignity so he should therefore forget her as she will also be doing as she is trying to do. After she ask him out of the house and ask him she never wishes to see him again and Pablo left very disturbed.1533804_855205694550232_1335274301042421331_n
Pablo left to their house to confront his mum to spill out the truth about them being the brain behind him and Esmeralda’s separation but Lorenza will still not say the truth to him. Agustin meets with Silencioso at his attorney’s office and he gives the offer to Agustin that, he is willing to withdraw all the law suit against him if only Agustin is willing to cancel the wedding of Pablo and Monica and this offer was actually a tough blow to Agustin but he stood on his feet and said to Silencioso that, he is never going to do that stupid thing ever in his life because everyone in the country knows about it and also important personalities have been invited and so he pleads with Silencioso to to ask him any other thing. Silencioso then told him that, if that is so, then his vengeance is also going to be unforgivable.
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