Beyond My Heart: Episode 6



I stood still watching the lifeless bodies of my family murdered in cold blood and couldn’t help control my tears and fear.I could possibly not stay with corpse for the whole night and also feared those murderers might come back for me.Just as my dad has said before his last breath ,I went for the money in the wardrobe ,took some few clothes and walked out.

My disbelief knew no bound.As I walked through the compound I remembered the secret camera hidden in the hall,I guess that had record all that had happen.With the help of a ladder I manage to the footage out and left.It was already 1 am with no one on the streets expect the sound of passing vehicles.

After walking for about an 3 hours ,and at the same time sleepy I lowered my bag down to sleep on the front garden of a huge house.I didn’t even have the slightest idea where I was cos this is my first time of returning home after 9 years of living abroad.As naive as I was I slept on the lawns with my bag as my pillow.

I couldn’t believe kendra of all people,the only princess of my parent would one day sleep on lawns without a shield.I could hear a tap on my shoulder waking me up from the lawn.I opened my eyes to see 3 young guys almost drunk .Hy young pretty girl what are you doing here at this ungodly hour ?one on them asked sipping a bottle of club.

I told them I was an orphan and that I got no where to go.They asked me into the house and i followed them in. If I knew what was install for me I would have taken off my heels.Sit down young girl,while I get u some drink after that u go freshen up and we talk.One with a curly and dimpled cheek said.I thank him for his generosity.

I was surprise they called me young lady although I was just 14.U know kids who grow up abroad have the tendency to grow big.My body size wasn’t a match to my age ,I was like a 20 year old Lady.I drunk the chilled juice they had offered me as they started asking me questions about myself and where I was from.

Before I could answer I felt my eyes hovering around and becoming heavy.The next thing I saw was me slowly lying on the sofa.The things that happened next only God knows.I cldnt recall anything expect when I open my eyes in pain and on a refuse dump.I had bleeding all over and the pains were unbearable.

My bag containing my clothes and all the money were gone,the only thing left on me was the secret camera footage in my pocket. At that moment I felt like the earth Should open and swallow me up.Such a wicked world we live in.

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