Colour Of Love Episode 10



 Episode 10  

Early Sunday morning, Ryan called Adriana to see how she was doing.

Hello angel, how are you doing this morning? 

Adriana : am doing well baby. How are you too? Hope you are coming to church today? I can’t wait to see you sing. And there is something I have to tell you today.

Ryan : Really, Okay we will talk after church. 

Service started normally and R2 were leading worship. People feel so good when these two boys are singing. 

Before the sermon came, they invited Ryan to give a solo. As he was singing, Adriana was sitting down crying because, she didn’t know what to do with Ryan. Ryan was her hero and everything.

The preacher started preaching right after the song. That day, the preacher preached about love as if he knew Ryan and Adriana were in love. That was best time for them to listen to that preaching. 

After the service, Adriana went to see Roland because Ryan was busy sorting things with some church elders. Mercy was surprise to see Roland and Adriana talking.

Mercy is one of the ushers who likes to gossip much in the church. 

Finally Ryan finished his meeting with the elders and came to where Roland and Adriana were. He asked them to go outside and talk.
When they got outside, Adriana told the boys they should go and have lunch somewhere. Ryan asked her if that was the surprise. But she said no I will tell you when we go. 

The three of them went to a restaurant to eat banku and tilapia. Roland the jovial boy asked a funny question.
Roland : so Adriana you are going to be in this coldness alone and live my brother here too?

Adriana:yes what can we do about it?  They all laughed.  When they finished and were about to go home, Adriana then gave the surprise to Ryan. It was a family treasure which was given to Mrs Willingtom by her mother to give to the man who she finds as her love. So she collected it from her husband and gave it to her daughter for her to also give to the man she finds as her love. So she presented it to him.

Adriana: Ryan, this is a gift from my great grandmother to my grandmother and from my grandmother to my mother and from my mother to my father. And from my father to me. And from me to you.  Please take it wherever you go.  keep it like your precious thing for me. Never let it be away from you. Saying all this, she was on her knees that drew everybody’s attention to them. But she didn’t mind it. She was focused on what she was doing.

Ryan accepted it and hanged it on his neck and thanked her for it.  She then told them they will be taking her to the airport the next day. Roland quickly said we are at your service madam. You can call us anywhere and at anytime. Whenever Roland spoke, Adriana laughed so much because he was so funny. 

As soon as they left the church premises, not knowing Mercy sneaked and followed them to the place they went to eat. She was gathering information to tell people. When they were about to go, she came to were they were sitting to greet them. Roland wasn’t happy to see her there because she knew her very well.

Mercy we were just about leaving so we will meet again some other time Roland said. So they left to their car and went to drop Adriana home.

In the car going Roland told them how that girl was so Ryan shouldn’t entertain her that much.  If it wasn’t Roland, Ryan would have stayed there to chat with her. And as she talks with you,  she will go and frame stories which is not true about you. 

To be continued