What will you have done?


Nana Adwoa looked at her husband lying beside her and frowned, they had been married for three years and though her husband believed they were happily married, she wasn’t.

There was a little problem but it wasn’t one she could comfortably discuss with him, she was a happy go lucky girl and he was a parish child, born to a maid in the church and raised there, she was a nympho and he was a holy guy.

He turned to look at her and she smiled. “Ready to go?” He asked with a cheerful look on his face. “Yes dear” she replied as she picked up her bags and stood.

He walked with her to the station and helped her get into a bus. She watched him as the bus drove off and felt pity.

Her husband knew her to be a business woman, how else would they have survived this broke life, how would she have been able to pay her mother’s hospital bills and how could she live her kind of life.

She wasn’t a businesswoman no, she was a prostitute, pushed by a friend into prostitution, she left her husband every Sunday night to Takoradi though he believed she worked in Kumasi and returned on Fridays but he had no choice, they needed to survive.

She arrived at the little room she had rented there and showered. She changed into skimpy clothes that could give her husband a heart attack if he ever saw her in them.

She got into a taxi in front of the house to her usual spot. It wasn’t long before she arrived at her usual rendezvous point, she didn’t have to wait long either for she was very pretty. A nice car packed beside her as the windows went down.

“Hi pretty one, hope you’re good, how much will u charge for the night, I need your services”. A few minutes later they were speeding down the road. She looked in surprise as he opened a gate with a remote control and drove in.

He looked at her and smiled. “I brought you for a friend, he said his marriage is boring so I wanted to give him something for a change” he said frankly “you chose the right person then” she said with a smile.

He opened the door for her and when she entered she froze, standing right before her, as shocked or more shocked than her….was her husband, before she could say a word he blacked out as she stood rooted to the spot still in shock with hardly a word to speak.


  1. Asem oooooo. That’s what’s suppose to happen, instead of fixing the probs @ home they all think otherwise. The woman thinking the man can’t handle the truth, the man thinking there isn’t happiness in his marriage so he’s seeking a short-time happiness in someone & u see what’s happen now??? This goes to our ladies, no matter the caliber of truth, spill it out to your patterns. We aren’t as fragile as u ladies think we are, tell as & things will work out in the right direction. eeeeeeiiiii Jasmine, w) dier w). This is the second time a post from u has marvelled me, thanks a lot

  2. why would a man act broke when he actually owns a mansion somewhere??the woman did that to survive and look after the home. she cant be blamed for that, nevertheless they should have been open about their problems to eachother.

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