Cold Episode 9

“Who the hell are you and what do you want with me? ” Joseph asked as he bent low to observe the man on the floor.
“Fuck you” he said as spittle mixed with blood ran down the corner of his mouth. Joseph grab the piece of wood that was still stuck in his stomach and spun it around, he yelled in pain and coughed out blood bubbles.

“Who the fuck sent you here?” Joseph yelled at him, he coughed with a violent jerk, threw his head back and slowly his eyes shut. Joseph felt his pulse and nothing came up.

“Is he dead?” Jaycee asked and Joseph nodded.
“Let’s get out of here” Joseph said leading the way, Jaycee held Nancy who was still crying and they walked sluggishly but steadily behind him, they walked a little distance to where he packed his car, he drove with Nancy in the back while Jaycee rode after them in his bicycle at an unusual speed.

The trauma on Nancy was too much, she cried all night in Jaycee’s room. She lost both her parents in one night because she was involved with a Donati, she wasn’t angry with them, she loved Jaycee too much for that, she was just pissed off for being born into all that hell.

She had cried herself to sleep in Jaycees arm. He gently lay her down on the bed and had gone out to join Joseph in the parlor. Maria was asleep in her room with August, they hadn’t bothered to wake her up when they came back not even when they were looking for pain relief drugs for Nancy.

“So what do we do next?” Jaycee asked taking a seat opposite the one Joseph sat on. Joseph shook his head in the negative.

“I don’t know, Nancy will have to stay with us but then, we are leaving here, it isn’t safe for us any more”

“Where do we go?”

“I know a place, the core of this hell fire where no one would like to come looking for me”.

“Okay bro, whatever happens, we got to be fast, you never know how they would come next”

Joseph nodded. Jaycee got up and went into his room while Joseph just sat there in the parlor stuck in deep thoughts. He smoked himself to oblivion while Jaycee slept on the bed beside Nancy.

The news of the death of Nancy’s parents only helped in freaking maria out the more. Everything connected the death to their family and it rekindled the fear she had for their safety.

The police had called in Nancy the next day over the bodies of her parents that was discovered, Joseph and Jaycee went along with her. After series of questions, she was allowed to examine the body of the alleged assassins, Joseph made sure he followed her in and got a clear look on the bodies again. After two hours of questions and answers section between the police and them, they were allowed to go on the promise that they will be contacted again. Seeing the body of her parents once more had brought out the emotions in Nancy and she cried silently for a long time refusing to be consoled even by Jaycee.
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“Did you notice the tattoo on the body of that third guy? Joseph asked as they drove in silence.
“Yea, two little axes crossed together”.

“Hmmm” Joseph nodded.

“You think Roland is involved?”
“I don’t know, maybe we’ll have to find out from him” Joseph said as they drove home in silence.

Roland was a 31 year old gang leader. Born and raised in St Mathews, he was a core rival to Joseph and for a long time have shared a mutual beef. Roland wasn’t bold enough to confront Joseph despite being ruthless as he was and Joseph on the other hand never starts wars, he lets it come to him where he will be justified to treat it as he pleases.

They got home and Joseph called up Lugo. It didn’t take him up to five minutes to get to the house. Joseph detailed him about the events of the previous night and informed him of his findings at the hospital.
“I want to meet up with Roland”
“He would only be too glad to see you, he might as well finish you up himself” Lugo said
“I wasn’t planning on fixing an appointment with him”

“So you will just breeze into to his zone?” Lugo asked, Joseph looked at him and nodded.
“You are suicidal, do you know that?”.

Joseph nodded again. It was something he always did whenever he was hatching a plan in his head.

“We will be moving from here to our moms home at the fifth Avenue tomorrow” He finally said after nodding
“About time you did”

“Yea, then day after tomorrow, we pay Roland a visit”.

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To be continued