Cold Episode 8

Having bitten her way through the gag, she grabbed his ear with her teeth, the man screamed out loud and managed to pull his head out while Nancy pulled a good chunk of his ear off. She spat the bloody flesh out and screamed help. Mad with pain and the blood oozing from his ear, he rushed at her and landed her a heavy slap which sent a mad sting through her flesh and drew the blood from her nose and mouth, raising his hand to hit her with the butt of his gun, she kicked him on his scrotum and he bent from the pain while she landed him another kick on the chest which sent both of them crashing on the floor, Nancy landed on the floor with a thud that broke the chair she was strapped to. They both lay on the floor too exhausted to make a move.
From outside, Jaycee had heard the man’s scream and Nancy’s shout for help and so also did the other 3. The one on the wall came out into the road exposing himself, Jaycee moved swiftly, cuddling against the wall, his gun up, he took a good aim and shot him down.

The other two seeing their colleague down open fire at Jaycees direction, he dropped on the floor for cover as the bullets flew over him hitting the walls and dropping some debris on Jaycee. Their bullets exhausted, one of them moved to where Jaycee was while the other rushed into the house each replacing his empty mag with a full one. He got to where Jaycee lay before Jaycee could pick his gun.

“Put your hands where i can see them ” he said pointing his rifle at him as he kicked his gun away. He made Jaycee stand up slowly and surrendered him.

“Don’t try anything funny or i will blow you open”.
Jaycee with his hand up smiled and shrugged, his eyes cast on something behind the gun wielding man. The man followed the direction of his eyes and turned, before he could blink, a blow landed on his face and he fell face down, the gun dropping from his hands, Joseph fell on him, grabbed him by the throat, clenching his teeth, they both struggled

Joseph tightening his grips and the man trying to tear his wrist off, Jaycee picked the gun and with a perfect aim,rammed the butt on the man’s head like a golf player, the pain stung him and he released his grip on Joseph’s wrist, slowly the blood came to his eyes and out of his mouth and nose while he gasped for breath, Joseph squeezed the life out of him.

Nancy and The man had jumped up from the floor when they heard gunshots outside the house, the man reached for his gun while Nancy pulled a piece from the broken chair, he swore and cursed as he made for Nancy in the dark room.
“Bitch, you are dead, i will kill you for this”. He pointed his gun in the direction that Nancy stood at the same time she aimed a sharp end of the stick she was holding and drove it deep into his belly, he let out a shrill cry and fell on his back, she picked another piece and raised it again to knock him out.
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“Drop it now” a voice said. She turned in the direction of the voice and saw the third assailant pointing his rifle at her, she dropped the stick and faced him with a little bit of fear and a great deal of bitterness.

“Shoot her man, kill the bitch” his colleague yelled, wreathing in pain on the floor. The standing man cocked his gun, Nancy closed her eyes in anticipation of what was to come, the man released the safety catch of his gun, Nancy’s heart skipped at the sound and the tears fell of her eyes, she thought of Jaycee as she waited for the bullets to come, she wasn’t angry at him, she loved him and didn’t mind losing her family and her self for his sake, she cried that she may not get to see him once again before she would be killed, all these thoughts went through her mind in a fleeting moment as she resigned herself to death and then the sound of a gun cackled, she opened her eyes, she felt nothing, just the hot tears in her eyes, She took one last look at the man and saw him fall on his knee with shock horror in his face and at his back stood Joseph clutching an Ak47 with Jaycee at his side.
Nancy ran to them, hugged Jaycee and broke down on him.

“Are you alright?” Jaycee asked as Joseph moved closer to the injured man who was still moaning on the floor. She clung to him without saying a word and sobbed.

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To be continued