Cold Episode 10

The fifth Avenue was another tomb inside st Mathews. Made up of low cost and dilapidated houses, the decapitations were not caused by elements of nature or old age, it rather was a result of frequent fire fights and thug wars from rival gangs in the hood.

Gangs in the fifth Avenue was like a part of the social amenities found in there. It was very necessary for survival in a place like that. A family could merge up all its boys and form a gang of their own, killing whoever dared them to make name for themselves. That was where the Donati maternal root came from.

Their mother was equally from a well recognised and respected family and everyone in there, no matter how notorious accorded them their respect and dues. Joseph and what was left of the Donati’s moved into their mothers family house which had been long abandoned.

Every one from their mothers side was dead leaving the house bare. The house was cleaned up and converted into a home again in no time with the perfect feminine touch from Maria.

On the evening of the day they moved in, Joseph had organized gangs that were loyal to the Bourne family, that was his mother’s family. A meeting took place, where they planned a visit to Roland, all he needed was five men from them. Everyone was eager to go, in St Mathews, the only thing that tasted better than money was the blood of a rival.

Joseph got the perfect five men he needed. With him and Lugo making them seven. They planned an attack on one of the most protected gang leader in st Mathews, Joseph was significant with impossible missions, Lugo was a royal friend and the others were plain tasty for blood. All the scheming was done out of the house and from the sight and knowledge of Maria. She simply hated the type of life she had to put up with everyday and Joseph didn’t want her upset.
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They waited until 2pm the next day before they set out for st Gregory park, the home to Roland and many of his royalists. They went in a blue ford van and a tinted black Mercedes 180. Three of the guys occupied the Van while Joseph rode with Lugo and two others in the Mercedes.

They ride to st Gregory took them only 10 minutes. They drove slowly through the park in a convoy. The van taking the lead while Joseph followed behind. Apprehensive looks trailed them as they moved, everyone with his hands ready on his gun, waiting for any wrong move from the convoy to blow it open.

Joseph cleared by the side of the road while the van moved further up and parked in the middle of the road, directly opposite a bungalow, Roland’s house. For a few seconds everyone watched, Joseph and his companions waited patiently for their role, the men in the van loading their assault rifles, unperturbed that the whole street had their eyes on them, the body guards in the house watched with curiosity, their hands resting on their weapons, ready to draw them out.

Joseph made a head count of the guards in front of the house, about eight of them and the street littered with a couple of others, about thirty in number. He made out the garage belonging to the house and the car parked in it, he nodded and ignited the engine to his car and left it running.

The body guards got tired of watching, three of them came out in the open, and moved to approach the car with their guns handy. In a flash, the door to the van slid open and before they could make out the men in the car, they heard saw the yellow flash and the sound followed.

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To be continued